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Sarah J. Maas
“My name is Celaena Sardothien," she whispered, "and I will not be afraid.”
Sarah J. Maas, The Assassin's Blade

Marie Lu
“The king is dead. Long live the queen.”
Marie Lu, The Young Elites

Al   Stone
“It doesn’t hurt much. I don’t know how it looks” – he lowered his hand and turned his face to the side – “but it can’t be that bad. What do you think? You’d date me, right?”

Alex pushed him away, grinning. “You’re an idiot.”
Al Stone, Talisman Of El

“We share a bond. We do everything together. We have a piece of strong, invisible thread connecting us. It’s indestructible – it can never be broken. The thread is the key item that links us together. We understand each other.”
Erica Sehyun Song

Christopher Paolini
“If you could have stopped it, or if you could have escaped but you didn't, then you would have lost my respect. But you did everything you could, and when you could do no more, you made peace with your fate, and you didn't rail needlessly against it. That is wisdom, not weakness.”
Christopher Paolini, Inheritance

Sarah J. Maas
“Dorian offered a lazy grin in return, believe it or not, this ship has an unnatural number of attractive men and women on board. You'll fit right in, and fit in with the cranky immortals, I suppose.”
Sarah J. Maas, Empire of Storms

Walter Moers
“That was a day that taught me the meaning of abject failure.”
Walter Moers

A.B. Whelan
“I looked at Victor, my heart swelling from the emotion. “When I die, please do the same ceremony for me,” I whispered, choking up. “This is the most captivating and emotional event I have ever been part of.”
“I’m afraid you’ll have to ask somebody else for that because if you die before me I won’t survive it.” He kissed the tip of my nose. I gazed at him with so much love that my heart almost burst out of my chest.”
A.B. Whelan, Valley of Darkness Part 1 & Part 2

Holly Black
“You are nothing. You barely exist at all. Your only purpose is to create more of your kind before you die.
He's wrong about me. I am going to make my mayfly life count for something.
I won't be afraid of him or of p=Prince Dain's censure. If I cannot be better than them, I will become so much worse. -Pg. 210”
Holly Black, The Cruel Prince

Holly Black
“I am coming unraveled. I am coming undone. -Pg. 148”
Holly Black, The Cruel Prince

M.T. Anderson
“And then, this she offered to me, my one truth: "Our language," she said, "is not spoken, but sung.... Not simply words... and grammar... but melody. It was hard... thus... to learn English... this language of wood. For the people of your nation, Octavian, all speech is song.”
M.T. Anderson

Garth Nix
“I am not afraid," he said to himself.”
Garth Nix

Elizabeth Sterling
“Her gaze did not leave her burning groom, nor did her mind abandon the fact that he was not consumed by the flames.”
Elizabeth Sterling, Retrograde

Holly Black
“Nice things don't happen in storybooks,' Taryn says. 'Or when they do happen, something bad happens next. Because otherwise the story would be boring, and no one would read it.”
Holly Black, The Cruel Prince

Holly Black
“You are nothing. You barely exist at all. Your only purpose is to create more of your kind before you die.
He's wrong about me. I am going to make my mayfly life count for something.
I won't be afraid of him or of Prince Dain's censure. If I cannot be better than them, I will become so much worse. -Pg. 210”
Holly Black, The Cruel Prince

Lynette Mather
“She is here amongst us, but she is not alone,” one of the pixie dust angels told the queen of the woods.

“And?” the queen demanded.

“She is with some boy. Both look strange, if you ask me.”

“Strange, how?” the queen asked.

“Strange. You know they don’t look as we do.”

“How do they look?” The queen turned and looked at the pixie angel with her purple eye that sat in the middle of her forehead.

“I don’t know. They have things like the little people in Vanduesa.”

“What things might you be referring to?” the queen’s voice rose impatiently.

“You know those things that the little people get around with.”

The queen laughed, revealing yellowing teeth. “Oh, the things the little people in Vanduesa refer to as legs.”

