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Ellen DeGeneres
“My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty. She's ninety-seven now, and we don't know where the heck she is.”
Ellen DeGeneres

Gena Showalter
“I’m not trying to—What do teenagers say nowadays?” he asked my grandmother.“Get all up in her biznez,” Nana said.Without cracking a smile.“That’s right,” he replied. “We’re not trying to get all up in your biznez, Ali.”
Gena Showalter, Alice in Zombieland

Gary Snyder
“In this huge old occidental culture our teaching elders are books. Books are our grandparents!”
Gary Snyder, Practice of the Wild

Dave Barry
“The best baby-sitters, of course, are the baby’s grandparents. You feel completely comfortable entrusting your baby to them for long periods, which is why most grandparents flee to Florida.”
Dave Barry

Vera Nazarian
“The cactus thrives in the desert while the fern thrives in the wetland.

The fool will try to plant them in the same flowerbox.

The florist will sigh and add a wall divider and proper soil to both sides.

The grandparent will move the flowerbox halfway out of the sun.

The child will turn it around properly so that the fern is in the shade, and not the cactus.

The moral of the story?

Kids are smart.”
Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

Elizabeth Goudge
“The very old and the very young have something in common that makes it right that they should be left alone together. Dawn and sunset see stars shining in a blue sky; but morning and midday and afternoon do not, poor things.”
Elizabeth Goudge

Ogden Nash
“When grandparents enter the door, discipline flies out the window.
~ Ogden Nash”
Ogden Nash

Adriana Trigiani
“People have often told me that one of their strongest childhood memories is the scent of their grandmother's house. I never knew my grandmothers, but I could always count of the Bookmobile.”
Adriana Trigiani, Big Stone Gap

Jeaniene Frost
“You ought to be ashamed of yourself, running around, not married, staying out all night. Ashamed!" "Ashamed!" my grandmother echoed. Good to know they still agreed on things after forty-three years of marriage.”
Jeaniene Frost, Halfway to the Grave

Tove Jansson
“Small animals are a great problem. I wish God had never created small animals, or else that He had made them so they could talk, or else that He'd given them better faces. Space. Take moths. They fly at the lamp and burn themsleves, and then they fly right back again. It can't be instinct, because it isn't the way it works. They just don't understand, so they go right on doing it. Then they lie on their backs and all their legs quiver, and then they're dead. Did you get all that? Does it sound good?"
"Very good," Grandmother said.
Sophia stood up and shouted, "Say this: say I hate everything that dies slow! Say I hate everything that won't let you help! Did you write that?”
Tove Jansson, The Summer Book

Bear Grylls
“I miss him still today: his long, whiskery eyebrows, his huge hands and hugs, his warmth, his prayers, his stories, but above all his shining example of how to live and how to die.”
Bear Grylls, Mud, Sweat and Tears

Tayeb Salih
“By the standards of the European industrial world we are poor peasants, but when I embrace my grandfather I experience a sense of richness as though I am a note in the heartbeats of the very universe.”
Tayeb Salih, Season of Migration to the North

Curtis Tyrone Jones
“When she smiles, the lines in her face become epic narratives that trace the stories of generations that no book can replace.”
Curtis Tyrone Jones

“If we're to be judged by our parents and grandparents, then we all may as well impale ourselves upon bits of rock.”
kristin cashore, Fire

Fredrik Backman
“Takoví jsou to muži. Za svítání vyjdou s dvěma holýma rukama na trávník a dovnitř se vrátí z nově postavené verandy. Jakože cože? Já jsem dvěma holýma rukama leda tak vyhrál Grand Theft Auto IV. A to jsem použil cheat all weapons. Tvoji dědečkové si sami postavili domy v době, kdy ještě nebyl Google. Uvědomuješ si, co je to za výkon? To nejsou lidi. To jsou švýcarské armádní nože se strništěm na bradě.”
Fredrik Backman, Saker min son behöver veta om världen

Nathacha Appanah
“Jamais ma grand-mère ne se séparait de moi sans me donner quelque chose, un bonbon, une pièce de monnaie, un fruit, une cuillerée de son repas, une gorgée de son thé, un bout de son pain.”
Nathacha Appanah, Petit éloge des fantômes

John Updike
“Nobody belongs to us, except in memory.” ("Grandparenting" [1994])”
John Updike, The Maples Stories

