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Rick Riordan
“THAT'S IT!" Terminus cried. "That's AGAINST THE RULES!"
Polybotes frowned, obviously confused that he was being told off by a statue. "What are you?" he growled. "Shut up!"
He pushed the statue over and turned back to Percy.
"Now I'm MAD!" Terminus shrieked. "I'm strangling you. Feel that? Those are my hands around your neck, you big bully. Get over here! I'm going to head-butt you so hard--”
Rick Riordan, The Son of Neptune

Pratibha Malav
“I just love saying your name out loud.”
Pratibha Malav, If Tomorrow Comes

Behcet Kaya
“Did you, Vance?”
“Did I what?”
“Did you have Hines killed?”
“Now what kind of a question is that?”
Behcet Kaya, Body In The Woods

Steve  Bates
“I wasn’t born yesterday. Or was I? All this time travel gets me so confused.”
Steve Bates, Back To You

Carl Novakovich
“Near the center of the village, on some of those fallen leaves, are trickles of blood. It isn't until the village square that the carnage is at its peak”
Carl Novakovich, The Watchers: The Tomb

“We were back where I had started: on the hill top inside a circle of trees burdened down with red berries that blew in the wind as if determined to remind me how much blood a body had in it and how the worst place to see it was flying through the air in droplets.”
Aaron D. Key, Damon Ich

“We share a bond. We do everything together. We have a piece of strong, invisible thread connecting us. It’s indestructible – it can never be broken. The thread is the key item that links us together. We understand each other.”
Erica Sehyun Song

“Each deed was of incredible importance to that one person or group of people...I tried to think and not of the abyss: the impossible task of reaching everyone that needed help. I thought it was this abyss she had fallen into and I was keen not to follow her.”
Aaron D. Key, Damon Ich

H.P. Lovecraft
“We are all roamers of vast spaces and travelers in many ages.”
H.P. Lovecraft, Beyond the Wall of Sleep Complete Works

Sarah J. Maas
“to the stars who listen and to the dreams that are answered,”
Sarah J. Maas

Kendare Blake
“In a
few hours, she’ll see Anna for herself. She’ll see
her dressed in blood, her hair floating like it’s
suspended in water, eyes black and shining. And
when she does, she won’t be able to catch her
Kendare Blake, Girl of Nightmares

“I’d rather be a beggar than be with the wrong king—not the queen of slaves, but the slave of bravery. I lay me on rocks, cover me with the darkness of the nights—not the king’s poisonous soft duvets that won’t let me meet I at dawn.”
Maria I.I.A., Ena

أميرة شهرزاد شنين
“فكانت تنظر إليهم من نافذة الحديقة وهي تشعر أن الحديث معهم أشبه بتجرع سم بطيء يأخذ مفعوله بعد سنين فيردي المرء قتيلا على حين غفلة”
أميرة شهرزاد شنين, حقيبة الشك

Shveta Thakrar
“Sheetal woke night after night singing songs no human knew...”
Shveta Thakrar, Star Daughter

Sunshine Rodgers
“You have such a big heart! You care so deeply for your angels and you love every single thing you create! You want to share your love, you
want to be present in others' lives, you want to interact with your creation and you want to be known. You are the most compassionate being I know! You are willing to step out and do amazing things. You are giving your old and new creation a beautiful place to live, bountiful food to eat, a grand fellowship and a Father who loves them. They have every opportunity in the world to respond to you and be close to you. If they don't see that, I don't know how else you can show them!”
Sunshine Rodgers, The Creation Project

Allen Steadham
“You did this somehow, didn't you? You changed Misha's memories about last night!"
"Not just Misha's," the voice said. "Everyone who witnessed it, including the police who were called. I even fixed the counter you smashed, so there’s no evidence of anything unusual happening last night. You have nothing to worry about anymore."
​"Who are you that you could do that? I know you helped me, and I'm grateful, but you messed with all those people's minds! You even made Josh forget!"
"Would you rather I killed them all? Because that was my alternative. I've done it before."

Allen Steadham, Mindfire

Katherine Arden
“But Vasya never saw them when she was looking for them. They moved between one breath and the next, between one blink and another."- The Girl in the Tower”
Katherine Arden

V.J. Smith
“Looked with discuss at fat people and decided to do something about it-2 TINY SCI-FI TALES, Author, V J SMITH BARNES AND NOBLE NOOK BOOKS”

“No force can oppose Love in Earth or Heaven above, No, not even the damned of Hell can stop relentless Love.

