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Neil Gaiman
“CHORONZON: I am a dire wolf, prey-stalking, lethal prowler.

MORPHEUS: I am a hunter, horse-mounted, wolf-stabbing.

CHORONZON: I am a horsefly, horse-stinging, hunter-throwing.

MORPHEUS: I am a spider, fly-consuming, eight legged.

CHORONZON: I am a snake, spider-devouring, posion-toothed.

MORPHEUS: I am an ox, snake-crushing, heavy-footed.

CHORONZON: I am an anthrax, butcher bacterium, warm-life destroying.

MORPHEUS: I am a world, space-floating, life-nurturing.

CHORONZON: I am a nova, all-exploding... planet-cremating.

MORPHEUS: I am the Universe -- all things encompassing, all life embracing.

CHORONZON: I am Anti-Life, the Beast of Judgment. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds... of everything. Sss. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?

MORPHEUS: I am hope.”
Neil Gaiman, The Sandman Vol. 1: Preludes & Nocturnes

Cassandra Clare
“Look, it's easy to outsmart a werewolf or a vampire," Jace said. "They're no smarter than anyone else. But faeries live for hundreds of years and they're as cunning as snakes. They can't lie, but they love to engage in creative truth-telling. They'll find out whatever it is you want most in the world and give it to you—with a sting in the tail of the gift that will make you regret you ever wanted it in the first place."
He sighed. "They're not really about helping people. More about harm disguised as help.”
Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes

Leo Tolstoy
“One must be cunning and wicked in this world.”
Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace

Baltasar Gracián
“Cunning grows in deceit at seeing itself discovered, and tries to deceive with truth itself.”
Balthasar Gracian, The Art of Worldly Wisdom

Shannon L. Alder
“It is not the homeless, mentally ill or extremely cunning people that we have to be afraid of. When someone loses everything that meant something to them is when people should get very afraid. A person that has nothing to lose is the scariest person on earth.”
Shannon L. Alder

Toba Beta
“See not the face..
but only the eyes,
of the poker face.”
Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity

Richard  Adams
“Rabbits need dignity and, above all, the will to accept their fate.”
Richard Adams, Watership Down

Craig Ferguson
“Oh Satan you're a wily one.”
craig ferguson

Angelica Hopes
“Don't step on shits, don't be part of shits, don't shit on others as you escape from other bullshits." ~ Angelica Hopes, an excerpt from If I Could Tell You”
Angelica Hopes

“I have a cunning plan.”
Richard Curtis, Blackadder the Third: The Award-Winning BBC Comedy

Olivia Cunning
“Would you like to sit?" Kellen asked her.
"You'd better do it soon," Owen whispered close to her ear, "or I'm going to bend you over that table and break the club's no-penetration-in-the-lounge rule.”
Olivia Cunning, Touch Me

George R.R. Martin
“He has an old man's caution and a young man's ambition, and has never lacked for cunning.”
George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

Anna Godbersen
“Teddy risked a look backward and nodded as he handed Henry his hat. The two men shook hands and then walked past each other Teddy moving in the direction of Henry's room and Henry the hat pulled down over his face toward the Cutting carriage that was waiting by the curb.”
Anna Godbersen, Rumors

“Chorus [of Birds]: Man is a truly cunning creature.”
Aristophanes, Birds

Samantha    Shannon
“Joke are the declaration of fools”
Samantha Shannon, The Mime Order

Harriet Ann Jacobs
“Thus far I had outwitted him, and I triumphed over it. Who can blame slaves for being cunning? They are constantly compelled to resort to it. It is the only weapon of the weak and oppressed against the strength of their tyrants.”
Harriet Ann Jacobs, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl

William Shakespeare
“And my true eyes have never practis'd how

To cloak offences with a cunning brow”
William Shakespeare, The Rape of Lucrece

Madeline Miller
“I think we must leave very soon, or else stay the winter.”
The window was open; the breeze passed over us. It was a trick of his, to set a sentence out like a plate on a table and see what you would put on it.”
Madeline Miller, Circe

Dana Arcuri
“To understand a narcissist and their cunning tricks, it’s important to educate ourselves about who they truly are. To look beyond their masquerade. The narcissist is quite clever. They conceal their true identity. They are masters at pretending to be someone who they are not.”
Dana Arcuri, Certified Trauma Recovery Coach, Soul Rescue: How to Break Free From Narcissistic Abuse & Heal Trauma

Walter Benjamin
“In [Arnold Bennett] I increasingly come to recognize a man whose stance is very much akin currently to my own and who serves to validate it: that is to say, a man for whom a far-reaching lack of illusion and a fundamental mistrust of where the world is going lead neither to moral fanaticism nor to embitterment but to an extremely cunning, clever, and subtle art of living. This leads him to wrest from his own misfortune the chances, and from his own wickedness the few respectable ways to conduct himself, that amount to a human life.”
Walter Benjamin

Sarah J. Maas
“I'd forgotten how cunning her eyes were, how cold. She'd been made differently, from something harder and stronger than bone and blood. She was as different from the humans around us as I had become.”
Sarah J. Maas, A Court of Thorns and Roses

“For whatever reason, the truth was apparent—

—he would no longer extend his hand towards Dia, the same way he did on that night during the ball when they first met.

The tears inside her heart felt as if they filled her chest to the brim.

All Dia could do now was to carefully and cunningly pull the thin strings so her beloved King of the Night wouldn’t go anywhere.

If they hadn’t met during that day where the night was the longest, she wouldn’t have fallen for him all over again like that.

She would have stayed as a vengeful ‘ghost’ that wanted revenge on those who killed her loved ones, without being stirred by wishes and hopes like that…”
Sakurase Ayaka (桜瀬彩香), 長い夜の国と最後の舞踏会 1 ~ひとりぼっちの公爵令嬢と真夜中の精霊~

Vincent H. O'Neil
“Someone very smart was thinking very hard down there.”
Vincent H. O'Neil, A Pause in the Perpetual Rotation

Fyodor Dostoevsky
“Cunning so easily goes hand-in-hand with feeling.”
Fyodor Dostoevsky, Notes from the Underground

“Famine tried, Earthquake tried,
Flood tried, Virus tried.
Nothing Changed.
Cunning and Greed.
- Rajesh Lane
Does man deserve life?”
Rajesh Lane

Vikrmn: CA Vikram Verma
“Some people have no generic or niche skills but still, they grow in their career, just because of their ‘Neech’ Skills.”
Vikrmn: CA Vikram Verma, Slate

Vikrmn: CA Vikram Verma
“Be down to earth, for some, not all. Because a few have a habit of stamping on, to reach their goal.”
Vikrmn: CA Vikram Verma, Slate

Sabaa Tahir
“Fools pay attention to words in a fight, he said once. Warriors take advantage of them.”
Sabaa Tahir, A Torch Against the Night

Sarah J. Maas
“We are old, and cunning, and enjoy using words like blades and claws. Every word from your mouth, every turn of phrase, will be judged- and possibly used against you.' As if to soften the warning, she added. 'Be on your guard, Lady.”
Sarah J. Maas, A Court of Mist and Fury

Dennis Lehane
“Be wise as serpents, yet innocent as doves.”
Dennis Lehane, Gone, Baby, Gone

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