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Jackson Pollock
“Energy and motion made visible – memories arrested in space”
Jackson Pollock

“Abstraction allows man to see with his mind what he cannot see physically with his eyes....Abstract art enables the artist to perceive beyond the tangible, to extract the infinite out of the finite. It is the emancipation of the mind. It is an exploration into unknown areas.”
Arshile Gorky

Jennifer Estep
“Art should look like art, trees and flowers and people, not weird shapes and splotches of color all smeared together.”
Jennifer Estep, Deadly Sting

“Art has a voice - let it speak.”
Rochelle Carr

“But nobody is visually naive any longer. We are cluttered with images, and only abstract art can bring us to the threshold of the divine.”
Dominique De Menil, The Rothko Chapel: Writings on Art and the Threshold of the Divine

“Before, I could only guess of who I was. Now, thanks to my art, I know who I am”

Anaïs Nin
“I am a woman first of all. At the core of my work was a journal written for the father I lost, loved and wanted to keep. I am personal. I am essentially human, not intellectual. I do not understand abstract act. Only art born of love, passion, pain.”
Anaïs Nin, The Diary of Anaïs Nin, Vol. 1: 1931-1934

Talismanist Giebra
“Life is an abstract art, and it’s up to you to make sense of it.”
Talismanist Giebra, Talismanist: Fragments of the Ancient Fire. Philosophy of Fragmentism Series.

Jasleen Kaur Gumber
“Forgotten Stars. Time in the Flame.
Missing Shard. The Only Rain.
Door of the Memory. Waves in the Silk.
Silent Birch. Thoughts of Lunatics.
Secret of the Flowers. Soaring of the Souls.
Heart in the Night. And a Kiss Unfolds.
Forgotten Voyager. Voyage in the Words.
Nothing of the World. Someone of the Hemisphere.
Trembling Stones. Sucking Tears.
The Next Gift. The World in the Kisses.
Missing Angels. The Woman of the Girl.
Guardian of the Rings. Thorn in the Pearl.
Whispering Sword. Touching exclaim.
Soul in the Truth. Heat in the Flame.
Thy name, my name, Thy name!
Came. Became. To Remain.”
Jasleen Kaur Gumber, Ginger and Honey: An unusual free verse poetry collection

Wassily Kandinsky
“Form itself, even if completely abstract ... has its own inner sound.”
Wassily Kandinsky

Kirk Varnedoe
“The less there is to look at, the more important it is that we look at it closely and carefully. This is critical to abstract art. Small differences make all the difference.”
Kirk Varnedoe, Pictures of Nothing: Abstract Art Since Pollock

Robert Rauschenberg
“I really feel sorry for people who think things like soap dishes or mirrors or Coke bottles are ugly, because they're surrounded by things like that all day long, and it must make them miserable.”
Robert Rauschenberg

“Abstract Art is considered as one of the pious forms in expressing one-self without any detailed illustration of reality. It uses a perceptible language such as shapes, color, line, form and gestural marks to create a beauty which may persist with a degree of freedom from visual references in the world.”
7 Arts Online

Radhika Mukherjee
“There is no shape to the feeling that has gripped me, no name. Manifested in amorphous sensations and rippling currents – bringing one moment a tear, then a smile; there is no comprehending this wave. A hummingness courses through my mind.”
Radhika Mukherjee, Broken Shadows

“Pienso que en la obra de arte lo que no resulta necesario, sobra, incluso distrae, debilita y estorba.

Conversaciones con Zóbel (Rafael Pérez-Madero, 1978)”
Fernando Zóbel

V.E. Schwab
“Abstracts, mostly. Nonsense art, my friend Jake calls it. But it’s not really nonsense, it’s just—other people paint what they see. I paint what I feel. Maybe it’s confusing, swapping one sense for another, but there’s beauty in the transmutation.”
V.E. Schwab, The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

Menna van Praag
“Noa sleeps with the curtains open, allowing as much moonlight as possible to flood her bedroom, allowing her to see each and every picture on the walls, if only as a pale glimmer. It took Noa weeks to perfect the art display. Reproductions of Monet's gardens at Giverny blanket one wall: thousands of violets- smudges of purples and mauves- and azaleas, poppies, and peonies, tulips and roses, water lilies in pastel pinks floating on serene lakes reflecting weeping willows and shimmers of sunshine. Turner's sunsets adorn another: bright eyes of gold at the center of skies and seas of searing magenta or soft blue. The third wall is splashed with Jackson Pollocks: a hundred different colors streaked and splattered above Noa's bed. The fourth wall is decorated by Rothko: blocks of blue and red and yellow blending and bleeding together. The ceiling is papered with the abstract shapes of Kandinsky: triangles, circles, and lines tumbling over one another in energetic acrobatics.”
Menna van Praag, The Witches of Cambridge

“There is no painting without drawing and there is no shape without line ... in the end all images can be reduced to lines.”

Matt Goulding
“Not every change is so subtle. There are chefs in Rome taking the same types of risks other young cooks around the world are using to bend the boundaries of the dining world. At Metamorfosi, among the gilded streets of Parioli, the Columbian-born chef Roy Caceres and his crew turn ink-stained bodies into ravioli skins and sous-vide egg and cheese foam into new-age carbonara and apply the tools of the modernist kitchen to create a broad and abstract interpretation of Italian cuisine. Alba Esteve Ruiz trained at El Celler de Can Roca in Spain, one of the world's most inventive restaurants, before, in 2013, opening Marzapane Roma, where frisky diners line up for a taste of prawn tartare with smoked eggplant cream and linguine cooked in chamomile tea spotted with microdrops of lemon gelée.”
Matt Goulding, Pasta, Pane, Vino: Deep Travels Through Italy's Food Culture

“Abstraction demonstrate an escape route from reality in depicting images in the artwork.”
7 Arts Online

Cary G. Weldy
“The type of image you are exposed to makes a clear difference in your health. In a 2014 study led by Dr. Ellen Vincent at Clemson University’s School of Agricultural, Forest and Environmental Studies, researchers found nature images resulted in less pain and a lower diastolic blood pressure. Vincent and her team measured the amount of pain with a group of students with their hands in a bucket of ice water, then repeated the experiment with hospital patients.

Nature images had the benefit of reducing pain more than no images at all. Also, nature scenes depicting hazard conditions, such as a storm, did not have a positive effect. Moreover, abstract art was found to cause stress and provided no therapeutic value. Other studies have also found that being surrounded by nature produces a balancing and healing response.”
Cary G. Weldy, The Power of Tattoos: Twelve Hidden Energy Secrets of Body Art Every Tattoo Enthusiast Should Know

Édouard Levé
“When I was a child, I looked at rugs the same way, as a grown-up, I look at an abstract painting.”
Édouard Levé, Autoportrait

Robert B. Parker
“His office was done in the same beige and green tones and the walls were covered with abstract art which lent color, but no meaning, to his surroundings.”
Robert B. Parker, Stardust

“Abstraction, like poetry, does not dictate a clear narrative but rather, quietly offers a fragment, a piece of a mysteriously familiar narrative. In my paintings, there has continued to be a paring down of recognizable natural forms, which now have given way to a personal abstract vocabulary of shapes, colors and forms. The prominent use of abstraction has allowed me to distill and better communicate my emotions and ideas about life, nature and our respective place within it”
Nicholas Wilton

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