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Francine Jay
“Your home is living space, not storage space.”
Francine Jay

Lisa Kleypas
“They made their way to the dining room, where the air was blossom-scented and gilded with candlelight. The mammoth Jacobean table, with its legs and support rails carved like twisted rope, had been covered with pristine white linen. A row of broad silver baskets filled with billows of June roses rested on a long runner of frothy green maidenhair ferns. The walls had been lined with lush arrangements of palms, hydrangeas, azaleas and peonies, turning the room into an evening garden. Each place at the table had been set with glittering Irish crystal, Sèvres porcelain, and no fewer than twenty-four pieces of antique Georgian silver flatware per guest.”
Lisa Kleypas, Devil's Daughter

Karen Neches
“The ... office was decorated in early American Earth Mother, with spider plants, hemp wall tapestries, and beeswax candles.”
Karen Neches, Earthly Pleasures

Janet Gleeson
“Her small bedroom was decorated with cheerfully embroidered samplers, which she had stitched herself, and a shelf containing an intricate shellwork tableau. In her parlor, the chimneypiece was crammed with pottery owls, sheep, and dogs, and dishes painted with blue and white Chinoiserie fruits and flowers. Along the picture rail of one wall was an array of brightly colored plates. Dotted about the other walls were half a dozen seascape engravings showing varying climactic conditions, from violent tempest to glassy calm. To the rear was an enormous closet that she used as a storeroom, packed with bottled delicacies such as greengage plums in syrup, quince marmalade, nasturtium pickles, and mushroom catsup, which infused all three rooms with the sharp but tantalizing aromas of vinegar, fruit, and spices.”
Janet Gleeson, The Thief Taker

Ella Griffin
“The small pergola that Michael had built was covered in loops of jasmine, and Lara's flower beds were blazing with color. Blowsy white peonies, dusky purple irises with golden stripes, pale orange poppies with sooty centers. The first tea roses of the year were budding. Elinas, pink petals tipped with crimson, and the ivory Jeanne Moreaus that smelled faintly of lemons. Lara wanted to pick one and put it on the breakfast tray, but Michael hated cut flowers.
She went back inside and began to set the tray. Her mother's blue Venetian glass dish filled with raspberries. Orange juice in a white jug. A honey pot with a wooden dipper.
Sunshine streamed in through the window, warming the terra-cotta tiles beneath her bare feet. She could not have cut flowers in the house so she had pictures of them instead. Two huge framed Georgia O'Keefe poppy prints. An apron with a pattern of climbing roses. A wooden clock that Phil had given her with a pendulum in the shape of a red rose.”
Ella Griffin, The Flower Arrangement

“Blinds and Curtains used in home and office, then change tha environment different.”
Priya, Industrial Psychology

Crystal King
“You've repainted!" Apicius said with delight as he gazed upon the intricate frescoes decorating the atrium walls. "But aren't you treading a bit on the scandalous?" He gestured at the depiction of Bacchus with his wine-bearing nymphs. I wondered the same thing myself. The cult of Bacchus was not well accepted; Caesar didn't like how rowdy the god's festivals had become.
Her laughter rang through the room. "What the world needs is a good old-fashioned Bacchanalia, I say!"
"Shame about that pesky little decree against them," Apicius teased.
She snorted her derision. "We don't have to call it a Bacchanalia, now, do we?"
Apicius laughed.”
Crystal King, Feast of Sorrow

Chantal Larocque
“My love for paper floral design grew with each custom project and I’m now officially on a mission to embellished people’s lives, spaces and fabulous events!”
Chantal Larocque, Bold Beautiful Paper Flowers: More Than 50 Easy Paper Blooms and Gorgeous Arrangements You Can Make at Home

Jessica Tom
“I wore an emerald long-sleeved dress by Vivienne Tam and a pair of tangerine Christian Louboutins. I had seen the same look in one of Emerald's Vogues and asked Giada to overnight it. I learned quickly, though I wasn't very original. I'd changed in a coffee shop next to my apartment, then hopped into a cab.
"Next time we must coordinate outfits beforehand," Michael whispered as we sat down. "I was going for 'salt of the earth' today."
"Oh, I wanted to match the décor," I said.
Tellicherry felt like a sexy, sinister jewel box. A rich sapphire blue stained the walls in large, meandering splotches, like dye dropped into water. Bronze silk leaped and dipped in the cushions. The waitresses wore black dresses with seductive lace panels revealing flesh-colored bits, and the waiters slinked in semi-sheer pajama-like outfits, conjuring bedtime escapades, none of which involved sleeping.”
Jessica Tom, Food Whore: A Novel of Dining and Deceit

Gail Honeyman
“There was no window, and a framed print on the wall (a vase of roses, made using a computer by someone who was dead inside) was more offensive to the eye than a bare wall.”
Gail Honeyman, Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine

Elizabeth Bard
“There was a florist at the corner, closed for the night. I stopped in my tracks. Along with the heavy branches of lilacs and tangled stems of forsythia was a fluffy mound of tiny sleeping chicks- a living, breathing Easter basket. Paris continued to surprise me; instead of the slick consumerism of a twenty-first-century world capital, it was the little things, the living things, that made me smile.”
Elizabeth Bard, Lunch in Paris: A Love Story, with Recipes

