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C.J. English
“Every cell in my body was telling me that he was my happily ever after.”
C.J. English, Affairytale

Indra Kumar Jangid
“I'm in love with you. It doesn't matter what has happened in my life. I love you till my last breath and it's amazing that i see you everywhere.”
Indra Kumar Jangid, Tum Meri Crush Ho : till i find someone better

C.J. English
“I married a man who was as much a part of me as my own soul.”
C.J. English

R.S. Grey
“Kinsley Grace Bryant, you crazy beautiful loon, marry me so we can make hundreds of little soccer prodigies.”
R.S. Grey, Scoring Wilder

Kristen Proby
“I get lost in you,” I whisper, wishing I could see her face but not wanting to move her. “Mm,” she says. “But it’s the kind of lost that’s like being found.”
Kristen Proby, Close to You

Densie Webb
“It occurred to me that falling in love was like jumping off a cliff. You know it’s gonna hurt like hell, but you do it anyway, hoping you’ll sprout wings and fly. I was still waiting to see if I would plunge to an agonizing death or grow wings and soar.”
Densie Webb, You'll Be Thinking of Me

Fabiola Francisco
“I'm stuck on rewind, staring at memories of us and the life we lost, wondering how I got this wrong.”
Fabiola Francisco, Memories of Us

Alyne Hart
“Forrest would fucking kill me if he knew I was mentally undressing his little sister and envisioning what she might look like all fragile and purring like a kitten beneath me.
Hell. Forrest might try and fucking kill me regardless.”
Alyne Hart, The Space Between Us: a Boxer Romance

Rene Webb
“Lily’s innocence has me wanting to both corrupt and protect her in equal measure. Nothing is stopping me from doing both. She’s the type of woman I’ve been unknowingly searching for.”
Rene Webb, Uncovering Lily

Rene Webb
“From the way he’s looking at me there is no question what he wants. His eyes are sparkling with pleasure as they take in my scantily clad body.”
Rene Webb, Uncovering Lily

Rene Webb
“She’s mine now.
And I protect what’s mine.”
Rene Webb, Uncovering Lily

Kate McBrien
“Justin sat back in his chair and studied her. He bent his head back and took a deep breath before refocusing his attention on her. “I thought I explained this to you. But I’ll be happy to explain it again.” He leaned forward and said with candid sincerity, “I rarely dated. I fucked around. A lot. It’s part of my past, but it’s not my present or my future.” He leaned in closer and whispered in her ear, “Does that satisfy your overactive curiosity? Or would you like me to demonstrate how I feel about you right here?”
Kate McBrien, Discovering You

Marie C. Mateo
“Eres mi certeza y fortaleza. Todo lo que necesito, lo tengo en mis manos ahora.”
Marie C. Mateo, El Último Pase

Lina J. Potter
“Richard grimaced. She was attractive, but not to his liking. Something about her reminded him of spoiled meat served in a complicated sauce – it may look good, but it’s inedible.”
Lina J. Potter, The Clearing

Alysha Huddleston
“Autumn tried to ignore her racing heart, tried to ignore the truth tinged with her bitterness, she had fallen for him. The one time she had forgotten to guard herself, he had slipped in, a phantom, awakening parts of her that had never had the chance to build up a resistance.”
Alysha Huddleston, Heart of Steele

“Scroll through a list of books online, and you will find page after page after page of book covers with shirtless guys and titles that scream BILLIONAIRE ROMANCE! or ALPHA-MALE PARANORMAL WEREWOLF ROMANCE! or something equally ridiculous. All these shitty books look like clones of each other. There's not an original thought in sight.”
Oliver Markus Malloy, The Ugly Truth About Self-Publishing: Not another cookie-cutter contemporary romance

“Jedes Mal, wenn du lächelst, erinnert es mich daran, weshalb ich dir vergebe, dass du mir das Herz gebrochen hast.”
Peyton Dare, Ein Verlangen

“Yes. You’ll feel like a princess, and I’ll feel happy having you on my arm.”
His comment deserved another smile. I took his hands in mine and played with them.
“So now I’m arm candy?”
“You’re not just arm candy, baby, you’re pure sugar from head to toe.”
Faith Starr

Leona Morgan
“Being in love is risky... the riskiest part is there are no guarantees.”
Leona Morgan, Back to Us

Cindy Skaggs
“She was making it damn hard to back away. "You're a sister. There are rules against this kind of thing."

"My brother isn't here to object."

"Then I have to object on his behalf."

"Do you really think he'd rather I ended up with someone like that deputy."

"Or the doctor," he reminded her.

"Than one of his teammates?"

"In a heartbeat, sugar. I'm a bad bet. No one knew that better than your brother."

"Yet he chose you to watch over me.”
Cindy Skaggs, Survive By The Team

“Ehrlich zu sich selbst zu sein, ist manchmal die größte Herausforderung. Der eigenen Angst ins Gesicht zu blicken, sich etwas einzugestehen, was der Kopf längst weiß und wofür das Herz mehr Zeit braucht.”
Peyton Dare, Ein Verlangen

Densie Webb
“I was acutely aware of every part of him, skin to skin. I closed my eyes. It had never felt so right, so inevitable, yet I could already feel heartbreak waiting to take center stage.”
Densie Webb, You'll Be Thinking of Me

Kim Koby
“She stepped on the trashcan's foot pedal and tossed her dress and shoes in the garbage. The warrior in her shouted as if she'd done something amazing...until she remembered how much the shoes had cost.

She'd thought of setting them on fire in the bathtub, but it seemed a bit over the top, and even she wasn't that dramatic. The trashcan would do.

She'd move forward smarter, stronger, and happy to have cut the dead weight from her life.

Small Town Hero, Kim Koby”
Kim Koby

Lula Baxter
“The woman who started as a pawn in this game, to be used, ignored, or discarded as needed, had somehow become the all-powerful queen.”
Lula Baxter, Dirty Player

Tatiana Vedenska
“Happiness is only for those who have never experienced pleasure.”
Tatiana Vedenska, Two Months and Three Days

Tatiana Vedenska
“You sound as if happiness and pleasure were not the same.”
Tatiana Vedenska, Two Months and Three Days

Tatiana Vedenska
“Do I care about pleasure? Yes. But I don't believe in happiness.”
Tatiana Vedenska, Two Months and Three Days

Tatiana Vedenska
“You are one of those rare women who look beautiful when they cry.”
Tatiana Vedenska, Two Months and Three Days

Laura Thalassa
“Back in the gym—you were asking me to be your girlfriend and not your wife, right?” I asked. “’Cause I like you and all, but I’m not ready to put a ring on this finger,” I said, holding up my left hand and wiggling the finger next to my pinkie.
His husky laugh ticked the sensitive skin of my neck. “One step at a time, princess. I’m not ready to make you my queen yet either.”
Laura Thalassa, The Vanishing Girl

Christine Marie Blai
“Live by your wits, not your artistry.”
Christine Marie Blai, One in a Million

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