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Jonathan Swift
“It is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he was never reasoned into.”
Jonathan Swift

Jon   Stewart
“We owe Clint Eastwood a debt of thanks. Not only because it was truly a hilarious twelve minutes of improvised "awesome" in a week of scripted "blah".

But because it advanced our understanding.

This president has issues, and there are very legitimate debates about his policies and actions, and successes and or failures as president - I mean, tune in next week. But I could never wrap my head around why the world, and the president republicans describe, bears so little resemblance to the world and the president that I experience. And now I know why :

There is a president Obama that only republicans can see”
Jon Stewart, Miscellaneous Writings

Penn Jillette
“I, my own damn self, am not a Tea Party supporter. I disagree with them on social liberties, our overseas wars, Obama's birthplace, Sarah Palin, and the conspicuous absence of tea at their rallies.”
Penn Jillette, God, No! Signs You May Already Be an Atheist and Other Magical Tales

“The health care bill is nothing about health care- it's about controlling the people.”
David Lincoln

Matt Taibbi
“A loose definition of the Tea Party might be fifteen million pissed-off white people sent chasing after Mexicans on Medicaid by the small handful of banks and investment companies who advertise on Fox and CNBC.”
Matt Taibbi, Griftopia: Bubble Machines, Vampire Squids, and the Long Con That Is Breaking America

Thom Hartmann
“Many people today think that the Tea Act—which led to the Boston Tea Party—was simply an increase in the taxes on tea paid by the American colonists. That's where the whole "Taxation Without Representation" meme came from.

Instead, the purpose of the Tea Act was to give the East India Company full and unlimited access to the American tea trade and to exempt the company from having to pay taxes to Britain on tea exported to the American colonies. It even gave the company a tax refund on millions of pounds of tea that it was unable to sell and holding in inventory.

In other words, the Tea Act was the largest corporate tax break in the history of the world.”
Thom Hartmann, The Crash of 2016: The Plot to Destroy America--and What We Can Do to Stop It

Andrew Breitbart
“If the political left weren't so joyless, humorless, intrusive, taxing, over-taxing, anarchistic, controlling, rudderless, chaos-prone, pedantic, unrealistic, hypocritical, clueless, politically correct, angry, cruel, sanctimonious, retributive, redistributive, intolerant, and if the political left wasn't hell-bent on expansion of said unpleasantness into all aspects of my family's life the truth is: I would not be in your life. If the democratic party were run by Joe Lieberman and Evan Bayh, if it had the slightest vestige of JFK and Henry "Scoop" Jackson I wouldn't be on the political map. If the American media were run by biased but not evil Tim Russert and David Brinkley types I wouldn't have joined the fight. You would not know who I am. The left made me do it, I swear, I am a reluctant cultural warrior.”
Andrew Breitbart

“Anarchists have taken over (the GOP).”
Harry Reid

“Beliefs divide us, values unite us."

from Godless – Living a Valuable Life beyond Beliefs”
Jeff Rasley

Tim Kreider
“I was starting to remember the whole problem now: I hate these fucking people [people at Tea Party rallies, ed]. It's never been just political, it's personal. I'm not convinced anyone in this country except the kinds of weenies who thought student council was important really cares about large versus small government or strict constructionalism versus judicial activism. The ostensible issues are just code words in an ugly snarl of class resentment, anti-intellectualism, old-school snobbery, racism, and who knows what else - grudges left over from the Civil War, the sixties, gym class. The Tea Party likes to cite a poll showing that their members are wealthier and better educated than te general populace, but to me they mostly looked like the same people I'd had to listen to in countless dive bars railing against "edjumicated idiots" and explaining exactly how Nostradamus predicted 9/11, the very people I and everyone I know fled our hometowns to get away from. So far all my interactions at the rally were only reinforcing my private theory - I suppose you might call it a prejudice - that liberals are the ones who went to college, moved to the nearest city where no one would call them a fag, and now only go back for holidays; conservatives are the ones who married their high school girlfriends, bought houses in their hometowns, and kept going to church and giving a shit who won the homecoming game. It's the divide between the Got Out and the Stayed Put. This theory also account for the different reactions of these two camps when the opposition party takes power, raising the specter of either fascist or socialist tyranny: the Got Outs always fantasize about fleeing the country for someplace more civilized - Canada, France, New Zealand; the Stayed Put just di further in, hunkering down in compounds, buying up canned goods and ammo.”
Tim Kreider, We Learn Nothing

