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Jack Kerouac
“I like too many things and get all confused and hung-up running from one falling star to another til I drop.”
Jack Kerouac

James Ross
“Stay true to yourself and listen to your inner voice. It will lead you to your dream.”
James Ross

Diablo Cody
“Juno MacGuff: I was out handling things way beyond my maturity level.”
Diablo Cody, Juno: The Shooting Script

Michael Ben Zehabe
“He's a pitiful soul. Gentle, frail, the least likely to protest. In a nation of hairy men, Father stands out like a sleek adolescent boy. For years, his hair was thin and wispy, then, in one year, gone. He couldn't even keep the hair on top of his head.”
Michael Benzehabe, Persianality

Sue Townsend
“I have realised I have never seen a dead body or a real female nipple. This is what comes of living in a cul-de-sac.”
Sue Townsend, The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole

“It seemed like the only thing to do was to crank the volume of my tape of British music in protest. Even though I was the only one who could hear it, I felt like I was doing something important.”
Joe Pernice

“Some old-school Madonna and Beyoncé and everyone in the room went from being eighteen-year-olds to being twelve-year-olds to seven-year-olds and back again, each song belonging to an age they had all shared.”
Laleh Khadivi, A Good Country

“First love is the erotic at its best and most focused – the adolescent introduction to the complex world of adulthood.”
J. Earp

Thomm Quackenbush
“How I could ever establish a relationship with her father, though? His world was logical and mine was a morass of adolescent feelings. On television, we would grab a beer, replace a fan belt, and I would earn his begrudging respect. He might tell me to treat his daughter right while hitting the head of the wrench against his palm. In this world, I stood a better chance of connecting with the fan belt.”
Thomm Quackenbush, Holidays with Bigfoot

“He considered himself, and the way he moved in reaction, like a pinball, from one thing to the next, as he was told, as was expected, as made the least friction, and he knew this was the lazy behavior of a scared boy.”
Laleh Khadivi, A Good Country

“Truth is never in the middle. Truth is where it is! In Freedom!”
O. Lemniscate