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Richelle Mead
“Belikov is a sick, evil man who should be thrown into a pit of rabid vipers for the great offense he commited against you this morning."
"Thank you." I said primly. Then, I considered. "Can vipers be rabid?"
"I don't see why not. Everything can be. I think. Canadian geese might be worse than vipers, though."
"Canadian geese are deadlier than vipers?"
"You ever try to feed those little bastards? They're vicious. You get thrown to vipers, you die quickly. But the geese? That'll go on for days. More suffering."
"Wow. I don't know whether I should be impressed or frightened that you've thought about all of this.”
Richelle Mead, Frostbite

“Every man dies, not every man really lives”
Randall Wallace, Braveheart

Stephen Chbosky
“I think that if I ever have kids, and they are upset, I won’t tell them that people are starving in China or anything like that because it wouldn’t change the fact that they were upset. And even if somebody else has it much worse, that doesn’t really change the fact that you have what you have. Good and bad. ..Maybe it’s good to put things in perspective, but sometimes, I think that the only perspective is to really be there. Because it’s okay to feel things. And be who you are about them.”
Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Gena Showalter
“Pale hair fell in waves to his shoulders, framing a face mortal females considered a sensual feast. They didn't know the man was actually a devil in angel's skin. They should have, though. He practically glowed with irreverence, and there was an unholy gleam in his green eyes that proclaimed he would laugh in your face while cutting out your heat. Or laugh in your face while you cut out his heart.”
Gena Showalter, The Darkest Night

Stephen Chbosky
“I look at people holdings hands in the hallways, and I try to think how it all works. At the school dances, I sit in the background, and I tap my toe, and I wonder how many couples will dance to ‘their song.’ In the hallways, I see the girls wearing the guys’ jackets, and I think about the idea of property. And I wonder if anyone is really happy.”
Stephen Chbosky

Sherrilyn Kenyon
“That wasn't love; that was stupidity.”
Sherrilyn Kenyon

Dee Lestari
“...manusia terlahir ke dunia dibungkus rasa percaya. Tak ada yang lebih tahu kita ketimbang plasenta. Tak ada rumah yang lebih aman daripada rahim ibu. Namun, di detik pertama kita meluncur ke luar, perjudian hidup dimulai. Taruhanmu adalah rasa percaya yang kau lego satu per satu demi sesuatu bernama cinta”
Dee, Supernova: Ksatria, Puteri, dan Bintang Jatuh

“This isn't your world. It's your parents. Your world is still out there, waiting to be discovered. Always remember that.”
Carroll Bryant, Last Flight Out

Susan  Rowland
“   In 1658, Francis Andrew Ransome stole the Alchemy Scroll from St. Julian’s college, my present employer. Ransome was a member of a transatlantic group called The Invisible College. They were alchemists, meaning they worked with matter and spirit together.”
Susan Rowland, The Alchemy Fire Murder: a Mary Wandwalker Mystery

Stephenie Meyer
“How could you fall in love with a three inch worm?”
Stephenie Meyer, The Host

“We share a bond. We do everything together. We have a piece of strong, invisible thread connecting us. It’s indestructible – it can never be broken. The thread is the key item that links us together. We understand each other.”
Erica Sehyun Song

Vera Nazarian
“The difference between real life and a story is that life has significance, while a story must have meaning.