“I am an American, proud to be an American, proud to be a black American. I’m not African-American. I’ve never been to Africa. I’m an American that is black and my – and I’m proud to be a black that submits to my Christianity. I am proud to be just a man. I mean a man’s man, not a metro sexual, not one that gets his nails done. I mean a man that used to get out there and knock heads and get his fingernails dirty. I’m proud of being a man, but my manhood submits to my Christianity, but I don’t see that in Al Sharpton. Any time anything happens that attacks his blackness, he fears it and – because he has nothing else to stand on. Thus, when the real civil rights movement of everyone steps up, when we’re saying the Tea Party, don’t take being discriminated against. If a black person was kicked out of a hotel for being black down in Florida, it would be an uproar, but since the Tea Party was kicked out because of their political views, that’s going against America. That’s why we’re here going against the Constitution, with certain unalienable rights. That is the true fight we must start and we must fight today like never before.”
Ken Hutcherson

Bill Maher
“This is the opposite of the free market.”
Bill Maher

Tim Kreider
“I'm not issuing some naïve plea for civility or bipartisanship here, or pretending that the opposing sides in this fight are intellectually equal. We have irreconcilable visions of the kind of country we want this to be: some of us would just like to live in Canada with better weather; others want something more like Iran with Jesus. My cruelest hope for the Tea Party is that one of their candidates wins the nomination for the presidency and they implode of their hubristic stupidity. But at least when I hear about them now, instead of reflexively picturing some braying ignoramus like Michele Bachmann, I try to remember that Matt [a friend of the Author's, ed] is out in that crowd somewhere, too. God agreed to spare Sodom if ten good men could be found within its walls (Abraham had to haggle him down from fifty). He ended up napalming those perverts anyway but the basic principle of sparing the sinner for the sake of the righteous, or the shithead for the sake of the basically okay, remains sound.”
Tim Kreider, We Learn Nothing

Lisa Kleypas
“The indoor picnic had been laid out in an octagonal-shaped sunroom featuring an atrium set in the center of the stone floor. Here a "white garden" planted with white roses, snowy lilies, and silver magnolias gave off a delicious scent that drifted across the table laden with linen, crystal, and silver. The white linen cloth had been scattered with pink rose petals that matched the flowered Sevres china.”
Lisa Kleypas, Suddenly You

Beth Webb Hart
“The food is presented on the finest compilation of their silver trays and bowls. It's as delicate as the floral arrangements and includes Kitty B.'s petits fours and lemon squares as well as Sis's shrimp salad and cucumber sandwiches and Ray's cheese straws, praline pecans, and fruit kebobs dipped in white and dark chocolate.”
Beth Webb Hart, The Wedding Machine

“Ann didn't move. There was no use; her mother had seen her. She could try to hide the flowered plates but that wouldn't be any use either. Her mother had already been in the cabin and seen the open chest.

Ann waited, her heart pounding and her eyes on the ground. When she finally looked up, her mother was standing quietly beside her and looking at the tea party table. Ann held her breath, but for some reason her mother didn't look cross at all. Instead, there was the same kind of lovingness in her face as she had when she rocked the baby after he had been crying for a long time. Then Mrs. Hamilton turned to Ann and smiled.

"Good afternoon, Mrs. Jones," she said. "I hope I am not too late for tea. And is this your daughter?" Mrs. Hamilton nodded toward Semanthie. "My, how she's grown!”
Jean Fritz, The Cabin Faced West

N.R. Hart
“She was a quiet girl, a thoughtful girl. But, you were never quite sure what was going on inside that pretty little head of hers. Was it planning her next tea party; or plotting to take over the world.”
N.R. Hart, Poetry and Pearls

Hillary Manton Lodge
“Linn sat up a little straighter when the first course arrived, smoked salmon profiteroles.
By the time we'd moved from the panini and tea sandwiches and on to the Parisian Opera Cake and devil's food teacakes, Linn had downed almost everything set in front of her, as well as an entire pot of tea.
"It's all so good!" she said, wiping her hands on her cloth napkin. "I love the tiny portions. And they just keep bringing food! I love this. We should do this every day."
"I completely agree.”
Hillary Manton Lodge, A Table by the Window

Kristen Callihan
“The round table and four chairs looked as though they'd been plucked from a society wedding---shimmery-pink tablecloth, a full set of old and grass-green china, crystal glasses, low bouquets of plump blush-colored peonies. There was even a crystal candelabrum.”
Kristen Callihan, Make It Sweet