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Neil Gaiman
“Idris: Are all people like this?
The Doctor: Like what?
Idris: So much bigger on the inside.”
Neil Gaiman

Lauren Oliver
“She liked the word ineffable because it meant a feeling so big or vast that it could not be expressed in words.

And yet, because it could not be expressed in words, people had invented a word to express it, and that made Liesl feel hopeful, somehow.”
Lauren Oliver, Liesl & Po

Carl Sagan
“In the vastness of space and the immensity of time, it is my joy to share a planet and an epoch with Annie.

[Dedication to Sagan's wife, Ann Druyan, in Cosmos]”
Carl Sagan, Cosmos

J.R.R. Tolkien
“He loved mountains, or he had loved the thought of them marching on the edge of stories brought from far away; but now he was borne down by the insupportable weight of Middle-earth. He longed to shut out the immensity in a quiet room by a fire.”
J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

Sanober  Khan
“The magic fades too fast
the scent of summer never lasts
the nights turn hollow and vast
but nothing remains...nothing lasts.”
Sanober Khan

“Look at the stars. It won't fix the economy. It won't stop wars. It won't give you flat abs, or even help you figure out your relationship. But it's important. It helps you to remember that you and your problems are both infinitesimally small and conversely, that you are a piece of an amazing and vast universe.”

Eric Samuel Timm
“Creation is the vocal chords of God speaking each day through the colors of the sunrise, the vastness of the night sky,the teeming of life in the ocean, the majesty of the mountains.”
Eric Samuel Timm, Static Jedi: The Art of Hearing God Through the Noise

Thomas Ligotti
“For many feverish years he was burdened with the sensation, an ancient one to be sure, that the incredible sprawl of human history was no more than a pathetically partial record of an infinitely vast and shadowed chronicle of universal metamorphoses. How much greater, then, was the feeling that his own pathetic history formed a practically invisible fragment of what itself was merely an obscure splinter of the infinite. Somehow he needed to excarcerate himself from the claustral dungeon cell of his life. In the end, however, he broke beneath the weight of his aspiration. And as the years passed, the only mystery which seemed worthy of his interest, and his amazement, was that unknown day which would inaugurate his personal eternity, that incredible day on which the sun simply would not rise, and forever would begin.”
Thomas Ligotti, The Nightmare Factory

Dean Koontz
“The only thing I know for sure is how much I do not know.”
Dean Koontz, Brother Odd

Hark Herald Sarmiento
“I used to capture the vastness and the immensity of the world and confine it to the limited pages of the parchment.”
Hark Herald Sarmiento

“Let your mind wander in simplicity, blend your spirit with the vastness, follow along with things the way they are, and make no room for personal views - then the world will be governed.”
Zhuangzi, The Complete Works of Chuang Tzu

Christopher Hawke
“First, come to the point where you realize you are alone, completely and utterly alone in the vastness of the universe and all of time.
Then realize you are not alone. Look back on your life and see the people who stood by you. There were some. Realize the God of your understanding cares.”
Christopher Hawke

Luther Burbank
“Science . . . has opened our eyes to the vastness of the universe and given us light, truth and freedom from fear where once was darkness, ignorance and superstition. There is no personal salvation, except through science.”
Luther Burbank, The Harvest Of The Years

“The unknown is too vast to live in known unhappiness.”
Russell Eric Dobda

Criss Jami
“When we begin to reflect Christ, the Bible, when more understood as being centered around Christ, seems to be potentially every man's biography regarding God's promised experiences and truth for him - his individual, unique path of humbling oneself before the Lord and then being exalted by the Lord back into his true and righteous personhood. Many followers may speak of it merely to try to change other people (before changing themselves), but the prophets speak of it as a living word which miraculously tells their very own experiences.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

Munia Khan
“To me sometimes a mute sky is more expressive than the roaring sea”
Munia Khan

Mehek Bassi
“I adore the ocean and its vastness, as if it is trying to teach me something, as if it is trying to teach me to remain calm whatever the situation maybe. It holds such a huge amount of water but always remains content and at peace, while we people lose our calm even at smallest of tensions that we get in life. It teaches us to keep our secrets safe within. It has an entire habitat residing in its heart, but we haven’t been able to explore it fully, same way, we must keep our secrets tightly bound within us. If we will share them, the world will lose the curiosity, just like we will lose curiosity if we will come to know fully about the aquatic life. It teaches us to provide without seeking. It houses innumerable species inside and never asks them for anything, we must also help the needy and provide if we have in abundance. The ocean teaches us lessons that books or school can’t teach us.”
Mehek Bassi

