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Cassandra Clare
“I suspect he's sweet on Sophie and doesn't like to see her work too hard.'
Tessa was glad to hear it. She'd felt awful about her reaction to Sophie's scar, and the thought that Sophie had a male admirer - and a handsome one like that- eased her conscience slightly. 'Perhaps he's in love with Agatha', she said.
'I hope not. I intend to marry Agatha myself. She may be a thousand years old, but she makes an incomparable jam tart. Beauty fades, but cooking is eternal.”
Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Angel

Charles Finch
“Are you going to give a speech?' she asked gaily.

He gave a choked laugh. 'Of course not,' he said. 'Not for ages.'

'My cousin Davey gave one on his very first day!' ...

'In the Lords, I remember. It was about how he didn't like strawberry jam.'

'Be nice, Charles! It was a speech about fruit importation, which I admit devolved into something of a tirade.' She couldn't help but laugh. 'Still, you could talk about something more important.'

'Than jam? Impossible. We mustn't set the bar too high, Jane.”
Charles Finch, The Fleet Street Murders

Catherine Gilbert Murdock
“Why was it that jam always coated me so?”
Catherine Gilbert Murdock, Princess Ben

Lewis Carroll
“I'm sure I'll take you with pleasure!" the Queen said. "Twopence a week, and jam every other day."
Alice couldn't help laughing, as she said, "I don't want you to hire me - and I don't care for jam."
"It's very good jam," said the Queen.
"Well, I don't want any today, at any rate."
"You couldn't have it if you did want it," the Queen said.
"The rule is, jam tomorrow and jam yesterday - but never today."
"It must come sometimes to 'jam today'," Alice objected.
"No it can't," said the Queen. "It's jam every other day: today isn't any other day, you know.”
Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

Sandra Dallas
“Jam on a winter took away the blue devils. It was like tasting summer. ”
Sandra Dallas

“And it is not until the door is jammed that we begin to value the room.”
Chirag Tulsiani
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Jared Brock
“The next morning we experienced our very first “full English breakfast,” which consisted of tea, orange juice, cookies, oatmeal, granola, berries, bananas, croissants, grapes, pineapples, prunes, yogurt, five kinds of cold cereal, eggs, hash browns, back bacon, sausage, smoked salmon, tomatoes, mushrooms, beans, toast, butter, jam, jelly, and honey. I don’t know how the British do it.”
Jared Brock, A Year of Living Prayerfully: How a Curious Traveler Met the Pope, Walked on Coals, Danced with Rabbis, and Revived His Prayer Life

Angelica Banks
“Figs are delicious with soft cheese and ham,
Toast is quite scrumptious with butter and jam,
Eggs are improved by parsley and salt,
But milkshakes are best with strawberries and malt.”
Angelica Banks, Finding Serendipity

“Jam on November took away the worries, It was like tasting summer...”
El Fuego

“If you ever find yourself in a jam, just take a moment to sit and think; calculate things, look at every angle, and then wonder where all that jam came from.”
Melanie Kay Taylor

Benjamin Péret
“A suicide is always, for those close to the deceased, a tragic and agonising event; but when it is accomplished by means of jam, one cannot be less than terrified.”
Benjamin Péret, Death to the Pigs and Other Writings

William  Boyd
“Hot crumpets with butter and jam - what could be more ambrosial?”
William Boyd, Any Human Heart

“Paduka!!! sang lemah di antara hamba tuan ini meradang;
manusia menulis sejarah
Di tangan bedil berdarah
Dan malam di umpat
Di antara jam malam ketat
Remaja dengan batu amarah
Melempari zirah - zirah tak mau enyah

andra dobing

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