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Marie Lu
“He loved you.”
Marie Lu, Prodigy

Marie Lu
“Even in the dark, I see hints of a smile creep onto her face.
“Yeah. You are a smooth talker."
I give her a wounded frown.“Sweetheart, would I ever lie to you?”
“Don’t try. I’d see right through it.” I give her a low laugh. “Fair enough.”
Marie Lu, Prodigy

John Green
“And yes, again, that was it exactly. A retyper and not a writer. A prodigy and not a genius.”
John Green, An Abundance of Katherines

Marie Lu
“My life became the lives of Day and June, and through them I saw my own fears, hopes and aspirations play out across their canvas. Now I've reached the point where our stories diverge. They are off to live beyond the confines of the trilogy; I am left waving to them from the sidelines. I don't know where they'll go but I think they're going to be okay.”
Marie Lu, Champion

Shannon L. Alder
“There really is no sense in pretending to be normal. Just be you because the moment you do, weirder things happen. Crazy comes back into fashion and every woman has to go out and find her some.”
Shannon L. Alder

Victor Hugo
“There is a sacred horror about everything grand. It is easy to admire mediocrity and hills; but whatever is too lofty, a genius as well as a mountain, an assembly as well as a masterpiece, seen too near, is appalling. Every summit seems an exaggeration. Climbing wearies. The steepnesses take away one's breath; we slip on the slopes, we are hurt by the sharp points which are its beauty; the foaming torrents betray the precipices, clouds hide the mountain tops; mounting is full of terror, as well as a fall. Hence, there is more dismay than admiration. People have a strange feeling of aversion to anything grand. They see abysses, they do not see sublimity; they see the monster, they do not see the prodigy.”
Victor Hugo, Ninety-Three

Marie Lu
“His eyes are two warnings, full of everything he wishes he could say out loud”
Marie Lu, Prodigy

Linda Urban
“Am I a prodigy?" I ask.
Miss Person snorts. She pushed the cap back on her purple pen. 'You have some talent and you work hard. I'll take that over prodigy any day.”
Linda Urban, A Crooked Kind of Perfect

Tom Wolfe
“What was it - this implacable remoteness, this inability to surrender herself to the warmth and comradely feelings of others? Could being an academic star, being applauded over and over again as a prodigy, take the place of all that? She shuddered with a feeling she couldn't have put a name to. It was the congenital human fear of isolation.”
Tom Wolfe, I am Charlotte Simmons

Marie Lu
“I want to fall into the purity that is Day, soaking in his simple honesty, his heart that sits open and beating on his sleeve.”
Marie Lu, Prodigy

Rémy de Gourmont
“He was a young man of savage & unexpected originality, a diseased genius & quite frankly, a mad genius. Imbeciles grow insane & in their insanity the imbecility remains stagnant or agitated; in the madness of a man of genius some genius often remains: the form & not the quality of intelligence has been affected; the fruit has been bruised in the fall, but has preserved all its perfume & all the savor of its pulp, hardly too ripe.”
Remy de Gourmont, The Book of Masks

Marie Lu
“My Heart is ripped open, shredded, leaking blood. I can't let him leave like this”
Marie Lu, Prodigy

Rajesh Nanoo
“When you think yourself as nothing,
Then something important will begin”
Rajesh Nanoo

“A person who's going to be famous usually drops a few clues by the time they're twenty-one.”
Frank D. Gilroy, The Subject Was Roses

Veronica Roth
“I push open the door just as Tobias, who is sitting on the floor with one leg stretched out, hurls a butter knife at the opposite wall. It sticks, handle out, from a large hunk of cheese they positioned on top of the dresser. Caleb, standing beside him, stares in disbelief, first at the cheese and then at me.
"Tell me he's some kind of Dauntless prodigy," says Caleb. "Can you do this too?"
"With my right hand, maybe," I say. "But yes, Four is some kind of Dauntless prodigy.
Tobias's eyes catch mine on the word "Four." Caleb doesn't know that Tobias wears his excellence all the time in his own nickname.”
Veronica Roth, Insurgent