Agnostic Zetetic
“What you call 'contradiction' I call 'complement'.”
Agnostic Zetetic

Ransom Riggs
“Stars, too, were time travelers. How many of those ancient points of light were the last echoes of suns now dead? If all the suns but ours collapsed tonight, how many lifetimes would it take us to realize we were alone?”
Ransom Riggs, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Anatole France
“It is possible that these millions of suns, along with thousands of millions more we cannot see, make up altogether but a globule of blood or lymph in the veins of an animal, of a minute insect, hatched in a world of whose vastness we can frame no conception, but which nevertheless would itself, in proportion to some other world, be no more than a speck of dust.”
Anatole France, The Garden of Epicurus

“And in that vastness, it felt like every memory existed only to disappear one day.”
Vatsal Surti, 20

Michael Finkel
“Modern life seems set up so that we can avoid loneliness at all costs, but maybe it's worthwhile to face it occasionally. The further we push aloneness away, the less are we able to cope with it, and the more terrifying it gets. Some philosophers believe that loneliness is the only true feeling there is. We live orphaned on a tiny rock in the immense vastness of space, with no hint of even the simplest form of life anywhere around us for billions upon billions of miles, alone beyond all imagining. We live locked in our own heads and can never entirely know the experience of another person. Even if we're surrounded by family and friends, we journey into death completely alone.”
Michael Finkel, The Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit

Robert H. Barlow
“Look tonight at the stars. Let them overwhelm you in the postures of their bright dance. Face the vastness which they dot like silver bees, and sound with your own brain the mystery, hazarding at the inscrutable plan of things.”
Robert H. Barlow

Munia Khan
“The sky can never be frozen
because its vastness has chosen
all warmth of our lives as we look above
with unbreakable hearts armoured in love”
Munia Khan

Bryant McGill
“In the inconceivably vast and humbling unknown called "everything", is a supreme inter-communication called, spirituality.”
Bryant McGill, Simple Reminders: Inspiration for Living Your Best Life

Marguerite Yourcenar
“Apenas llegado a Sharax, el fatigado emperador había ido a sentarse a la orilla del mar, frente a las densas aguas del Golfo Pérsico. En aquel momento no dudaba todavía de la victoria, pero por primera vez lo abrumaba la inmensidad del mundo, la conciencia de su edad y de los límites que nos encierran. Gruesas lágrimas rodaron por las arrugadas mejillas del hombre a quien se creía incapaz de llorar. El jefe que había llevado las águilas romanas a riberas hasta entonces inexploradas, comprendió que no se embarcaría jamás en aquel mar tan soñado; la India, la Bactriana, todo ese Oriente tenebroso del que se había embriagado a distancia, se reducirían para él a unos nombres y a unos ensueños. A la mañana siguiente, las malas noticias lo forzaron a retroceder. Cada vez que el destino me ha dicho no, he recordado aquellas lágrimas derramadas una noche en lejanas playas por un anciano que quizá miraba por primera vez su vida cara a cara.”
Marguerite Yourcenar, Memoirs of Hadrian

“I am forced to conclude that God made Texas on his day off, for pure entertainment, just to prove that all that diversity could be crammed into one section of earth by a really top hand.”
Mary Lasswell

Carl Sagan
“We have examined the universe in space and seen that we live on a mote of dust circling a humdrum star in the remotest corner of an obscure galaxy. And if we are a speck in the immensity of space, we also occupy an instant in the expanse of ages. We now know that our universe or at least its most recent incarnation - is some fifteen or twenty billion years old. This is the time since a remarkable explosive event called the Big Bang. At the beginning of this universe, there were no galaxies, stars or planets, no life or civilizations, merely a uniform, radiant fireball filling all of space. The passage from the Chaos of the Big Bang to the Cosmos that we are beginning to know is the most awesome transformation of matter and energy that we have been privileged to glimpse. And until we find more intelligent beings elsewhere, we are ourselves the most spectacular of all the transformations - the remote descendants of the Big Bang, dedicated to understanding and further transforming the Cosmos from which we spring”
Carl Sagan, Cosmos

“Horizontal expansion loses the depth, though excessive depth that only provokes darkness is futile. Therefore a balance between depth and vastness is essential in learning”
Priyavrat Thareja

“When you set man against the vastness of the cosmos, the only thing left is humility, a virtue he often discards in the heat of ambition.”
Psyche Roxas-Mendoza

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