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Shannon Hale
“I don't know how you persist in being so stubborn-"
"It's a superpower. I was bitten by a radioactive mule.”
Shannon Hale, The Actor and the Housewife

“I don't know why people are so keen to put the details of their private life in public; they forget that invisibility is a superpower.”

Cece Bell
“And being different? That turned out to be the best part of all. I found that with a little creativity, and a lot of dedication, any difference can be turned into something amazing. Our differences are our superpowers.”
Cece Bell, El Deafo

Carrie Vaughn
“Don't underestimate her ability to talk, it's her superpower.”
Carrie Vaughn, Kitty Steals the Show

Trevor D. Richardson
“They live, we sleep, we starve, they eat. You must comply with their deceit, don't trust the wolves to guard the sheep. They'll colonize when you close your eyes into a superpower that will never die.”
Trevor D. Richardson, Dystopia Boy: The Unauthorized Files

Tahereh Mafi
“How did I allow myself to imagine that a supernatural ability to kill things with my skin would suddenly grant me a comprehensive understanding of political science?”
Tahereh Mafi, Restore Me

Reece Hirsch
“During the years of struggling to make partner, he had sometimes entertained the comical notion that making partner would imbue him with new powers, like a budding superhero who had been bitten by a radioactive spider. It appeared that any superpowers he had gained did not include the ability to pick up women in bars.”
Reece Hirsch, The Insider

Joyce Rachelle
“Invisibility can be good as a superpower. But psychiatry reveals people don't like it very much.”
Joyce Rachelle

“You just need to discover your superpower and bet on it.”
Noha Alaa El-Din, Norina Luciano

“One thing about her," I said, "that often gets lost in all the scripts is that she can love unconditionally. She can love people that don't love her back."
"That's a superpower?" Andy said.
"No mortal can do it," I said.”
Rebecca Lee, Bobcat and Other Stories

Lynne Ewing
“She could stay invisible forever. She didn't completely understand her power, but she was beginning to understand who she was. Goddess, she thought, and her molecules formed a smile before she rode the breeze with arc-shaped leaps, like a dolphin, up and down toward home.”
Lynne Ewing, Goddess of the Night

“Yoga is her favorite superpower.”
Efrat Cybulkiewicz

Lizzie Velásquez
“The truth is that there’s something unique about each and every one of us. Everyone has a superpower of one kind or another.”
Lizzie Velásquez, Dare to Be Kind: How Extraordinary Compassion Can Transform Our World

“Every country has its own problem too numerous to name, so does North Korea. And it’s no one’s business to solve the latter’s problem unless it seeks for it. If North Korea shows off its nuclear weapon capability, it’s because its sovereignty was threatened by foreign powers. It doesn’t want to happen to its country what’s happening now in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, and Yemen. Justice and charity begin at home, not at someone’s backyard. Hence, any country trying to solve North Korea’s problem by force or by any means should start first in its own backyard and solve the political and social injustices, divisions, and neglect suffered by its own citizens.”
Danny Castillones Sillada

Sharon Kirstin
“When you tune into your soul essence and are in harmony with the Supreme, you are tapped into your superpowers.”
Sharon Kirstin, The Answers Within

“To win, you have to be clear about your superpower, and you make that differentiation clear to your customers. Otherwise, you remain part of the noise.”
Steve Woodruff, Clarity Wins: Get Heard. Get Referred.

“Not resisting is a superpower. Not resisting bad situations is a rare, but necessary quality. It's the other side of stress, anxiety, depression, fear. It is to find yourself in a beautiful natural state of being.”
Alan Maiccon

Jolene Stockman
“What if, like Superman, everyone is born with powers to discover and grow into? And what if, like Batman, everyone has resources to uncover and utilize?”
Jolene Stockman, Total Blueprint for World Domination - Illustrated

“Everyone has a gift; something extra special that they are really good at. However, finding that unique talent is not always easy. It took me years to figure out what I love to do, but when I did, it changed my life forever.”
Liz Faublas

Lorin Morgan-Richards
“I like to think I have a superpower called dyslexia. I am creative, intuitive, and empathetic. I am great with problem-solving, and I can think outside the box.”
Lorin Morgan-Richards

“I did not wake up on purpose. God took care of that. I woke up WITH purpose! That I can control.”
Liz Faublas

“I wish I could hit reset on society, but I am afraid of what setting we'd revert to. #wehaveseenworse”
Liz Faublas, You Have a Superpower

Kamaran Ihsan Salih
“God is not a person who sits on the throne, God is the superpower of universe.”
Kamaran Ihsan Salih, Latest Proverbs

Mohammed Zaki Ansari
“In the world Market
If a nation wants to be a superpower or wants to lead the world
a nation needs to be an Inventor, Creator, and Producer.
Buyer one is only has buying power, which is very much temporary!!!”
Mohammed Zaki Ansari, "Zaki's Gift Of Love"