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Eoin Colfer
“I feel a little dizzy," said Orion. "But also wonderfully elated. I feel that I am on the verge of finding a rhyme for the word orange."

"Oxygen deprivation," said Foaly. "Or maybe it's just him.”
Eoin Colfer, The Atlantis Complex

Suzanne Collins
“Orange? Like Effie's hair?" I say.
"A bit more muted," he says. "More like sunset.”
Suzanne Collins, Catching Fire

Wendy Delsol
“I was drinking in the surroundings: air so crisp you could snap it with your fingers and greens in every lush shade imaginable offset by autumnal flashes of red and yellow.”
Wendy Delsol, Stork

Anthony Burgess
“Where do I come into all of this? Am I just some animal or dog?' And that started them off govoreeting real loud and throwing slovos at me. So I creeched louder still, creeching: 'Am I just to be like a clockwork orange?”
Anthony Burgess, A Clockwork Orange

“«Regrets»... I regret how timid and meek I was back then... always telling myself that I couldn't do anything, never even daring to try. That's definitely something I regret. " (p.330)”
Ichigo Takano, Orange: The Complete Collection, Volume 1

J.K. Rowling
“Orange, Longbottom.”
J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

“Maybe it's impossible to live life without any regrets. Even when you know the future... you'll still mess up." (p.163)”
Ichigo Takano, Orange: The Complete Collection, Volume 1

“- It's a bit late to say something now... I'll just live with it!
- If all you do is «live with it»... then that's not much of a life." (p.50)”
Ichigo Takano, Orange: The Complete Collection, Volume 1

Jim Davis
“In my head, the sky is blue, the grass is green and cats are orange.”
Jim Davis, In Dog Years I'd be Dead: Garfield at 25

Alexandra Bracken
“You are actually the worst person I have ever met,” Chubs said. “And people like you are the reason we have middle fingers.”
Alexandra Bracken, Never Fade

Kim Stanley Robinson
“I grew up in a utopia, I did. California when I was a child was a child's paradise, I was healthy, well fed, well clothed, well housed. I went to school and there were libraries with all the world in them and after school I played in orange groves and in Little League and in the band and down at the beach and every day was an adventure. . . . I grew up in utopia.”
Kim Stanley Robinson, Pacific Edge

Cassandra Clare
“Anna shuddered. "Orange is not the colour of seduction, Christopher. Orange is the colour of despair, and pumpkins.”
Cassandra Clare, Chain of Gold

Joris-Karl Huysmans
“Last comes the class of persons, of nervous organization and enfeebled vigour, whose sensual appetite craves highly seasoned dishes, men of a hectic, over-stimulated constitution. Their eyes almost invariably hanker after that most irritating and morbid of colours, with its artificial splendours and feverish acrid gleams,-orange.”
Joris-Karl Huysmans
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Leaves descending to the ground,
Orange, magenta, green & brown
The cool crisp breezes in the air,
Autumn season must be here”
Charmaine J Forde

Jack Kerouac
“Meanwhile the sunsets are mad orange fools raging in the gloom....”
Jack Kerouac, Desolation Angels

Rudolfo Anaya
“The orange of the golden carp appeared at the edge of the pond. . . . We watched in silence at the beauty and grandeur of the great fish. Out of the corners of my eyes I saw Cico hold his hand to his breast as the golden carp glided by. Then with a switch of his powerful tail the golden carp disappeared into the shadowy water under the thicket.”
Rudolfo Anaya, Bless Me, Ultima

“I hope that in the future... we’re as close as we are now... always.”
Ichigo Takano, Orange: The Complete Collection, Volume 1

Joseph Heller
“The chaplain glanced at the bridge table that served as his desk and saw only the abominable orange-red, pear-shaped, plum tomato he had obtained that same morning from Colonel Cathcart, still lying on its side where he had forgotten it like an indestructible and incarnadine symbol of his own ineptitude.”
Joseph Heller, Catch-22

Courtney Milan
“Jenny’s admonition had the desired effect. Ned drew a deep breath and thrust his arm gingerly into the bag, his mouth puckered in distaste. The expression on his face flickered from queasy horror to confusion. From there, it
flew headlong into outright bafflement. Shaking his head, he pulled his fist from the bag and turned his hand palm up.
For a long moment, the two men stared at the offending lump. It was brightly colored. It was round. It was—
“An orange?” Lord Blakely rubbed his forehead. “Not quite what I expected.” He scribbled another notation.
“We live in enlightened times,” Jenny murmured.”
Courtney Milan, Proof by Seduction

“I am captivated by the beautiful colors of Fall,
Show me,show me,
Show me All!
Orange, yellow, purple, reddish-brown,
And the rustling of the leaves as they fall to the ground.”
Charmaine J. Forde

Alexandre Alphonse
“Os querubes cantan ao redor do trono de luz e tocan guitarras eléctricas Fender Jazzmaster, a través de amplificadores Orange, con moitos pedais EarthQuaker Devices.”
Alexandre Alphonse, O Ceo de Santiago

Paul Bamikole
“When an orange tastes like an onion, the knife takes the blame.
But it is the one who handed us the knife that should be questioned.”
Paul Bamikole

“I hate the idea that animals or trees or anything might get hurt. I had dreams about it for months afterwards.”
Michael Sandison

Jan Moran
“Danielle wore a simple bias-cut gown of the palest blush silk- one of her own designs- with white roses and jasmine braided into her thick auburn hair swept up from the nape of her neck, onto which she'd applied a new perfume she'd blended with a corresponding harmony just for the wedding. She carried the flowers of Bellerose: mimosa, rose, jasmine, violet, and orange blossom, twined into a voluptuous bouquet that spilled from her hand.
Jon stood before her, his velvety brown eyes sparkling with flecks of gold. She drank in the delicious, virile smell of him, loving how the scent of his skin melded with the perfume she had blended for him for this day- blood orange and orange blossom, patchouli and sandalwood, cinnamon and clove. She had devised a salty note, too, and added the sea's airy freshness.”
Jan Moran, Scent of Triumph

Steven Magee
“When I watch the sunset, I observe an orange sky.”
Steven Magee

Steven Magee
“Come to California...and enjoy the orange daylight!”
Steven Magee

Stacey Ballis
“He and Volnay are two shades of the same color, her deep auburn a complement to his brighter, brasher cinnamon. He has light hazel eyes, squished-up floppy ears, and a large square head atop a body that is built like a little tank. He looks a lot like a miniature orange mastiff. His paws are enormous. Not to mention some other obvious parts of his anatomy. This isn't going to be some elegant little thirty-pound girl. This is a serious BOY dog. And he's going to be HUGE.
But he does have the advantage of being a puppy, and all puppies are adorable so that you don't kill them. He's curled up in Benji's arms, licking his ear, and I can't help it, he is pretty goddamned cute. I'm in real trouble.”
Stacey Ballis, Out to Lunch

Colleen Hoover
“orange zerstört nicht nur menschenleben, nein, es gibt darüber hinaus auch nichts, was sich darauf reimt. (mockumentary von clara und miller, s. 314)”
Colleen Hoover, Regretting You
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Mary E. Pearson
“I felt myself falling deeper into the world that was Jase Ballenger. “Never. Not a thousand tomorrow’s could I ever be sorry. Trouble with you makes me glad for it. I love you with every breath I will ever breathe. I love you Jase.” “More than an orange?” he asked between kisses. “Let’s not get carried away, Patrei.”
Mary E. Pearson, Vow of Thieves
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