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Deepak Chopra
“Mathematics expresses values that reflect the cosmos, including orderliness, balance, harmony, logic, and abstract beauty.”
Deepak Chopra

John Green
“But it is a pipe."
"No, it's not," I said. It's a drawing of a pipe. Get it? All representations of a thing are inherently abstract. It's very clever.”
John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

Haruki Murakami
“I’m not very good at giving anyone a clear no.”
Haruki Murakami, The Strange Library

Philip K. Dick
“Basically, Sherri's idea had to do with bringing Fat's mind down from the cosmic and the abstract to the particular. She had hatched out the practical notion that nothing is more real than a large World War Two Soviet tank.”
Philip K. Dick, VALIS

“Like Aristotle, conservatives generally accept the world as it is; they distrust the politics of abstract reason – that is, reason divorced from experience.”
Benjamin Wiker

Ursula K. Le Guin
“I know who I was, I can tell you who I may have been, but I am, now, only in this line of words I write.”
Ursula K. Le Guin

K. Conley
“This life we all receive is full of invisible boundaries and abstract values.”
K. Conley, Chloroform Nightmares

Laura Thalassa
“When you live without someone for as long as I have, love becomes this abstract concept, something you attach to a memory. And when memories are that old, they feel like dreams, and you wonder if any of it was real, or if your mind created it all.”
Laura Thalassa, The Queen of All that Lives

James Lee Schmidt
“A picture is worth a thousand words, but the way I paint I'm going to need to contact an editor. Even if I were to abstractly paint the phrase "I love you," it would be the visual equivalent of Joyce's Ulysses.
-James Lee Schmidt and Jarod Kintz”
James Lee Schmidt, liQUID PROse QUOtes

Jasleen Kaur Gumber
“Not all doors open in the same direction and with the same effort!”
Jasleen Kaur Gumber

তানজীম রহমান (Tanzim Rahman)
“Names are cages. Naming something limits its definition and pigeon-holes its functions”
তানজীম রহমান (Tanzim Rahman)

“I would like to say to those who think of my pictures as serene, whether in friendship or mere observation, that I have imprisoned the most utter violence in every inch of their surface.”
Mark Rothko

“Do not be afraid of the word 'theory'. Yes, it can sound dauntingly abstract at times, and in the hands of some writers can appear to have precious little to do with the actual, visual world around us. Good theory however, is an awesome thing. [...] But unless we actually use it, it borders on the metaphysical and might as well not be used at all.”
Richard Howells, Visual Culture

Stella Coulson
“Linear’s defeated form
The intangible reality rise.'' ~ Wanderer”
Stella Coulson, Wanderer

Ahmed Mostafa
“You need a body to preserve your soul, not a set of abstract principles.”
Ahmed Mostafa

Jasleen Kaur Gumber
“Forgotten Stars. Time in the Flame.
Missing Shard. The Only Rain.
Door of the Memory. Waves in the Silk.
Silent Birch. Thoughts of Lunatics.
Secret of the Flowers. Soaring of the Souls.
Heart in the Night. And a Kiss Unfolds.
Forgotten Voyager. Voyage in the Words.
Nothing of the World. Someone of the Hemisphere.
Trembling Stones. Sucking Tears.
The Next Gift. The World in the Kisses.
Missing Angels. The Woman of the Girl.
Guardian of the Rings. Thorn in the Pearl.
Whispering Sword. Touching exclaim.
Soul in the Truth. Heat in the Flame.
Thy name, my name, Thy name!
Came. Became. To Remain.”
Jasleen Kaur Gumber, Ginger and Honey: An unusual free verse poetry collection

“It is not an individual act, architecture. You have to consider your client. Only out of that can you produce great architecture. You cannot work in the abstract.”
I.M. Pei

Kate Chopin
“Spring days, and summer days, and all sorts of days that would be her own. She breathed a quick prayer that life might be long. It was only yesterday she had thought with a shudder that life might be long.”
Kate Chopin, The Story of an Hour

“Of all the arts, music is really the most abstract.”
Leo Ornstein

Jasleen Kaur Gumber
“Sometimes, some of times in life are Lifetime!”
Jasleen Kaur Gumber

Abhijit Naskar
“The causal, abstract, binary, holistic, and reductionist functions of the human brain all help you to process the enormous amount of information coming into our brain from the external world every day.”
Abhijit Naskar

“Teaching is a dialogue, and it is through the process of engaging students that we see ideas taken from the abstract and played out in concrete visual form. Students teach us about creativity through their personal responses to the limits we set, thus proving that reason and intuition are not antithetical. Their works give aesthetic visibility to mathematical ideas.”
Martha Boles, Universal Patterns

Jasleen Kaur Gumber
“It was in the horizon of existence, that the Big Bang must have created our souls, we loved each other like the plane of time doesn't hold a fleck of control over us.”
Jasleen Kaur Gumber

Jasleen Kaur Gumber
“And what's beyond vastness? It shrinks...”
Jasleen Kaur Gumber

Paul Valéry
“La plupart sont aveugles dans cet univers du langage;
sourds aux mots qu'ils emploient. Leurs paroles ne sont qu'expédients; et l'expression pour eux n'est qu'un plus court chemin : ce minimum définit l'usage purement pratique du langage. Être compris, ---comprendre, --- sont les bornes entre lesquelles se resserre de plus en plus ce langage pratique, c'est-à-dire, abstrait.”
Paul Valéry, Variété III, IV et V

Ralph Waldo Emerson
“I would put myself in the attitude to look in the eye an abstract truth, and I cannot. I blench and withdraw on this side and on that. I seem to know what he meant who said, No man can see God face to face and live.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saim .A. Cheeda
“When you’ve been given a curse of perspective you don’t stop to consider the gift of oversight that most humans have been bestowed with.”
Saim .A. Cheeda

“I remember sitting in bed, as a child
looking up at the ceiling
I couldn’t sleep, of course,
And so set about to thinking
I wondered, what are dreams made of?
Are they stardust and galaxies?
Are they the tendrils of existence
Reaching inwards from eternity?”
Justin Wetch, Bending The Universe

Alfred North Whitehead
“The certainty of mathematics depends on its complete abstract generality.”
Alfred North Whitehead, Science and the Modern World

Anthony Doerr
“It is cut, polished; for a breath, it passes between the hands of men”
Anthony Doerr, All the Light We Cannot See

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