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Oscar Wilde
“I hate people who are not serious about meals. It is so shallow of them.”
Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest

Marcia Carrington
“A little chocolate a day keeps the doctor at bay”
Marcia Carrington

Nenia Campbell
“When they figure out how to bottle up orgasms and sell them as a food additive, I'll be first in line.”
Nenia Campbell, Bound to Accept

Hal Herzog
“Psycholinguists argue about whether language reflects our perception of reality or helps create them. I am in the latter camp. Take the names we give the animals we eat. The Patagonian toothfish is a prehistoric-looking creature with teeth like needles and bulging yellowish eyes that lives in deep waters off the coast of South America. It did not catch on with sophisticated foodies until an enterprising Los Angeles importer renamed it the considerably more palatable "Chilean sea bass.”
Hal Herzog, Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat: Why It's So Hard to Think Straight About Animals

Amit Kalantri
“All worries are less with wine.”
Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

“There are some things that don't change much. I find the smell of a dish, or the way a certain spice is crushed, or just a quick look at the way something has been put on a plate, can pull me back to another place and time. I love those memories that seem so far away, yet you can hold them and carry them with you, even forget them, and then, with a single taste or hint or a smell, be chaperoned back to a beautiful moment.”
Tessa Kiros

Katherine Neville
“Nim unwrapped a loaf of fresh dilled rye bread and opened a crock of trout mousse. He slathered up a big slice and handed it to me. [...] We had thinly sliced veal smothered in kumquat sauce, fresh spinach with pine nuts, and fat red beefsteak tomatoes (impossibly rare at this time of year) broiled and stuffed with lemon apple sauce. The wide, fan-shaped mushrooms were sauteed lightly and served as a side dish. The main course was followed by a salad of red and green baby lettuce with dandelion greens and toasted hazelnuts.”
Katherine Neville, The Eight
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George R.R. Martin
“The smell of food made him realize how ravenous he was. There was hot bread and honey, a bowl of pease porridge, a skewer of roast onions and well-charred meat. He sat by the tray, pulled apart the bread with his hands, and stuffed some into his mouth.”
George R.R. Martin, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms
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Joyce Rachelle
“One can hardly do anything productive when one knows there is cake in the fridge.”
Joyce Rachelle

“Everything has sensuality, but not everyone can see it. It takes only those who have developed their ability to look at life through the eyes of an artist, which are essentially the deep eyes of passion and appreciation for the sensual world, to perceive it.”
Lebo Grand

Tyne O'Connell
“All food is just a vehicle for transporting butter to my mouth”
Tyne O'Connell

Shon Mehta
“Never underestimate the power of good food. Eating delicious food can be a life-changing experience.”
Shon Mehta, The Timingila

“Sometimes I'm the mint in your mojito
The beef in you burrito
The cheese in your cheeto
The tortilla in your taquito
Or just the quote accompanying your photo”
Evy Michaels

Jael McHenry
“They say you learn by doing, but you don't have to. If you learn only from your own experience, you're limited. By reading the Internet you can find out more. What grows in what season. The best way to strip an artichoke. What type of onions work best in French onion soup. Endless detail on any topic. You can learn from people who are experimenting with Swiss buttercream, or perfecting their gluten-free pumpernickel crackers, or taste-testing everything from caviar to frozen pizza to ginger ale. All of their failures keep you from having to fail in the same way.”
Jael McHenry, The Kitchen Daughter

“I told a friend of mine that my ambition was now to design my lifestyle around food. He made funny remarks about it and laughed it off. But it is what I'm sincerely aiming for.”
Lebo Grand, Sensual Lifestyle