Ella Griffin
“The walls behind the counter had deep floor-to-ceiling shelves for vases and jam jars and scented candles, and there was an old wrought-iron revolving stand for cards. But most of the space in the long, narrow shop was taken up with flowers and plants.
Today there were fifty-two kinds of cut blooms, from the tiny cobalt-blue violets that were smaller than Lara's little fingernail to a purple-and-green-frilled brassica that was bigger than her head.
The flowers were set out in gleaming metal buckets and containers of every shape and size. They were lined up on the floor three deep and stacked on the tall three-tier stand in the middle of the shop.
The plants, huge leafy ferns and tiny fleshy succulents, lemon trees and jasmine bushes and freckled orchids, were displayed on floating shelves that were built at various heights all the way up to the ceiling.
Lara had spent weeks getting the lighting right. There were a few soft spotlights above the flower displays, and an antique crystal chandelier hung low above the counter. There were strings of fairy lights and dozens of jewel-colored tea lights and tall, slender lanterns dotted between the buckets. When they were lit, they cast star and crescent moon shapes along the walls and the shop resembled the courtyard of a Moroccan riad- a tiny walled garden right in the middle of the city.”
Ella Griffin, The Flower Arrangement

Dean F. Wilson
“If she was a queen, then maybe she was the queen of Hell. It wasn't that much of a stretch. The world of Altadas had Hell's décor by now.”
Dean F. Wilson, Hopebreaker

Michelle Ogundehin
“Looking at a plain wall is akin to staring blankly into space. We have a fundamental need for visual nourishment and stimulation in our homes, for our eyes to dance lightly over surfaces and not find them wanting.”
Michelle Ogundehin, Happy Inside: How to harness the power of home for health and happiness

“First up is the Coway AP-1512HH HEPA Air Purifier. So in case, you’re looking for high-quality purifiers, but at an affordable price, then it will be your first choice. It comes in both black and white colors. Also, the purifier has an attractive and appealing design and does not take much space in your house or office. With an innovative concept and added luxury, it almost resembles an iPod.”
Coway AP-1512HH HEPA Air Purifier

“Are you looking for an air purifier that is suitable for smaller rooms? Well, then your search is over because the LEVOIT Air Purifier features a superb room coverage with exceptional effciency. It’s unique from other air filters due to its cylindrical shape with an airflow grille at the bottom. Although there will be some limitations in the airflow, it’s not something to worry about.”
LEVOIT Air Purifier

“This type of purifier makes sure it creates no noise so that you could enjoy a peaceful sleep. It is small and designed to fit any space in a room. It is compact, but the performance it delivers is powerful. The blue LED light enlightens when it performs the functions. It automatically shuts down after 8 hours of work. Overall it’s among the best home air purifiers of the year.”
RIGOGLIOSO Home Air Purifier

“The male Bighorn sheep is called a ram and can be recognized by his massive brown horns. The horns curl back over the ears, down, and up past the cheeks.”
Sheep horn

“While wild yaks are generally dark, blackish to brown in colouration, domestic yaks can be quite variable in colour, often having patches of rusty brown and cream. They have small ears and wide foreheads, with smooth horns that are generally dark in colour.”
Yak horn

“A beautiful drinking horn worthy a Jarl. The wide brass rim comes with Viking Age dragon artwork and the tip with a matching brass terminal.”
Drinking horn

“Functionality should follow sensuality, not the other way round.”
Lebo Grand

“Sensuality can only be found in intimate moments or space.”
Lebo Grand

“Today even the street-people have to beg pardon, or find a disguise so as not to disrupt the general décor.”
Franco La Cecla, Against Architecture
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“The pursuit of sensuality is creating opportunities in experiential luxury.”
Lebo Grand

Jennifer Weiner
“Finally, Diana had worked her way down to the Abbey, an upscale restaurant with a small but lush courtyard that featured a tinkling fountain, a pair of wooden benches, flowering bushes and stands of tall grasses, and a statue resembling Rodin's The Thinker (one of the few things she did remember from the art history class she'd taken). She'd never eaten there, but she remembered Dr. Levy mentioning it as one of the places she and her husband visited for date night at least once every summer. She sat on the bench for a minute to rest her feet and peruse the menu. Tuna sushi tempura (eighteen dollars for an appetizer). Almond-crusted cod with a mandarin-citrus beurre blanc (twenty-eight dollars) and butter-poached lobster (market price). The list of cocktails and special martinis ran two pages, and when she walked up the curved stone steps and stepped into the dining room, the views of the bay were gorgeous.”
Jennifer Weiner, That Summer

“Sensuality never goes out of style.”
Lebo Grand

“Sensuality is the leading light of the soul.”
Lebo Grand

“My destination is no longer a place but rather a new way of thinking, a sensual way of thinking.”
Lebo Grand

“Love is a sensual way of thinking.”
Lebo Grand

“Love is a sensual way of thinking and living.”
Lebo Grand

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