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“If grass is greener on the other side, why wait at this side of the fence?”
Swapnil Thakur, Almighty's Embryo

Patrick Bryant
“They tugged plans and ambitions out their asses and held tight to the first that didn't smell so strongly of shit.”
Patrick Bryant, Hum A Radiant Sickness

Andi James Chamberlain
“An avalanche is just a snowflake that got pissed off.”
Andi James Chamberlain

“difficile est saturam non scribere”
Juvenal, Satires, Book I

Anno Nomius
“to leaders - people are emotional and you can take them for a ride as long as they continue to be gullible”
Anno Nomius

“I'm joking when I say I'm the grand-pop of those claiming to be an avatar-messiah or god. But if they're serious, then, I am who I am.”
Fakeer Ishavardas

“Any fool can start a religion. And many do.”
Fakeer Ishavardas

Chassis Albuquerque
“I’ve had affairs before but never like this - I need a reason to leave my wife,” Shimansky said, desperately appealing to me.
“Won't you wife be annoyed?" I asked.
“Probably. No doubt. She usually is…” he said.
“That's very complicated. Even worse, what if your wife forgives you…? What then? You going to stay with her and keep doing the other one…?”
From: "The Sundial Salesman.”
Chassis Albuquerque, The Sundial Salesman