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“We share a bond. We do everything together. We have a piece of strong, invisible thread connecting us. It’s indestructible – it can never be broken. The thread is the key item that links us together. We understand each other.”
Erica Sehyun Song

G.A. Henty
“Look at their arts, their power of turning stone into lifelike figures, and above all, the way in which they can transfer their thoughts to white leaves, so that others, many many years hence, can read them and know all that was passing, and what men thought and did in the long bygone. Truly it is marvelous.”
G.A. Henty

S.L. Tsao
“Life is always on the way back home, after its wilful adventures.”
S.L. Tsao

T.K. Naliaka
“What an interesting contrast between us, even just in the consideration of one woman. Your complete disregard for her will ironically be your destruction, while my regard for her will be my triumph over you.”
T.K. Naliaka, Iron Mixed with Sand Salt without Memory

Yoleen Valai
“There are many of us who live alongside others, less fortunate, watching them go through everyday suffering for one reason or another, and we’re not moving even our little finger to help them. It’s in human nature, unfortunately: for the most part, the only people we genuinely care about are ourselves. However, once in a while we encounter different species, different kind of human beings among us: full of compassion, willing and wanting to help, and doing so with joy and happiness. Those are a rarity. But you know what, my dear? Being one of them is not a special calling- it’s a choice. So what will you choose, huh?”
Yoleen Valai, The Rebirth of Francesca

Mahendra Jakhar
“Policemen are often confronted with situations which baffle them at first. A certain crime scene may seem meaningless, but they have to derive some meaning out of it. They have to connect the dots, find the links, delve into its history, look for evidence, come up with a zillion theories and arrive at truth. The thing is, truth is always stranger than fiction.”
Mahendra Jakhar, The Butcher of Benares

Cormac McCarthy
“A legion of horribles, hundreds in number, half naked or clad in costumes attic or biblical or wardrobed out of a fevered dream with the skins of animals and silk finery and pieces of uniform still tracked with the blood of prior owners, coats of slain dragoons, frogged and braided cavalry jackets, one in a stovepipe hat and one with an umbrella and one in white stockings and a bloodstained wedding veil and some in headgear or cranefeathers or rawhide helmets that bore the horns of bull or buffalo and one in a pigeontailed coat worn backwards and otherwise naked and one in the armor of a Spanish conquistador, the breastplate and pauldrons deeply dented with old blows of mace or sabre done in another country by men whose very bones were dust and many with their braids spliced up with the hair of other beasts until they trailed upon the ground and their horses' ears and tails worked with bits of brightly colored cloth and one whose horse's whole head was painted crimson red and all the horsemen's faces gaudy and grotesque with daubings like a company of mounted clowns, death hilarious, all howling in a barbarous tongue and riding down upon them like a horde from a hell more horrible yet than the brimstone land of Christian reckoning, screeching and yammering and clothed in smoke like those vaporous beings in regions beyond right knowing where the eye wanders and the lip jerks and drools.
Oh my god, said the sergeant.”
Cormac McCarthy

Dreema and you disagree. She cottons to Richmond, but you can't be weaned off Pelham.
“Dreema and you disagree. She cottons to Richmond, but you can't be weaned off Pelham. So I offer you a fair middle ground: relocate to northern Virginia. She transfers to the state morgue on Braddock Road, and you get to stay near your old beat.”
Ed Lynskey, The Zinc Zoo

Kenneth L. Decroo
“I think best on two wheels”
Kenneth L. Decroo, Almost Human

“And then I knew that despite all the pain and hard work all of us had gone through, despite the sadness and anger we felt, in the end, everything was going to be fine.
But I did not know when the end was, or if it was even near.
But that did not matter.
I preferred to look towards it in anticipation rather than worry about it. One new day equalled to one new adventure. And right now, I still had plenty of days left in my life. So I did not decide to sit down and plan out my life.
Instead, I decided to sit back, relax, and see where life would take me.”
Erica Sehyun Song, Thorns in the Shadow

I let my gaze travel out the picture window. Unlike at my old doublewide trailer
“I let my gaze travel out the picture window. Unlike at my old doublewide trailer perched on the fringe of a played out quarry, here I owned a real yard with real grass that screamed for mowing each Monday a.m. I sat at the kitchen table, cooling off from just having finished this week's job. Yes, here in 2005, I was a full-fledged suburbanite, but I'd been called worse.”
Ed Lynskey, The Zinc Zoo

Katherine Imogene Youngblood
“Writing is an act of faith. One must believe and see people who are invisible to others and be faithful to tell half formed stories. It’s like being on the trail of an apparition who’s repeatedly just out of reach.
K. Youngblood”
Katherine Imogene Youngblood

Marsha Hinds
“On Adventure - Adventure stories usually start by someone breaking the rules.”
Marsha Hinds

“I stood at the grassy edge and tentatively dipped my toe into the water. I watched the ripple spread and break the perfect reflection before composing itself. The ripple then rushed towards a mass of rocks to one side.”
Erica Sehyun Song, Thorns in the Shadow

Suzy  Davies
“As he spoke these words, a giant wave, just like the one in Katsushika Hokusai’s, “The Great Wave off Kanagawa,” rippled in below the lofty ledge.

