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Washington Irving
“The tie which links mother and child is of such pure and immaculate strength as to be never violated.”
Washington Irving

“SHE holds the hand to help you in your First Step,
She is your First Teacher,
SHE holds your hand when You Fall Down,
SHE is the one who guides you in Life,
SHE hides you from all Trouble,
SHE is sometime Mentor,
SHE even nurses you when you Fall ill,
SHE gives you the confidence,
SHE never give False Appreciation,
SHE is the one who will scold you the most on your mistake,
She is the one who even Fight for you when you are right,
SHE is the one who believes in you when others do not,
SHE is the one who Loves you even if You don't love her,
SHE is the one who gave you LIFE,
Do You know Who is 'SHE'??
'SHE' is Mother your own MOM...”
Debolina Bhawal

Barbara Blatner
“once ruffle-skirted
vanity table where I primped
at thirteen, opening
drawers to a private
chaos of eyeshadows
lavender teal sky-blue,
swarms of hair pins
pony tail fasteners,
stashes of powders,
colonies of tiny
lipsticks (p.39)”
Barbara Blatner, The Still Position: A Verse Memoir of My Mother's Death


Hushed and sacred silence
fills the dawning sky
I ponder in this moment
of our journey which is nigh...”

“But one day, when Toby is old enough, I will take down a shoe box from a shelf where it is kept, and I will tell him again the story of his sister, Isabel Margaret Cavendish, the girl who came before.”
J.P. Delaney, The Girl Before

“I had to be an adult, be a father without a son, so for one last moment I needed to be a son who needed his mother.”
Ruth Ahmed, When Ali Met Honour

“She was my mother. Never before this had I looked at her and thought of her as someone separate, as someone else. Now, so near to her that I could smell the subtle scent of her perfume and see the clear, faint texture of her skin, I realized for the first time that I was looking at another human being who was complete within herself. She was my mother, but she was more than just a loving and convenient extension of me and my needs.”
Florence Engel Randall, The Watcher in the Woods

"Beta" Metani' Marashi
“The more you teaching your children, the more you learn from them”
"Beta" Metani' Marashi

“Love flows from me into him, and his blue eyes crinkle, huge and happy. Such a smiley baby. The midwife says it can't be a real smile, not yet, just some passing gas or a random quiver of his lip, but I know she's wrong.”
J.P. Delaney, The Girl Before

Norman Lock
“While my father was out boozing, she'd read to me by the stub of a candle, a thread of soot twisting upwards from its pinched, meager flame. By her voice alone, she could raise up the old stories from the bones of their words and--lilting between shades of comedy and melodrama--turn the dreary space around me into a stage for my wildest imaginings.”
Norman Lock, American Meteor