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Elizabeth Gaskell
“There is nothing like wounded affection for giving poignancy to anger.”
Elizabeth Gaskell, Wives and Daughters

Pittacus Lore
“I'm so sorry, Henri," I whisper in his ear. I close my eyes. "I love you. I wouldn't have missed a second of it, either. Not for anything," I whisper. "I'm going to take you back yet. Somehow I am going to get you back to Lorien. We always joked about it but you were my father, the best father I could have ever asked for. I'll never forget you, not for a minute for as long as I live. I love you, Henri. I always did.”
Pittacus Lore, I Am Number Four

Dan Brown
“No love is greater than that of a father for His son.”
Dan Brown, Angels & Demons

Nicholas Sparks
“I knew my father had done the best he could, and I had no regrets about the way I'd turned out. Regrets about journey, maybe, but not the destination.”
Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

George Eliot
“It's a father's duty to give his sons a fine chance.”
George Eliot, Middlemarch

Bret Easton Ellis
“The heroin flowing through me, I thought about the last time I saw my father alive. He was drunk and overweight in a restaurant in Beverly Hills, and curling into myself on the bed I thought: What if I had done something that day? I had just sat passively in a restaurant booth as the midday light filled the half-empty dining room, pondering a decision. The decision was: should you disarm him? That was the word I remember: disarm. Should you tell him something that might not be the truth but would get the desired reaction? And what was I going to convince him of, even though it was a lie? Did it matter? Whatever it was, it would constitute a new beginning. The immediate line: You’re my father and I love you. I remember staring at the white tablecloth as I contemplated saying this. Could I actually do it? I didn’t believe it, and it wasn’t true, but I wanted it to be. For one moment, as my father ordered another vodka (it was two in the afternoon; this was his fourth) and started ranting about my mother and the slump in California real estate and how “your sisters” never called him, I realized it could actually happen, and that by saying this I would save him. I suddenly saw a future with my father. But the check came along with the drink and I was knocked out of my reverie by an argument he wanted to start and I simply stood up and walked away from the booth without looking back at him or saying goodbye and then I was standing in sunlight. Loosening my tie as a parking valet pulled up to the curb in the cream-colored 450 SL. I half smiled at the memory, for thinking that I could just let go of the damage that a father can do to a son. I never spoke to him again.”
Bret Easton Ellis, Lunar Park

Yusuf Islam
“To be calm when you've found something going on”
Yusuf Islam

Arthur Koestler
“[My father] loved me tenderly and shyly from a distance, and later on took a naive pride in seeing my name in print.”
Arthur Koestler

Anthony Liccione
“People are laughing at me today for having holes in my pockets, and ink blood on my fingers-
a thirty-something old writer, who strangles words from dictionaries, and feeds on the decay of poetry.”
Anthony Liccione, Please Pass Me, the Blood & Butter

Frank Herbert
“What is the son but an extension of the father?”
Frank Herbert, Dune

“...why can't I stop all the moving and look out over the vast arrangements and find by the contours and colors and qualities of light where my father is, not to solve anything but just simply even to see it again one last time, before what, before it ends, before it stops. But it doesn't stop; it simply ends. It is a final pattern scattered without so much as a pause at the end, at the end of what, at the end of this.”
P. Harding

“My father nodded. His nod was for me. Different. But not different at all. My father understood. Maybe he had known. Maybe he hadn't. It didn't matter anymore. He understood. I knew he understood, just from his nod, just from his eyes on mine, making his eyes kind for me, and the wave of pain went away for a moment.”
Adam Berlin Belmondo Style

Jennifer Ashley
“He'd done everything in his power to make damn certain that Daniel never had to fear coming home. At that endeavor, Cameron knew he'd already surpassed his own father.”
Jennifer Ashley, The Many Sins of Lord Cameron

David Nicholls
“The unrequited love of ones' only living offspring has its own particular slow acid burn”
David Nicholls

Allan Dare Pearce
“This here is Orange Crush, son. It don't get better till you're legal.”
Allan Dare Pearce, Paris in April

Sol Luckman
“With the sensation that he was passing through the Looking-Glass, Max stared at his father as if he had never seen him before—simultaneously impressed and unnerved at the thought that, after all these years, he still knew so little about him.”
Sol Luckman, Snooze: A Story of Awakening

Donald Miller
“I never thought to ascribe my mother's emotional and physical exhaustion to the lack of a husband and father; rather, I ascribed it to my existence. In other words, I grew up learning the exact opposite of what Eisenhower was taught. I learned that if I didn't exist, the family would be better off. I grew up believing that if I had never been born, things would be easier for the people I loved. (page 35)”
Donald Miller, Father Fiction: Chapters for a Fatherless Generation

Marilynne Robinson
“And there I was, trudging through the same old nowhere, day after day, always wanting to slow down, to sit down, to lie down, with my father walking on ahead, no doubt a little desperate, as he had every right to be.”
Marilynne Robinson, Gilead

Dexter Palmer
“His father's last word, which Sean had never told anyone, not even his mother, hadn't been goodbye: it had been hello. He hadn't died; he'd been set free from the constraints of history and flesh. And while the fathers of other children could only be the people they were, and were forced to live the lives they'd made for themselves, the Philip Steiner of his son's daydreams was all the possible versions of himself that Sean could imagine. He was always near, always ready to listen, always offering solace. He was all the possible fathers. He was a dragonslayer and a titan of industry; he was a cunning detective and a grizzled gunfighter; he was an astronaut and a priest and a jailer of thieves. He lived in the shadows, and he filled his son's world with light.”
Dexter Palmer, Version Control

“I had to be an adult, be a father without a son, so for one last moment I needed to be a son who needed his mother.”
Ruth Ahmed, When Ali Met Honour

Victor Hugo
“He thought of that heroic Colonel Pontmercy . . . who had left upon every field of victory in Europe drops of that same blood which he, Marius, had in his veins, who had grown grey before his time in discipline and in command, who had lived with his sword-belt buckled, his epaulets falling on his breast, his cockade blackened by powder, his forehead wrinkled by the cap, in the barracks, in the camp, in the bivouac, in the ambulance, and who after twenty years had returned from the great wars with his cheek scarred, his face smiling, simple, tranquil, admirable, pure as a child, having done everything for France and nothing against her.”
Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

Suzan Tisdale
“How do I make her see that she need no’ fear me?” Albert asked his father.
They were sitting opposite one another at Marcum’s desk in his private room. Though the hour was quite late , the sun still shone through the open window enough to negate the need for many candles.
“Ye can no’ make her do anythin’, ” Marcum replied. “All ye can do is show her. Let her see ye mean her no harm, that ye want only her happiness. The rest be up to her.”
Suzan Tisdale, Isle of the Blessed

Dada Bhagwan
“One is worthy as a son when he removes all his father’s troubles.”
Dada Bhagwan

Suzan Tisdale
“I will no’ be tellin’ ye ‘I told ye so’, but I will be usin’ words to that effect.” Marcum said as he sat behind the table in his study. “I was right, aye?”
Graeme knew any attempt to deny that everyone else had been right would seem ludicrous. Instead, he paced around his father’s study, his mind sprinting from one thought to another.
“As was yer mum,” Marcum said as he poured himself a cup of fine whisky. “And yer brothers. They were right as well.”
Graeme stopped pacing long enough to glare at his father.
The man sat tall and proud in his chair, a look of deep satisfaction etched on his face.
“Are ye quite done?”
Marcum laughed, a deep, rumbling laugh that made his belly and shoulders shake. “Well, the cook, stable master, and blacksmith knew it as well.”
Graeme let out a long heavy breath. “Aye, everyone on God’s earth knew but me.”
“Aye, ye have the way of it, son.”
Suzan Tisdale, Isle of the Blessed

Denis Markell
“Dad has shamelessly played the Mom card. Against which there is no defense.”
Denis Markell, Click Here to Start

Denis Markell
“At this moment, I know that the answer has to be yes. I am defeated. By my own father. How Darth Vader.”
Denis Markell, Click Here to Start

Jamie Ford
“His father looked up at him, his mind straining to force his disobedient body into activity. Each movement of his mouth took incredible effort. Just breathing in and out enough to generate sound appeared nearly impossible. Still, his fingers gripped Henry's so slightly it was almost imperceptible And a single phrase slipped out. "Saang jan."
It meant "stranger". As in "You are a stranger to me.”
Jamie Ford, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

Paul Silway
“We must remember that we are sons (and daughters) of God, not because we are so good but because God is that good.”
Paul Silway

Enock Maregesi
“Jambo ambalo Mungu anataka tulitambue ni kwamba hatuko wenyewe katika bahari hii ya hewa. Hata nyangumi na wazira waovu wanapozunguka huko na huko baharini, ambao pia ni mapepo, wanaochukuliwa kama viumbe wabaya na wachafu na wala mizoga, wanaishi katika bahari hii ya hewa pamoja na sisi. Ni muhimu, kwa ajili ya ustawi wetu wa kiroho, kusikia onyo la Paulo katika Waefeso 6:10-12 kwamba vita yetu si dhidi ya hawa viumbe, na wanapambana usiku na mchana kutetea kile ambacho wanaamini ni cha kwao kwa sababu ya haki ya kuwepo hapa kwanza kabla yetu. Dunia, Biblia inatwambia, ilikuwa makazi yao ya kwanza (Yuda 1:6, KJV). Wanatuchukia kwa sababu taratibu tunakuwa Baba na Mwana, na kwa sababu wanajua hii dunia, urithi wetu, itachukuliwa kutoka mikononi mwao na kukabidhiwa kwa wale ambao ni watoto wa Mungu, wale ambao ni marafiki wa msalaba wa Yesu Kristo.”
Enock Maregesi

You know I always had that power, power of words in my pen that could turn my darkest, miserable, unbearable life's moments into
a hope for happiness. I always had that ability to make all my monsters and demons fade away and turn them into the piece of motivation that was worth having for a successful life.
But My Father after everything you've sacrificed and everything you've been suffered just for the sake of our happiness
I just realized that my words don't have enough power to Thank You. It will be nothing in front of your efforts.
You made me everything I am today.
So here's what i'm gonna do...!
I'm gonna make you a promise that i will never let you down, I will always have your back and i'll always be
there for you just like you are.
I LOVE YOU Father...!
You've always been my hero
Your Son.
A very Happy Father's day to you”
Muhammad Talha

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