Steven Pressfield
“Why does Zeus send prodigies to earth? For the same reason he makes a comet streak across the sky. To show not what has been done, but what can be.”
Steven Pressfield, The Virtues of War

Octavia E. Butler
“PRODIGY IS, AT ITS essence, adaptability and persistent, positive obsession. Without persistence, what remains is an enthusiasm of the moment. Without adaptability, what remains may be channeled into destructive fanaticism. Without positive obsession, there is nothing at all.”
Octavia E. Butler, Parable of the Sower

Amy Wallace
“Had Martha Foley returned William [James Sidis]'s passion as Margaret [Engemann] did Norbert [Wiener]'s, perhaps the two prodigies would have had more in common in the long run. ... In the life of a prodigy, perhaps more than in the average life, a marriage or a requited love is the greatest single factor that can heal the old childhood wounds. William and Norbert's response to their childhood and teenage rejections and humiliations was to retreat into the painless world of ideas, where successes and satisfactions abounded. A successful love affair could be the key to reentry into the world of feeling, bridging the gap between the cerebral and the emotional lives.”
Amy Wallace, The Prodigy: A Biography of William James Sidis, America's Greatest Child Prodigy

John Green
Huge, megalithic corporation seeks a talented, ambitious prodigy to join our exciting dynamic Prodigy Division for summer job. Requirements include at least fourteen years' experience as a certified child prodigy ability to anagram adeptly (and alliterate agilely), fluency in eleven languages. Job duties include reading, remembering encyclopedias, novels, and poetry; and memorizing the first ninety-nine digits of pi.33”
John Green, An Abundance of Katherines

“An art prodigy of the 21st century has yet to be crowned. Or have they?”

Nick Hornby
“I'd hoped for someone who was remarkably intelligent, but disadvantaged by home circumstance, someone who only needed an hour's extra tuition a week to become some kind of working-class prodigy. I wanted my hour a week to make the difference between a future addicted to heroin and a future studying English at Oxford. That was the sort of kid I wanted, and instead they'd given me someone whose chief interest was in eating fruit. I mean, what did he need to read for? There's an international symbol for the gents' toilets, and he could always get his mother to tell him what was on television.”
Nick Hornby, A Long Way Down

Sasha Alsberg
“Androma was good at what she did. But so was Dex.
Besides, a prodigy could only outrun her master for so long.”
Sasha Alsberg, Zenith Part 1

Marie Lu
“Your strengths might make you hard to approach, and might make your words sound uglier than what you actually mean, but they also make people look up to you.”
Marie Lu, Life Before Legend

Nathan  Hill
“Everyone loves a prodigy [...]. Prodigies get us off the hook for living ordinary lives. We can tell ourselves we're not special because we weren't born with it, which is a great excuse.”
Nathan Hill, The Nix

Marie Lu
“All they're going to see is a wealthy man who has no idea how to heal their suffering.”
Marie Lu, Prodigy

Raheel Farooq
“A genius that survives is the real genius.”
Raheel Farooq

Marie Lu
“Are you really going to be so loyal to someone you don't even have?”
Marie Lu, Prodigy

“We hear about Tiger Woods as a prodigy at three years old. For every Tiger Woods, there are thousands of kids who never want to touch a golf club again.”
Michael Sokolove, Warrior Girls: Protecting Our Daughters Against the Injury Epidemic in Women's Sports

Abhijit Naskar
“Show me a mediocre student with a lot of questions, I'll show you a genius - show me a smart student with a lot of answers, I'll show you second-hand human.”
Abhijit Naskar, Boldly Comes Justice: Sentient Not Silent

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“Hiring a talented teacher or coach is the closest the rich can get to buying their children talent.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana, P for Pessimism: A Collection of Funny yet Profound Aphorisms