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John Rogers
“There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old’s life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is a childish fantasy that often engenders a lifelong obsession with its unbelievable heroes, leading to an emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood, unable to deal with the real world. The other, of course, involves orcs."

[Kung Fu Monkey -- Ephemera, blog post, March 19, 2009]”
John Rogers

Black Elk
“Crazy Horse dreamed and went into the world where there is nothing but the spirits of all things. That is the real world that is behind this one, and everything we see here is something like a shadow from that one.”
Black Elk, Black Elk Speaks: Being the Life Story of a Holy Man of the Oglala Sioux

Umberto Eco
“To read fiction means to play a game by which we give sense to the immensity of things that happened, are happening, or will happen in the actual world. By reading narrative, we escape the anxiety that attacks us when we try to say something true about the world. This is the consoling function of narrative — the reason people tell stories, and have told stories from the beginning of time.”
Umberto Eco, Six Walks in the Fictional Woods

Erik Pevernagie
“Let us drop our 'tin ear' and listen to the sounds of the 'real' world veiled beyond our inattention, and overwhelmed by the smoke and mirrors of superficiality. ("Like a frozen image")”
Erik Pevernagie

Luke Rhinehart
“And it's his illusions about what
constitutes the real world which are inhibiting him...His reality, his reason, his society ... These are what must be destroyed”
Luke Rhineheart

Chuck Palahniuk
“And the more she could imagine this island, the less she liked the real world. The more she could imagine the people, the less she liked any real people.”
Chuck Palahniuk, Diary

Markus Zusak
“I've wandered through the real world, and written myself through the darkness of the streets inside me. I see people walking through the city and wonder where they've been, and what the moments of their lives have done to them. If they're anything like me, their moments have held them up and shot them down.
Sometimes I just survive.
But sometimes I stand on the rooftop of my existence, arms stretched out, begging for more.
That's when the stories show up in me.
They find me all the time.
They're made of underdogs and fighters. They're made of hunger and desire and trying to live decent.
The only trouble is, I don't know which of those stories comes first.
Maybe they all just merge into one.
We'll see, I guess.
I'll let you know when I decide.”
Markus Zusak, Getting the Girl

Katie Kacvinsky
“I'm used to the security of living behind my online profiles and the clip art advertisdements I create to define me. I can be whoever I want to be in that world. I can be funny, deep, pensive, eccentric. I can be the best version of myself. I can make all the right decisions. I can delete my flaws by pressing a button.

In the real world anything can happen. It's like stepping onto an icy surface--you have to adjust your footing or you'll slip and fall. Your movements become rigid and unsure because behind all the fancy gadgets and all that digital armor, you realize you're just flesh and bones.”
Katie Kacvinsky, Awaken

André Aciman
“What had been in my head for so long would now be out in the real world, no longer afloat in my foreverland of ambiguities.”
André Aciman, Call Me by Your Name

Charles Bukowski
“I'd decided the campus was just a place to hide. There were some campus freaks who stayed on forever. The whole college scene was soft. They never told you what to expect out there in the real world. They just crammed you with theory and never told you how hard the pavements were. A college education could destroy an individual for life. Books could make you soft. When you put them down, and really went out there, then you needed to know what they never told you.”
Charles Bukowski , Ham on Rye

Heenashree Khandelwal
“Imagination is the parallel universe of a writer. If he is not responding to you in this world, he is probably responding to someone in the imaginary world.”
Heenashree Khandelwal

Richard Hugo
“I hate that phrase "the real world." Why is an aircraft factory more real than a university? Is it?”
Richard Hugo, The Triggering Town: Lectures and Essays on Poetry and Writing

Susane Colasanti
“You have to be a responsible adult and support yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.”
Susane Colasanti, Take Me There

“Do you know why he did what he did to you? Because he could.”
Karishma Magvani

“Real life doesn't grant us many of the more than useful possibilities people can come out with in fiction.”
Camilo Gomes Jr, Em memória

Salman Rushdie
“Rashid did not give in. "Look how his hands move on the contols," he told her. "In those worlds left-handedness does not impede him. Amazingly, he is almost ambidextrous." Soraya snorted with annoyance. "Have you seen his handwriting?" she said. "Will his hedgehogs and plumbers help with that? Will his 'pisps' and 'wees' get him through school? Such names! They sound like going to the bathroom or what." Rashid began to smile placatingly. "The term is consoles," he began but Soraya turned on her heel and walked away, waving one hand high above her head. "Do not speak to me of such things," she said over her shoulder, speaking in her grandest voice. "I am in-console-able.”
Salman Rushdie, Luka and the Fire of Life

Janet McNally
“How do you come back to the real world when you've fallen out for a bit?”
Janet McNally, The Looking Glass

“Connectors change the world.

Everything is possible.

If you're not having fun, get out.”
Ginger Johnson, How to Market Beer to Women, Don't Sell Me a Pink Hammer

Robert Ludlum
“Just in time to pick up the shells after the shoot-out is over, I'm sure. I've known a few analysts and number crunchers. You work with paper, computers, pore over printouts-charts, graphs, scatter plots but you don't deal with people. You're more comfortable with bits and bytes,"

Caston tilted his head. "John Henry did beat the steam drill once. Maybe you were sleeping in when the information age dawned. Today, technology spans borders. It watches. It hears. It registers patterns, small statistical perturbations, and if we're willing to pay attention--"
"It can hear, but it can't listen. It can watch, but it can't observe And it sure as hell can't converse with the men and women we've got to deal with. There's no substitute for that, goddammit.”
Robert Ludlum, The Ambler Warning

“Don't be too practical. It will impede your sensuality.”
Lebo Grand

“Don't be too practical. It impedes the flow of sensuality.”
Lebo Grand

Nassim Nicholas Taleb
“... it is hard to disentangle ethics on one hand, from knowledge and competence on the other ...”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Skin in the Game: The Hidden Asymmetries in Daily Life

“What many of us experience in a glass of wine isn’t wine per se, but another part of ourselves, a sensual and free part of ourselves that seldom comes out because the ‘real’ world is in constant opposition to it.”
Lebo Grand

“Nullify reality with sensuality.”
Lebo Grand

“Life is a sensuality to be experienced.”
Lebo Grand

Lebo Grand

Siobhan Davis
“True friends trust their friends to make their own choices. Support them, even if they don't agree”
Siobhan Davis, Adoring Keaton

Rory Sutherland
“No living creature can evolve and survive in the real world by processing information in an objective, measured and proportionate manner.”
Rory Sutherland, Alchemy: The Dark Art and Curious Science of Creating Magic in Brands, Business, and Life

“One must be willing to be a bit flexible to change. It is difficult to maintain a rigid frame of mind, without eventually becoming slightly disconnected from the real world.”
Christine E. Szymanski

Sarvesh Jain
“The importance of training cannot be taken lightly. Books don't teach what dirt does.”
Sarvesh Jain

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