Chaiya saw a thousand images in a second.

“Brothers!” he shouted.

“Brothers! Brothers! Brothers!…”

His voice echoed and vibrated through their hearts.

They were all wide awake.

“The presence in the cave will swallow us up,” Chaiya thought.”
Suzy Davies, The Cave

“We laughed as we ducked behind a pile of snow. Then our brothers came charging through the barrier, sending the four of us sliding down a white slope full of cherished memories.”
Erica Sehyun Song, Thorns in the Shadow

“She was not in the body of a young woman but just as I remembered her: a little toddler with a beautiful smile. She reached out with her small hand, and I gripped her tiny fingers as I let go of the pain and sank deeper into the lake.”
Erica Sehyun Song, Thorns in the Shadow

“Oscar always said that books are truly our best friends. He said that they never think poorly of us and that they always have a shoulder for us to cry on or relieve stress. They take our minds away from the real world by telling us captivating stories. When we look back at our choice of books, we can nostalgically recall our younger years.”
Erica Sehyun Song

“She was merely an actress who had been forced to perform her part on stage without fully knowing her lines. She was not real.”
Erica Sehyun Song, Thorns in the Shadow

“As we drifted away from the Tower Bridge, I saw a single silhouette standing against the bright lamplight. Even now when I was nearly asleep, I could recognise her. Her shoulders were hunched up as if she was upset. Whether she was upset that she had nearly killed me or that she had let me get away, I was unsure. Then she turned around and walked to join the other silhouettes standing in a group farther back. Now I could not see which one was Rose – they were all joint together to make one.”
Erica Sehyun Song, Thorns in the Shadow

“The four of us stood in silence as we watched the surrounding girls play games or gossip. It was almost as if I did not belong here anymore. It was like I was peering in through a window from a completely different world.”
Erica Sehyun Song, Thorns in the Shadow

“Time is a funny thing. You can go through it and meddle with it, but nothing can stay permanent. So even if everything so far had not happened, time would still have managed to find a way to make all this happen.”
Erica Sehyun Song, Thorns in the Shadow

“I felt so much older now, so much more responsible. I guess that there were some positive outcomes: I knew more things than usual, and I knew that I really could accomplish anything and everything. But sometimes, all a fifteen-year-old girl wants is to stop growing. She wants time to slow down and eventually stand still where she can be young and inexperienced forever. Sometimes, she simply wants to remain a child.”
Erica Sehyun Song, Thorns in the Shadow

Jon Ng
“Dear Time,
You're so beautiful when You stand still.”
Jon Ng, Dear Time: Circle of Life

Almney King
“I'm going home." - Celeste

"To never return?" - Uway

"Yes, show me the way to never return." - Celeste

Almney King

C.B. Huesing
“My goal is to make history come alive. My fictitious characters are woven into the tapestry of actual history.”
C.B. Huesing, Kill Abby White! Now!

J.K.  Kelly
“Assume Nothing!
Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!
Never Forget!
Live every day to the fullest!
Never take anything for granted!”
J.K. Kelly, Found In Time

“El Que Calla Otorga ,
He who keeps silent makes you feel that he or she approves of the matter.”
David Singer, The Mind Reader

“He has always loved to read aloud, to hear words float about a room, to swim in stories and breathe in poetry. And he has a powerful voice, a beautiful voice, as deep, thick and rich as melted chocolate. Characters seem to come alive when he speaks, sliding off the page to stalk the bookshop aisles and relive their fictional lives in 3-D and Technicolor. At night, after Walt flips over the "closed" sign on the front door, he sits back behind the counter and opens doors to other worlds: bookshelves transmute into swamp trees, floors into muddy marshes, the ceiling into a purple sky cracked with lightning as he floats down the Mississippi with Huck Finn. When he meets Robinson Crusoe, the trees become heavy with coconuts, the floorboards a barren desert of sand dunes whipped by screeching winds. When he fights pirates off the coasts of Treasure Island, the floors dip and heave, the salty splash of ocean waves stings his eyes and clouds of gunpowder stain the air. As a rule Walt sticks with adventures and leaves romances untouched, preferring to escape his own aching heart rather than being reminded of it.”
Menna van Praag, The Dress Shop of Dreams

“I opened my eyes and watched the water stream past me. I let out some of my air and gazed at the cascade of silver bubbles dancing up to the surface.”
Erica Sehyun Song, Thorns in the Shadow

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