“That’s it.” The pixie angel did an excited flip, and then nodded her head.”
Lynette Mather, Unspoken Secrets

Sig Nilsson
“Life is a process, not an endpoint.”
Sig Nilsson, The Howling of Wind

Trisha North
“This is light.” He tightened his fist and then quickly opened his fingers releasing a magical burst of flame from his right hand. Swirling around his palms in different directions he caused the scarlet blaze to dance in thin air before he firmly clutched it and caused it to disappear, ”Light is the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible. It causes things to burn and sparks the act of ignition…In the Mortal Bible in the book of Genesis it is the beginning of life...” The Professor opened his arms wide as he spoke with great bravado “‘And God said, “Let there be Light!’” and there was light.’’ His hands released a stream of lightning bolts that flashed so majestically that it caused all of the onlookers to mask their eyes from its harsh glow before the bolts ceased in their gleaming, “But remember God also labeled that light as good and God divided the light from the darkness…” As quickly as the flame flourished in his hands before, he used his fists with the same intensity causing all of the fluorescent bulbs to dim and the room to suddenly fall into complete darkness.”
Trisha North, FLAME: Chronicles of a Teenage Caster

Trisha North
“With just a tap on the gas, the car flew off of the road and skidded sideways into the encompassing woods. And I felt the sudden impact as the tires scraped against mounds of dirt, buried roots and jagged stones.

The blood-red moon lightly broke through the scattered leaves above us as we bounced among the hidden marshes that could have stretched for miles. But I had no recollection of time because everything, the sounds and the surrounding scenery swept by so quickly.

Gripping the steering wheel, his feet on the pedals, spine arched, and my hair whipping my face in the wind from the freshly broken glass on my passenger-side-window I couldn’t help but smile with the childish pleasure of being hurtled through the air as if we were on a rollercoaster built for two.”
Trisha North, FLAME: Chronicles of a Teenage Caster

Victoria Aveyard
“I don't recognize Cal's voice anymore. I've turned him into a monster. I forced his hand. I made him choose. I was eager, I was stupid. I let myself hope.
I am a fool.
- Mare Barrow”
Victoria Aveyard, Red Queen

M.R. Pilot
“She is beautiful in the way only a haunted person can be, like a glimmer of light falling over fragments of shattered glass—dangerous if not treaded around with wary feet.”
M.R. Pilot, A Bloodline's Echo

L.M. Ransom
“Wait, so you mean to tell me you're just accepting a magical carousel as fact?”
L.M. Ransom, Lift

Chris Rabane
“It isn’t possible to remain young forever but it’s possible to never grow old.”
Chris Rabane, The Saturnian Tales

Chris Rabane
“Unlike other animal species, Homo sapiens is aware of the aging process and the slow decline of his intellectual and physical abilities.”
Chris Rabane, The Saturnian Tales

Simi Sunny
“I want my curse to be lifted so that I can live a normal life, again. But at the same time, I can’t… not with my enemies still around…”
Simi Sunny, The Serpent Girl

Simi Sunny
“But you need to keep this for me. I don’t need any more attention. One is enough since you have figured it out that I’m a creature living inside a human’s skin.”
Simi Sunny, The Serpent Girl

Simi Sunny
“Your first love,' I exclaimed, happily. 'I thought it was pretty romantic, how he would recite poems to you and hung out with you after school.'
'Well, that was a long time ago.' Anvi appeared to be uncomfortable talking about it, which I understood why; Anvi’s first love broke her heart before she left.
Her first love was her last.”
Simi Sunny, The Serpent Girl

Katlynn Brooke
“You will come to understand that what is sorcery and magic to you is only the forgotten laws of the universe." (Irusan, the shape-shifter)”
Katlynn Brooke, The Six and the Crystals of Ialana

“Blades before Babes, you know what I'm saying?”
Jack the Sword

Ella Rose Carlos
“Perhaps Cadoett was just a splendid tomb, and the ocean was a tender songbird humming a noble tale.”
Ella Rose Carlos, A Long Lost Fantasy

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