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Emma Donoghue
“Everyone's got a different story.”
Emma Donoghue, Room

C. JoyBell C.
“The shame and the downfall of a modern materialistic society is her inability to treasure, care for, admire, adore, cherish, value, revere, respect, uphold, uplift, protect, shield, defend, safeguard, treasure and love her children. I praise all the cultures of this world that naturally harbor and actively manifest these instincts. If a nation or if a population of people fails to recognize the excellent value and distinction of the lives of her children and is defective enough to have lost the capability of expressing and acting upon these instincts then there is nothing that can save that nation or those people. The prosperity of a people is not measured in banks, financial markets, economy and the death of its humanity is evident not through the loss of life but in the loss of love for its children.”
C. JoyBell C.

Amit Kalantri
“The most dangerous irony is, people are angry with others because of their own incompetence.”
Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

George Orwell
“If you have no money, men won't care for you, women won't love you; won't, that is, care for you or love you the last little bit that matters.”
George Orwell, Why I Write

Aman Jassal
“Some people aim at nothing in life and hit it with amazing accuracy.”
Aman Jassal, Rainbow - the shades of love

Jared Diamond
“The history of interactions among disparate peoples is what shaped the modern world through conquest, epidemics and genocide. Those collisions created reverberations that have still not died down after many centuries, and that are actively continuing in some of the world's most troubled areas.”
Jared Diamond, Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies

Paul Bowles
“The people of each country get more like the people of every other country. They have no character, no beauty, no ideals, no culture-nothing, nothing.”…
“Everything’s getting gray, and it’ll be grayer.”
Paul Bowles, The Sheltering Sky

Marcel Theroux
“He said it hit him travelling one time in the year or so before he met my mother. Whatever country of the world it was, the poor were starting to look alike, live alike, eat alike, and dress alike in the same kind of clothes all made in the same part of China. To him, it was a sign that the people had got severed from the land.”
Marcel Theroux, Far North

Andrew Lang
“Again, if there are really no fairies, why do people believe in them, all over the world? The ancient Greeks believed, so did the old Egyptians, and the Hindoos, and the Red Indians, and is it likely, if there are no fairies, that so many different peoples would have seen and heard them?”
Andrew Lang, The Yellow Fairy Book

Friedrich Nietzsche
“Examine the lives of the best and more fruitful men and peoples, and ask yourselves whether a tree, if it is to grow proudly into the sky, can do without bad weather and storms: whether unkindness and opposition from without, whether some sort of hatred, envy, obstinacy, mistrust, severity, greed and violence do not belong to the favouring circumstances without which a great increase even in virtue is hardly possible. The poison which destroys the weaker nature strengthens the stronger – and he does not call it poison, either.”
Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science

“i hate people who hate”

Adrian Sandvaer
“This book is written with an open mind and it should be read with the same”
Adrian Sandvaer, Bright Moments - A Journey In The Human Mind

Ljupka Cvetanova
“It’s easy to count other people’s mistakes. Make your own if you can.”
Ljupka Cvetanova, The New Land

“The word "Wisdom" was for the people who have high level of inferiority complex and who are battling with some hard times.”
Bikash Bhandari

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“Contrary to popular belief, some animals would not have each chosen to be a human being, if they were given the choice between being what they are and being human.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Greg Keyes
“Hard Wind
Sister with iron hooves
Together we shall travel steppes
that no man nor mount has seen
Courage will be my saddle
And your bridle shall be my faith in you …”
Greg Keyes, The Blackgod

Greg Keyes
“With their ship, the Horse, They ply the sea of grass, They stalk the walking mountains, With stones they make their beds.”
Greg Keyes, The Blackgod

“Help yourself by doing help others.”
Arish Shaikh

“You only see what i choose to show you.”
Abhiyanda B

“Ah! The people! Formed, deformed, welded and disassembled; in short, invented from scratch. The people are a myth and do not exist; unfortunately for them they are the only ones not knowing it.”
Lamine Pearlheart, To Life from the Shadows: