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Benjamin Franklin
“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
Benjamin Franklin, Memoirs of the life & writings of Benjamin Franklin

Audrey Hepburn
“I have to be alone very often. I'd be quite happy if I spent from Saturday night until Monday morning alone in my apartment. That's how I refuel."

(Audrey Hepburn: Many-Sided Charmer, LIFE Magazine, December 7, 1953)”
Audrey Hepburn

Henry David Thoreau
“I find it wholesome to be alone the greater part of the time. To be in company, even with the best, is soon wearisome and dissipating. I love to be alone. I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude.”
Henry David Thoreau, Walden

John Milton
“Solitude sometimes is best society.”
John Milton, Paradise Lost

Gabriel García Márquez
“All human beings have three lives: public, private, and secret.”
Gabriel García Márquez, Gabriel García Márquez: a Life

C.S. Lewis
“We live, in fact, in a world starved for solitude, silence, and private: and therefore starved for meditation and true friendship.”
C.S. Lewis, The Weight of Glory

David Sedaris
“If you read someone else's diary, you get what you deserve.”
David Sedaris

Stephen King
“Friends don’t spy; true friendship is about privacy, too.”
Stephen King, Hearts in Atlantis

Greta Garbo
“I never said, 'I want to be alone.' I only said 'I want to be let alone!' There is all the difference.”
Greta Garbo, Garbo

Albert Camus
“Find meaning. Distinguish melancholy from sadness. Go out for a walk. It doesn’t have to be a romantic walk in the park, spring at its most spectacular moment, flowers and smells and outstanding poetical imagery smoothly transferring you into another world. It doesn’t have to be a walk during which you’ll have multiple life epiphanies and discover meanings no other brain ever managed to encounter. Do not be afraid of spending quality time by yourself. Find meaning or don’t find meaning but 'steal' some time and give it freely and exclusively to your own self. Opt for privacy and solitude. That doesn’t make you antisocial or cause you to reject the rest of the world. But you need to breathe. And you need to be.”
Albert Camus, Notebooks 1951-1959

Anthony Burgess
“To be left alone is the most precious thing one can ask of the modern world.”
Anthony Burgess, Homage To Qwert Yuiop: Essays

Chuck Palahniuk
“Here in your mind you have complete privacy. Here there's no difference between what is and what could be.”
Chuck Palahniuk, Asfixia

Fernando Pessoa
“If after I die, people want to write my biography, there is nothing simpler. They only need two dates: the date of my birth and the date of my death. Between one and another, every day is mine.”
Fernando Pessoa, Poems of Fernando Pessoa

Carson McCullers
“She wished there was some place where she could go to hum it out loud. Some kind of music was too private to sing in a house cram fall of people. It was funny, too, how lonesome a person could be in a crowded house.”
Carson McCullers, The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter

Criss Jami
“What is a genius? A person who demands little to nothing from others, but is often found extremely difficult to have around.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

David Brin
“When it comes to privacy and accountability, people always demand the former for themselves and the latter for everyone else.”
David Brin

Virginia Woolf
“I want someone to sit beside after the day's pursuit and all its anguish, after its listening, and its waitings, and its suspicions. After quarrelling and reconciliation I need privacy - to be alone with you, to set this hubbub in order. For I am as neat as a cat in my habits.”
Virginia Woolf, The Waves

Gaston Bachelard
“I should say: the house shelters day-dreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace.”
Gaston Bachelard , The Poetics of Space

James Madison
“Wherever the real power in a Government lies, there is the danger of oppression. In our Governments, the real power lies in the majority of the Community, and the invasion of private rights is chiefly to be apprehended, not from the acts of Government contrary to the sense of its constituents, but from acts in which the Government is the mere instrument of the major number of the constituents.”
James Madison, Letters and Other Writings of James Madison Volume 3

Megan Whalen Turner
“But there are other words for privacy and independence. They are isolation and loneliness.”
Megan Whalen Turner, The King of Attolia

Vera Nazarian
“In the kingdom of glass everything is transparent, and there is no place to hide a dark heart.”
Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

Michael Bassey Johnson
“Always remember that you were once alone, and the crowd you see in your life today are just as unecessary as when you were alone.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Annabel Pitcher
“I stared up at the sky and raised my middle finger, just in case God was watching. I don't like being spied on.”
Annabel Pitcher, My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece

Marlon Brando
“Privacy is not something that I'm merely entitled to, it's an absolute prerequisite.”
Marlon Brando

José Saramago
“blindness is a private matter between a person and the eyes with which he or she was born.”
José Saramago, Blindness

Don DeLillo
“I'm not reclusive at all. Just private.”
Don DeLillo

Susan Beth Pfeffer
“I have no privacy. But I feel so alone.”
Susan Beth Pfeffer, Life As We Knew It

Katherine Neville
“Privacy - like eating and breathing - is one of life's basic requirements.”
Katherine Neville

Stephen King
“No one likes to see a government folder with his name on it.”
Stephen King, Firestarter

Siri Hustvedt
“Reading is a private pursuit; one that takes place behind closed doors.”
Siri Hustvedt, The Summer Without Men

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