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Cassandra Clare
“Look, it's easy to outsmart a werewolf or a vampire," Jace said. "They're no smarter than anyone else. But faeries live for hundreds of years and they're as cunning as snakes. They can't lie, but they love to engage in creative truth-telling. They'll find out whatever it is you want most in the world and give it to you—with a sting in the tail of the gift that will make you regret you ever wanted it in the first place."
He sighed. "They're not really about helping people. More about harm disguised as help.”
Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes

Hafsah Faizal
“Malevolence spilled from the woman like morning mist.”
Hafsah Faizal, We Hunt the Flame

Steven Pinker
“Why give a robot an order to obey orders—why aren't the original orders enough? Why command a robot not to do harm—wouldn't it be easier never to command it to do harm in the first place? Does the universe contain a mysterious force pulling entities toward malevolence, so that a positronic brain must be programmed to withstand it? Do intelligent beings inevitably develop an attitude problem? (…) Now that computers really have become smarter and more powerful, the anxiety has waned. Today's ubiquitous, networked computers have an unprecedented ability to do mischief should they ever go to the bad. But the only mayhem comes from unpredictable chaos or from human malice in the form of viruses. We no longer worry about electronic serial killers or subversive silicon cabals because we are beginning to appreciate that malevolence—like vision, motor coordination, and common sense—does not come free with computation but has to be programmed in. (…) Aggression, like every other part of human behavior we take for granted, is a challenging engineering problem!”
Steven Pinker, How the Mind Works

Anna C. Salter
“Malevolence takes a bite out off your spirit. Just sitting with it, just talking with people who consciously and deliberately exploit others, feels like being beaten. Over the years, l have seen many therapists burn out and leave the field entirely. [Refers to treating sex offenders, p6]”
Anna Salter, Predators: Pedophiles, Rapists, and Other Sex Offenders

Criss Jami
“Man has 2 common problems with God: the one is that there is evil in the world; the other is that free will is limited. The one, he is charging that the world is too evil; the other is that it is not evil enough.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

Thomas Paine
“It is painful to behold a man employing his talents to corrupt himself. Nature has been kinder to Mr. Burke than he is to her. He is not affected by the reality of distress touching his heart, but by the showy resemblance of it striking his imagination. He pities the plumage, but forgets the dying bird.”
Thomas Paine, Rights of Man

Criss Jami
“The creation of man is evidence for the love of God, the preservation of man is evidence for the patience of God, and Christ is evidence for the forgiveness of God. It is when we are wrapped up in our own little peeves that we begin to displace His benevolence with malevolence.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

Alpha Four
“Words spoken from spite corrode hearts, especially for the one talking.”

Barbara Kloss
“Sometimes great power brings out the worst in us, and unfortunately, it isn't until people are given it that we see the true shades of their character.”
Barbara Kloss, Gaia's Secret

Pär Lagerkvist
“Malevolence, like love, needs few words.”
Pär Lagerkvist, The Sibyl

“For every woman you know who has been given substandard treatment by her parents, used by her friend or boyfriend, abused by her husband, discriminated by her employers and ridiculed by society, I know a man who has been burdened with family responsibility since childhood, humiliated by his girlfriend, bullied by his employers, pushed by society and harassed by his wife. Everybody is fighting their own battle.”
Sanjeev Himachali

Roxanna  Rose
“I have two rules I follow religiously:
#1. Don't sweat the small stuff.
#2. It's all small stuff.”
R. Rose

Martin Amis
“I think: you deserve to be what you are if you could bare to get that way. You must have seen it coming. And now there's nothing for you here. No one will protect you, and people won't see any reason not to do you harm.”
Martin Amis

Jordan B. Peterson
“Conscious human malevolence can break the spirit even tragedy could not shake.”
Jordan B. Peterson

Jincy Willett
“But all this was beside the point. What scared Amy was the mere fact of what looked inescapably like recreational malevolence. The poem had been written by an adult, not some teen with an unfinished brain. Whoever wrote the line bootlicker, sycophant, toady intended damage, understood how Carla would feel, how anybody would feel, being called such names. The line was playful, offhand, the poem itself a smug, imperious cat stretch. The writer was having fun. Amy had been comfortable in the same room with someone whose idea of fun this was.”
Jincy Willett, The Writing Class

Norman Douglas
“Mr. Frederick Parker spent a good deal of his time in endeavouring to mask, under a cloak of boisterous good humour, a really remarkable combination of malevolence and imbecility.”
Norman Douglas, South Wind

Abhijit Naskar
“Mankind, not womankind, has slaughtered more humans in the name of God and Religion than for any other reason.”
Abhijit Naskar

Abhijit Naskar
“Aggression, rage and violence are archetypal foundations of manhood.”
Abhijit Naskar, The Islamophobic Civilization: Voyage of Acceptance

Mladen Đorđević
“The human beings must be mentally immensely strong, during the encounter with the true malevolence in others, because on it's own it doesn't belong to their species.”
Mladen Đorđević, Svetioničar - Vesnici oluje

Mervyn Peake
“There is a kind of laughter that sickens the soul. Laughter when it is out of control: when it screams and stamps its feet, and sets the bells jangling in the next town. Laughter in all its ignorance and its cruelty. Laughter with the seed of Satan in it. It tramples upon shrines; the belly-roarer. It roars, it yells, it is delirious: and yet it is as cold as ice. It has no humour. It is naked noise and naked malice.”
Mervyn Peake, Boy in Darkness and Other Stories

Ayn Rand
“air of silent malevolence, like a puffed, venomous mushroom”
Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

Dean Koontz
“His base sins were envy - of beauty, of happiness - and pride, bending the whole world to his view of creation, and these were the greatest sins of all, the same transgressions over which the devil himself, once an archangel, had stumbled and fallen a long way out of Heaven.”
Dean Koontz, Intensity

Maria Karvouni
“If they want to love you, they’ll find every excuse to love you: they’ll believe any good truth ignoring any bad lie. If they want to hate you, they’ll find every excuse to hate you: they’ll believe any bad lie ignoring any good truth. And if you want to find your dreams, you’ll find every possible and every impossible ethical and fair way to make them come true ignoring any malicious prejudice.”
Maria Karvouni

Richelle E. Goodrich
“Contention is a bile that when stirred becomes malevolence.”
Richelle E. Goodrich, The Tarishe Curse

William Faulkner
“You have heard---or anyway you will---people talk about evil times or an evil generation. There are no such things. No epoch of history nor generation of human beings either ever was or is or will be big enough to hold the unvirtue of any given moment, anymore than they could contain all the air of any given moment; all they can do is hope to be as little soiled as possible during their passage through it.”
William Faulkner, The Reivers

“Rarely, if ever, does our conscience realizes the crisis our evil deeds cause. Seems the human mind is wired to find joy in another's misfortune. The Germans call it Schadenfreude.”
Sushil Rungta