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Virginia Woolf
“Alone, I often fall down into nothingness. I must push my foot stealthily lest I should fall off the edge of the world into nothingness. I have to bang my head against some hard door to call myself back to the body.”
Virginia Woolf, The Waves

Fernando Pessoa
“I am nothing.
I'll never be anything.
I couldn't want to be something.
Apart from that, I have in me all the dreams in the world.”
Fernando Pessoa

Fernando Pessoa
“Não sou nada.
Nunca serei nada.
Não posso querer ser nada.
À parte isso, tenho em mim todos os sonhos do mundo.”
Fernando Pessoa

Umera Ahmed
“What is next to ecstasy?
What is next to pain?
What is next to nothingness?
Umera Ahmed

Arthur Schopenhauer
“We can regard our life as a uselessly disturbing episode in the blissful repose of nothingness.”
Arthur Schopenhauer

Sherwood Anderson
“There is a time in the life of every boy when he for the first time takes the backward view of life. Perhaps that is the moment when he crosses the line into manhood. The boy is walking through the street of his town. He is thinking of the future and of the figure he will cut in the world. Ambitions and regrets awake within him. Suddenly something happens; he stops under a tree and waits as for a voice calling his name. Ghosts of old things creep into his consciousness; the voices outside of himself whisper a message concerning the limitations of life. From being quite sure of himself and his future he becomes not at all sure. If he be an imaginative boy a door is torn open and for the first time he looks out upon the world, seeing, as though they marched in procession before him, the countless figures of men who before his time have come out of nothingness into the world, lived their lives and again disappeared into nothingness. The sadness of sophistication has come to the boy. With a little gasp he sees himself as merely a leaf blown by the wind through the streets of his village. He knows that in spite of all the stout talk of his fellows he must live and die in uncertainty, a thing blown by the winds, a thing destined like corn to wilt in the sun.”
Sherwood Anderson, Winesburg, Ohio: A Group of Tales of Ohio Small Town Life

Emil M. Cioran
“By all evidence we are in the world to do nothing.”
Emil Cioran

John  Williams
“He had come to that moment in his age when there occurred to him, with increasing intensity, a question of such overwhelming simplicity that he had no means to face it. He found himself wondering if his life were worth the living; if it had ever been. It was a question, he suspected, that came to all men at one time or another; he wondered if it came to them with such impersonal force as it came to him. The question brought with it a sadness, but it was a general sadness which (he thought) had little to do with himself or with his particular fate; he was not even sure that the question sprang from the most immediate and obvious causes, from what his own life had become. It came, he believed, from the accretion of his years, from the density of accident and circumstance, and from what he had come to understand of them. He took a grim and ironic pleasure from the possibility that what little learning he had managed to acquire had led him to this knowledge: that in the long run all things, even the learning that let him know this, were futile and empty, and at last diminished into a nothingness they did not alter.”
John Williams, Stoner

Fernando Pessoa
“Without madness what is man
But a wholesome beast,
Postponed corpse that begets?”
Fernando Pessoa, Poems of Fernando Pessoa

Philip Larkin
“Sex means nothing--just the moment of ecstasy, that flares and dies in minutes.”
Philip Larkin

Charles   Lee
“I preach darkness. I don't inspire hope—only shadows. It's up to you to find the light in my words.”
Charles Lee

Lucy Christopher
“Right at that moment it was as if we were the only two people left in the world. And I don't mean that to sound corny; it just honestly did. The only sounds were the droning crickets and chip-chips of the bats, the farawy wind against the sand, and the occasional distant yowl of a dingo. There were no car horns.No trains. No jack-hammers. No lawnmowers No planes. No sirens. No alarms. No anything human. If you'd told me that you'd saved me from a nuclear holocaust, I might have believed you.”
Lucy Christopher, Stolen

Sarah Kane
“Built to be lonely
to love the absent.
Find me
Free me
from this
corrosive doubt
futile despair
horror in repose.
I can fill my space
fill my time
but nothing can fill this void in my heart.”
Sarah Kane, 4.48 Psychosis

“Happiness is finding peace with ourselves and ensuring a sound haven for our dreams and, at the same time, acknowledging our nothingness in front of nature's splendor. ("When is Happiness?")”
Erik Pevernagie

James Patterson
“You see, one of the best things about reading is that you'll always have something to think about when you're not reading.”
James Patterson, The Christmas Wedding

Charles M. Blow
“I don't know how to describe the sound of a world crashing. Maybe there is no sound, just a great emptiness, an enveloping sorrow, a creeping nothingness that coils itself around you like a stiff wire.”
Charles Blow, Fire Shut Up in My Bones