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“We envy people who are extremely old because we wish to live that long, not because we want to be that old.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Laurence Overmire
“Through the various branches of your tree, you are connected to the entirety of human history. When we talk about the ancient Egyptians building the pyramids, we're not talking about a bunch of exotic strangers, we're talking about our great-great-many-times-great grandparents!”
Laurence Overmire, Digging for Ancestral Gold: The Fun and Easy Way to Get Started on Your Genealogy Quest

Garth Stein
“Grandparents are like that. Grandparents are convinced they’re better parents than their own kids, whose lives they’ve already fucked up. The problem is, grandparents are pains in the ass because they have money”
Garth Stein

Carlos Wallace
“The foundation that my parents and grandparents instilled in me is unyielding, especially the principle that teaches me to keep God first in all I do.”
Carlos Wallace, The Other 99 T.Y.M.E.S: Train Your Mind to Enjoy Serenity

Sarah  Clay
“We all have someone in our lives that has disappointed us a time or two, someone that no matter what they do you still try to love them through it" I just stare down at our joint hands. "The boys' dad, our son Benjamin he…" she squeezes my hand "he loves the boys in his own way" I look up into her face, but she's looking past me at Ry and Jase. "It was hard to watch those two grow up without either of their parents around for them and we tried to make up for it. To be what they needed, but every time we taught them new things or helped them with their homework or even attended their sporting events; every single time I saw the boys faces fall in disappointment. I felt that I felt disappointed towards my Benjamin."

I tighten my grip on her hand, knowing it must not be easy to admit out loud. "We all have a weak spot; their dad was ours. Until he wasn't until he couldn't be anymore.”
Sarah Clay

Pamela Harju
“Your grandmother always used to say that we’re all on the same dancefloor, but we all dance to different songs and some of us dance to shorter songs than others.”
Some of us don’t even stay for the duration of the song, Rowan thought bitterly. He did remember his granny saying that, that the world was a big dancefloor.
“Well, your song is a beautiful composition. Any woman with a bit of common sense will see that.” His grandfather squeezed Rowan’s arm again, took a sip of his whisky and moved to the safer topic of the following week’s football games. An interest in football was a trait Rowan had missed from both sides of his family.”
Pamela Harju, Sympathetic Strings

“For grandparents, a baby represents them, their hopes and their desires for the future.”

“For grandparents, a baby represents them, their hopes and their desires for the future.”

Catherine Doyle
“Fiona couldn't summon a smile.
His grandfather sighed. 'If you insist on pity, then really you must pity yourself. Your head is still very empty.'
Fionn frowned, indignation jostling the urge to cry fro a precious, fleeting second.
His grandfather chuckled. 'Start filling it up, lad. That is your greatest responsibility. To live a life of breathless wonder, so that when it begins to fade from you, you will feel the shadow of its happiness still inside you and the blissful sense that you laughed the loudest, loved the deepest, and lived fearlessly, even as the specifics of it all melt away.”
Catherine Doyle, The Storm Keeper's Island

Jacqueline Jules
“Do you know the Ten Commandments?" Grandma Trudie asked me. I nodded my head. Of course I knew the commandments God gave the Israelites at Sinai. I knew them by heart and in order.
"What is commandment number six?"
"Thou shalt not kill," I answered proudly.
"Very good," Grandma Trudie said. "Then you will understand when I say that six million Jews were killed because the Nazis believed in their leader, Adolf Hitler, before anything else. When a human being is given the power to decide what is good and what is evil, the world is in chaos—crazy. Hitler said that certain people were not worthy of life, and his followers obeyed his orders without question. The Nazis showed us what kind of world we have when the Ten Commandments, God's laws, are disregarded.”
Jacqueline Jules, The Grey Striped Shirt: How Grandma and Grandpa Survived the Holocaust

“You know, Marco, they can leave us, they can grow old, but it's like they're still here, running around our feet, just like when they were little tykes.”
Zidrou, The Adoption

Fatima Farheen Mirza
“They have enlarged my life in a way I could not have anticipated and cannot fully express. I have no duty toward them except loving them, and because of this am only loved in return. I am so unwilling to hurt them in even the slightest way that I spoil them instead. Hadia does not trust me to be alone with them before dinner: the three of us giggle and deny any chocolate consumed, even as Tahira's teeth and fingers give us away. Perhaps, if we met again now, you would not recognize me: I am calmer. I rarely anger.”
Fatima Farheen Mirza, A Place for Us

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