The former is not always apparent, while the latter always has to be, before the end.”
Vera Nazarian

“Mary approaches her before she is able to reach her station. "Hello Lily. Get anything special for Christmas?"
"Just the usual." She answers. "Shattered dreams.”
Carroll Bryant, Last Flight Out

Dee Lestari
“Manusia berbagi 63% kesamaan gen dengan protozoa, 66% kesamaan gen dengan jagung, 75% dengan cacing. Dengan sesama kera-kera besar, perbedaan kita tidak lebih dari tiga persen. Kita berbagi 97% gen yang sama dengan orang utan. Namun, sisa tiga persen itu telah menjadikan pemusnah spesiesnya. Manusia menjadi predator nomor satu di planet ini karena segelintir saja gen berbeda.”
Dee, Partikel

Max Nowaz
“He desperately tried to think of a story to explain his involvement in her sudden appearance, without mentioning the book of magic in his possession.
Max Nowaz, The Three Witches and the Master

Dee Lestari
“Tak ada cara untuk menggambarkannya dengan tepat. Tapi coba bayangkan ada sepuluh ribu ikan piranha yang menyergapmu langsung. Kau tak mungkin berpikir. Tak mungin mengucapkan kalimat perpisahan apalagi membacakan wasiat. Lupakan untuk berpisah dengan manis dan mesra seperti di film-film. Listrik membunuhmu dengan sensasi. Begitu dashyatnya. engkau hanya mampu terkulai lemas. Engkau mati tergoda”
Dee, Supernova: Petir

Patrick C. Notchtree
“Poor kid, thought Simon. Would I be in that hidden anguish were it not for Daniel?”
Patrick C. Notchtree, The Clouds Still Hang

“Never wait for a woman to show interest. It is not her interest we seek, but her desire,” whispered Casanova. “Intrigue her, tantalize her, flatter her and let her know that she is the only one in the room that you truly want. Women want to be admired and desired above all others. Even if they refuse you, they will never forget you.”
Harry F. MacDonald, Casanova and the Devil's Doorbell

Adam  Johnson
“The urge to create a fictional narrative is a mysterious one, and when an idea comes, the writer's sense of what a story wants to be is only vaguely visible through the penumbra of inspiration.”
adam johnson

“I don't know who he was," Kavita flat-out states, "but whoever he was he sure did a number on you, didn't he?"
Mary leans forward to ensure he would see her deviant stare. "Did it ever occur to you that maybe I did a number on him?"
Kavita leans in closer as well, and with that same deviant expression, "Yes. I have.”
Carroll Bryant, Last Flight Out

Patrick C. Notchtree
“Simon had learnt quickly that life is hard and to retreat into a world of his own construction.”
Patrick C. Notchtree, The Clouds Still Hang

Katie Hall-May
“There is a strange, slow moment. The final page in my inconclusive and fraying thesaurus. And I am floating upwards, I am driftwood between them. The bright, bright blue that is the sky. And the glitter in the tarmac, like a promise of stars.”
Katie Hall-May, Memories of a Lost Thesaurus

“we found a body. A dead body.”
Matt Francis, Murder in the Pacific: Ifira Point

Tom Dolby
“But maybe that's how it is with art. You suffer, and in the end, everyone thinks it's cool.”
Tom Dolby

“These vans were dented, had cracked windscreens, bald tires, holey exhaust pipes and blew more smoke than the volcano Mount Yasur on the island of Tanna. There were no seatbelts, there was no air-conditioning, and there was certainly no realistic expectation that the driver had any sort of license.”
Matt Francis, Murder in the Pacific: Ifira Point

Karl Braungart
“Yako forced the rag tightly against Candice’s nose and mouth. Twisting her head and trying to scream, she gasped for air but only succeeded in inhaling the rag’s toxic fumes.”
Karl Braungart, Triple Deception

Karl Braungart
“Yako went to the boxes holding Lilly and Candice, undid the bungee cords, and opened them. She used smelling salts to arouse them.”
Karl Braungart, Triple Deception

Aline Bei
“fui a criança mais velha do mundo
e estava me tornando
a jovem mais antiga
da rua”
Aline Bei, Pequena Coreografia do Adeus

“How I hate you Saxton. I had the right impression the first time. You are a cold, unforgiving bastard.”
C.A. Night

Rainbow Rowell
“To really be a nerd, she'd decided, you had to prefer dictional worlds to the real one.”
Rainbow Rowell, Fangirl

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