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Phil Jackson
“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”
Phil Jackson

Michael Jordan
“To be successful you have to be selfish, or else you never achieve. And once you get to your highest level, then you have to be unselfish. Stay reachable. Stay in touch. Don't isolate.”
Michael Jordan

John Wooden
“Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.”
John Wooden

Sherman Alexie
“Nervous means you want to play. Scared means you don't want to play.”
Sherman Alexie, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

John Green
“All at once, I couldn’t figure out why I was methodically tossing a spherical object through a toroidal object. It seemed like the stupidest thing I could possibly be doing.”
John Green

David Halberstam
“[On writing:] "There's a great quote by Julius Irving that went, 'Being a professional is doing the things you love to do, on the days you don't feel like doing them.'"

(One On 1, interview with Budd Mishkin; NY1, March 25, 2007.)”
David Halberstam, Everything They Had: Sports Writing

“They say that nobody is perfect. Then they tell you practice makes perfect. I wish they'd make up their minds.”
Wilt Chamberlain

Janette Rallison
“You need to be more careful, or you could hurt yourself."
Right. Thank you, Mrs. Detweiler. I never would have come to that conclusion by myself. I was planning on incorporating a backflip into my next walk across the classroom but on second thought...”
Janette Rallison, Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Free Throws

Hunter S. Thompson
“I am more than just a Serious basketball fan. I am a life-long Addict. I was addicted from birth, in fact, because I was born in Kentucky.”
Hunter S. Thompson

“We learn to make a shell for ourselves when we are young and then spend the rest of our lives hoping for someone to reach inside and touch us. Just touch us—anything more than that would be too much for us to bear.”
Bill Russell

Amit Ray
“Everyone has the fire, but the champions know when to ignite the spark.”
Amit Ray, Enlightenment Step by Step

“Sometimes a player's greatest challenge is coming to grips with his role on the team.”
Scottie Pippen

“My swag was phenomenal.”
Gilbert Arenas

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
“One man can be a crucial ingredient on a team, but one man cannot make a team.”
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Arnold Henry
“Your limits are somewhere up there, waiting for you to reach beyond infinity.”
Arnold Henry

Hunter S. Thompson
“The first time I managed to pick up a basketball I knew I was destined to lead the UK to another National championship. ... Even now, so many years later, I still believe Kentucky will go undefeated in March & win everything.”
Hunter S. Thompson

“But that's the thing about basketball: you don't play games on paper.”
Bill Simmons, The Book of Basketball: The NBA According to The Sports Guy

Sarah Dessen
“Sorry!' Dave's friend yelled when he saw me. 'That was my-' But i wasn't listening as,instead,i took every bit of the anger and stress of the last few minutes and days put it behind the ball, throwing it overhead at the basket as hard as i could. It went flying, hitting the backboard and banging through the netless hoop at full speed before shooting back out and nailing Dave Wade squarely on the forehead. And just like that, he was down.”
Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen
“You ready to play?" Dave asked, bouncing it.
"I don't know," I said. "Are you going to cheat?"
"It's street ball!" He said checking it to me. "Show me that love."
So chessy, i thought. But as i felt it, solid against my hands, i did feel something. I wasn't sure it was love. Maybe what remained of it, though, whatever that might be. "All right," I said. "Let's play.”
Sarah Dessen

“If all I'm remembered for is being a good basketball player, then I've done a bad job with the rest of my life.”
Isiah Thomas

“Good thing in this business is that you just have to make one big shot and that’s enough to make you forget 9 other shots that you missed.”
Guy Zucker

John McPhee
“Bradley is one of the few basketball players who have ever been appreciatively cheered by a disinterested away-from-home crowd while warming up. This curious event occurred last March, just before Princeton eliminated the Virginia Military Institute, the year's Southern Conference champion, from the NCAA championships. The game was played in Philadelphia and was the last of a tripleheader. The people there were worn out, because most of them were emotionally committed to either Villanova or Temple-two local teams that had just been involved in enervating battles with Providence and Connecticut, respectively, scrambling for a chance at the rest of the country. A group of Princeton players shooting basketballs miscellaneously in preparation for still another game hardly promised to be a high point of the evening, but Bradley, whose routine in the warmup time is a gradual crescendo of activity, is more interesting to watch before a game than most players are in play. In Philadelphia that night, what he did was, for him, anything but unusual. As he does before all games, he began by shooting set shots close to the basket, gradually moving back until he was shooting long sets from 20 feet out, and nearly all of them dropped into the net with an almost mechanical rhythm of accuracy. Then he began a series of expandingly difficult jump shots, and one jumper after another went cleanly through the basket with so few exceptions that the crowd began to murmur. Then he started to perform whirling reverse moves before another cadence of almost steadily accurate jump shots, and the murmur increased. Then he began to sweep hook shots into the air. He moved in a semicircle around the court. First with his right hand, then with his left, he tried seven of these long, graceful shots-the most difficult ones in the orthodoxy of basketball-and ambidextrously made them all. The game had not even begun, but the presumably unimpressible Philadelphians were applauding like an audience at an opera.”
John McPhee, A Sense of Where You Are: Bill Bradley at Princeton

Pat Conroy
“We old athletes carry the disfigurements and markings of contests remembered only by us and no one else. Nothing is more lost than a forgotten game.”
Pat Conroy

John McPhee
“If basketball was going to enable Bradley to make friends, to prove that a banker's son is as good as the next fellow, to prove that he could do without being the greatest-end-ever at Missouri, to prove that he was not chicken, and to live up to his mother's championship standards, and if he was going to have some moments left over to savor his delight in the game, he obviously needed considerable practice, so he borrowed keys to the gym and set a schedule for himself that he adhereded to for four full years—in the school year, three and a half hours every day after school, nine to five on Saturday, one-thirty to five on Sunday, and, in the summer, about three hours a day.”
John McPhee, A Sense of Where You Are: Bill Bradley at Princeton

“Someone created the box score, and he should be shot.”
Daryl Morey

Nikesh Shukla
“We'd taken up our positions on the benches between the school hall and a newly-installed outdoor basketball court. Being hip-hoppers, we were obliged to be obsessed with basketball. None of us had a ball.”
Nikesh Shukla, Coconut Unlimited

Leigh Bardugo
“I've seen you play basketball, Theo. He beat you because you're terrible."
"I'm good on fundamentals."
"And I'm the queen of the Netherlands.”
Leigh Bardugo, Wonder Woman: Warbringer

“So in a six-minute stretch we see display fearlessness, tenacity, intelligence, savvy, a firm allegiance to team, assertiveness, toughness, and a willingness to obliterate a man in front of the woman that man's supposed to marry. Jim Halpert [The Office] is a winner.”
Shea Serrano, Basketball (and Other Things): A Collection of Questions Asked, Answered, Illustrated

Christine A. Baker
“She gave value to something that no one saw value in”
Christine A. Baker, Why She Plays: The World of Women's Basketball

“It's when you're vertical that you leave the other players standing.”
Anthony T.Hincks

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