—Valkyrie Kari, Chapter Sixteen
Valley of the Damned
Original Quote”
douglas laurent

“Every story tells a tale, you have to read it.”

K.L. Harris
“Felix lied often and easily in his life. As long as it was for the right reasons, he didn’t see why he shouldn’t. Reality was the fiction that you painted it to be. Painting it the way he liked instead of falling victim to someone else’s brush just made him smarter, didn’t it?”
K.L. Harris, Equillian's Key

Jeff VanderMeer
“The operational damage from an event can linger in the mind like a ghost.
Freedom could take you farther from what you sought, not closer.”
Jeff VanderMeer, Acceptance

“Lilly wondered, who was he? How had he done this to her? To them? Was he an...alien?

Book1 chapter 1 - Xander Chase and the Unicorn Code”
Carrie Weston, Xander Chase and the Unicorn Code

Shveta Thakrar
“A soft, silvery melody pealed in her ears, stopping her where she stood. She shivered, the seductive tones caressing her spine and making her palms tingle. Her blood heated as something kindled at her core. If light had a voice, this would be it.
Shveta Thakrar, Star Daughter

Mandy Botlik
“The forest spoke in a language all its own but one that he understood. It whispered where the rivers ran and where caves delved deep. Quieter it spoke of roots and rocks and creatures of the night. He listened intently, his steps fell soundless and even but for the rattle of his wrists.”
Mandy Botlik, Shadows of Memories

D.E. Night
“Every book in here is a fantasy, and they consider fantasies to be just the same as lies.”
D.E. Night, The Girl with the Whispering Shadow

Hitendra Solanki
“Cheating is not just about fucking someone, karan.”
Hitendra Solanki

P.B. Flower
“Forgetting is unlearning. It is essentially asking for time travel.”
PB Flower, All Kaal None

“Part Two: When St. Kari Met Darth Vader, Star Wars Dark Lord of the Sith 

“What are those?” Kari shouted grasping Luke’s arm as her eyes jolted nervously into the air. “I’ve never seen such pretty planets before.”
Luke tracked her line of vision and grimmed as he spotted three Corellian Imperial Star Destroyers coming out of hyperspace into the same vortex that his own damaged ship was whirlpooled into. They appeared to be stabilizing the vortex opening by their anti-gravity wells maintaining their relative positional orbit.
“Hey’st, what are those white things? They look like men. Surely they are not ghosters, are they?” pawed Kari at Luke to get him to see.
“Imperial troopers,” shot Luke, grabbing her arm back. “There’s too many of them C’mon, we got to hide.”
“What’s does that mean? And what are those red light-thingy’s coming toward us?” Instantly Kari and Luke were inundated by a barrage of suppressing E-11 blaster rifle fire. Luke flinched out of reaction while Kari stood upright seemingly oblivious to the inherent danger. He was struck to see the girl-entity pluck a laser bolt out of the air and examine it with an other worldly look, as if it were a rare flower in a garden.
“I like this,” she smiled. “I’ll pin it to my cloak.” And doing so she did, it maintaining its fiery penetrating redness that did nothing more than to adorn the girl’s wardrobe for quite some time momentarily puzzling Luke. Usually they burnt out quickly. “Can I get some more of these?” she politely asked Luke.
“Not right now,” drawled Luke peering over a boulder. “If they capture us we’ve had it.”
“Had what?” asked Kari naïvely. “Them ghost-men you mean’st? Oh, don’t worry, Walker of the Skies, just leave it to me,” and with that Kari pulled her blade and sashayed toward the Imperial clones humming her favorite Top 10 battle hymns.
“Wait!” Luke shouted trying to snatch her back but it was too late. Luke never saw anything such as this. Like Han, he had seen a lot of strange galactic stuff in his time. Kari had become a misty blur and was skipping across the battlefield as some sort of sword-brandishing luminescence, hovering for a short time over those she slain.
“Hey, Walkersky, these spirits don’t have any souls,” she yelled looking up from her blood soaked garments. What do you want me to do with the rest, kill ’em?”
“I, uh ,” was all he managed to get out of his mouth as he rubbed his jaw.
Kari shrugged and went back to work, picking off the whole brigade by herself. “See’st? I told’st thou not to worry” Kari said panting, coming up to Luke and sitting besides him. “What now?”
“We gotta get outta here before more Imperials arrive.”
“Untruth oats?” (Nether Trans. “art thou nuts?”) “Run from battle?—is that that what means?”
“It means Vader’s coming—.”

go to part ii con't”
douglas laurent

“I will always seek to make it summer for you.”
Leigh Bardugo, Rule of Wolves

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