Haruki Murakami
“We fell silent again. The thing we had shared was nothing more than a fragment of time that had died longe ago.Even so, a faint glimmer of that warm memory still claimed a part of my heart. And when death claim me, no doubt I would walk along by that faint light in the brief instant before being flung once again into the abyss of nothingness”
Haruki Murakami, Pinball, 1973

Akshay Vasu
“It hurts, doesn't it? Giving someone everything you can think of. The wings to fly and roots to stay and yet watch them choose none of those, leaving you hanging in the middle of void and nothingness.”
Akshay Vasu

“Let us not neglect rituals. They can be the watchdogs for the survival of our mental health, warning us when a well-oiled functioning of our life story is about to disrupt. Rituals can be safeguards hindering us from stumbling into the abyss of nothingness. Rituals can be anchor points providing guidance on our potholed path for the future. ("Digging for white gold" )”
Erik Pevernagie

Aldo Palazzeschi
“Don’t you know what god is? God is everything and God is nothing; for the perfection created by man cannot be anything other than nothing. They decided to give a name to nothingness, and thereby the made it become something. Like you… God, who is nothing, can no longer be nothing since he is God. You could be a god for men. They need to give a body to nothingness so that nothingness can be seen and touched-at least with the imagination.”
Aldo Palazzeschi, Man of Smoke

David Foster Wallace
“...when he kneels at other times and prays or meditates or tries to achieve a Big-Picture spiritual understanding of God as he can understand Him, he feels Nothing — not nothing, but Nothing, an edgeless blankness that somehow feels worse than the sort of unconsidered atheism he Came In with.”
David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest

Charles Bukowski
“What a pitiful mass of dangerous nothing”
Charles Bukowski, Pulp

Shams Tabrizi
“When everyone is trying to be something, be nothing. Range with emptiness. Human should be like a pot. As the pot is hold by its emptiness inside, human is hold by the awareness of his nothingness.”
Shams Tabrizi

Hanns Heinz Ewers
“And in the livid night there creeps a basilisk, spawned by the moon after its strange fashion. The moon – eternally barren - is its father, but its mother is the sand, barren likewise: this is the mystery of the desert. Many say that it is an animal, but this is not so, it is a thought, growing there where there is no earth and no seed: a thought which sprang from that which is eternally barren, and now assumes strange forms which life does not know. This is the reason that no one can describe this being, because it is like nothingness, indescribable.”
Hanns Heinz Ewers, Alraune

Thomas Ligotti
“In the recumbence of depression, your information-gathering system collates its intelligence and reports to you these facts: (1) there is nothing to do; (2) there is nowhere to go; (3) there is nothing to be; (4) there is no one to know. Without meaning-charged emotions keeping your brain on the straight and narrow, you would lose your balance and fall into an abyss of lucidity. And for a conscious being, lucidity is a cocktail without ingredients, a crystal clear concoction that will leave you hung over with reality. In perfect knowledge there is only perfect nothingness, which is perfectly painful if what you want is meaning in your life.”
Thomas Ligotti

Robert A.F. Thurman
“No sane person fears nothingness.”
Robert A.F. Thurman, The Tibetan Book of the Dead

Ayn Rand
“All I mean is that a board of directors is one or two ambitious men--and a lot of ballast. I mean that groups of men are vacuums. Great big empty nothings. They say we can't visualize a total nothing. Hell, sit at any committee meeting. The point is only who chooses to fill that nothing. It's a tough battle. The toughest. It's simple enough to fight any enemy, so long as he's there to be fought. But when he isn't. . .”
Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

Christine Evangelou

It is only in nothing...
A damp, dull, nothingness
Those cold, sharp, empty spaces
In our times of scarcity and loss
That we understand the true meaning of everything
And the indelible value of what was cost”
Christine Evangelou, Beating Hearts and Butterflies: Poetry of Wounds, Wishes and Wisdom

Álvaro de Campos
“It’s the poet we love in Caeiro, not the philosopher. What we really get from these poems is a childlike sense of life, with all the direct materiality of the child’s mind, and all the vital spirituality of hope and increase that exist in the body and soul of nescient childhood. Caeiro’s work is a dawn that wakes us up and quickens us; a more that material, more than anti-spiritual dawn. It’s an abstract effect, pure vacuum, nothingness.”
Álvaro de Campos

Michael Ende
“Nein, man spürt nichts. Es fehlt einem eben nur etwas. Und jeden Tag fehlt einem mehr, wenn man davon einmal befallen ist. Bald werden wir gar nicht mehr vorhanden sein.”
Michael Ende, The Neverending Story

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