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D.D. Barant
“Deep spirit scanning,” Eisfanger says. His voice has a strange resonance to it, like I’m hearing him through a bad phone connection. “Don’t worry, it’s completely safe. Well, mostly.”


“Side effects have been documented,” he admits. “In a very small percentage of cases. Less than two percent.”

“What kind of side effects?” Suddenly I’m feeling nauseous. Feels like the ants are crawling around inside me now, which is exactly as disturbing as it sounds.

“Memory loss. Synesthesia. And occasionally … vestigial growths.”

“So I could forget my own name, start smelling purple everywhere and have an extra nipple sprout from my forehead?”
D.D. Barant, Back from the Undead

Sanjo Jendayi
“Sex has changed drastically over the years due to technology. The World Wide Web has boosted the sex market and made sex ever present. No one has to work hard anymore with sexting, Tango, Skype, and all the other ways you can initiate sex without ever even suckling on my damn nipple!”
Sanjo Jendayi, I Now Pronounce You Single & Happy

Debra Anastasia
“You’re rocking the full monty? A fur bikini? A wheezing wildebeest? Well, I’ll be your fucking Hairy Plotter. Hold up.” Duke waddled around in his homemade nonsense and returned quickly with a tube of what looked like lotion. “This here? I used it on my face. Seven minutes and I was slippery like a nipple in oil.”
Debra Anastasia, Fire in the Hole

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