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“Junk food is television for tongues.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Stacey Ballis
“I have been all over the world cooking and eating and training under extraordinary chefs. And the two food guys I would most like to go on a road trip with are Anthony Bourdain and Michael Ruhlmann, both of whom I have met, and who are genuinely awesome guys, hysterically funny and easy to be with. But as much as I want to be the Batgirl in that trio, I fear that I would be woefully unprepared. Because an essential part of the food experience that those two enjoy the most is stuff that, quite frankly, would make me ralph.
I don't feel overly bad about the offal thing. After all, variety meats seem to be the one area that people can get a pass on. With the possible exception of foie gras, which I wish like heckfire I liked, but I simply cannot get behind it, and nothing is worse than the look on a fellow foodie's face when you pass on the pate. I do love tongue, and off cuts like oxtails and cheeks, but please, no innards.
Blue or overly stinky cheeses, cannot do it. Not a fan of raw tomatoes or tomato juice- again I can eat them, but choose not to if I can help it. Ditto, raw onions of every variety (pickled is fine, and I cannot get enough of them cooked), but I bonded with Scott Conant at the James Beard Awards dinner, when we both went on a rant about the evils of raw onion. I know he is often sort of douchey on television, but he was nice to me, very funny, and the man makes the best freaking spaghetti in tomato sauce on the planet.
I have issues with bell peppers. Green, red, yellow, white, purple, orange. Roasted or raw. Idk. If I eat them raw I burp them up for days, and cooked they smell to me like old armpit. I have an appreciation for many of the other pepper varieties, and cook with them, but the bell pepper? Not my friend.
Spicy isn't so much a preference as a physical necessity. In addition to my chronic and severe gastric reflux, I also have no gallbladder. When my gallbladder and I divorced several years ago, it got custody of anything spicier than my own fairly mild chili, Emily's sesame noodles, and that plastic Velveeta-Ro-Tel dip that I probably shouldn't admit to liking. I'm allowed very occasional visitation rights, but only at my own risk. I like a gentle back-of-the-throat heat to things, but I'm never going to meet you for all-you-can-eat buffalo wings. Mayonnaise squicks me out, except as an ingredient in other things. Avocado's bland oiliness, okra's slickery slime, and don't even get me started on runny eggs.
I know. It's mortifying.”
Stacey Ballis, Off the Menu

E.A. Bucchianeri
“Everyone is in such a good mood when they've eaten well.”
E.A. Bucchianeri, Vocation of a Gadfly

“Love is in the sensual details.”
Lebo Grand

“It is by aligning with our own sensuality that we can find true fulfillment in our relationships. Love works when sensuality works.”
Lebo Grand

“A foodie is somebody who thinks about food not just as biological sustenance, but also a key part of their identity, and a kind of lifestyle.”
Josée Johnston, Foodies: Democracy and Distinction in the Gourmet Foodscape

“A culinary cosmopolitan perspective resides in a context of tremendous inequality, but it may simultaneously facilitate meaningful cultural exchange, and attempt to link food choices to global risks like climate change.”
Josée Johnston, Foodies: Democracy and Distinction in the Gourmet Foodscape

“I enjoyed my delicious bowl of onion soup with crusty bread so much that late afternoon. Meanwhile, it dawned on me that in me lives a love that most women won’t be able to comprehend.”
Lebo Grand, Sensual Lifestyle

Amanda Hesser
“Writers know that if you want to portray a person succinctly, tellingly, you describe the way he eats. Food is the royal road to the unconscious.”
Amanda Hesser, Eat, Memory: Great Writers at the Table: A Collection of Essays from the New York Times

Nanette L. Avery
“Social media is like your own personal brand of junk food; some is just added calories.”
Nanette L. Avery

“My philosophy is if living 'the good life' or 'sensually nourishing life' is not at the top of your priority list, you are letting your life pass you by.”
Lebo Grand

Sandy Ward Bell
“I take my food very seriously. Whenever I hear that bell, I know Mrs. Norris is hankerin' for some spam.”
Sandy Ward Bell, Parked at the Mansfields'

“A soul-nourishing life is not possible if we neglect our sensuality.”
Lebo Grand

Marissa Meyer
“But what I was really thinking was that you talk about him you talk about a piece of decadent chocolate cake.”
Marissa Meyer, Heartless

Rebecca Skloot
“For some people quitting foods, say chocolate, can be as hard as kicking heroin is for a junkie. Food hooks people by triggering the exact chemical reactions triggered in the brain by hard drugs. Or nicotine. Or alcohol. Or shopping. Or sex.”
Rebecca Skloot

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