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Oliver Goldsmith
“Ask me no questions, and I'll tell you no fibs.”
Oliver Goldsmith, She Stoops to Conquer

Mikhail Bulgakov
“You should never ask anyone for anything. Never- and especially from those who are more powerful than yourself.”
Mikhail Bulgakov, The Master and Margarita

Patrick Ness
“Or perhaps we should just ask Todd."
I pound the glass right at his face. He doesn't even flinch.
And then she says, "Todd would never tell you. Never."
And the Mayor just looks at me.
And he smiles

My stomach sinks, my heart drops, my head feels so light I feel like I'm going to drop right to the ground.
Oh, Viola-
Viola, please-
Forgive me.
"Captain Hammar," the Mayor says and Viola's plunged into the water again, unable to not scream out in fright as down she goes.
"NO!" I shout, pressing myself against the mirror.
But the Mayor ain't even looking at her.
He's looking right at me, as if he could see me even if I was behind a brick wall.
"STOP IT!" I shout as she's thrashing again-
And more-
And more-
And I'm pounding even tho my hands are breaking-
And Mr. Hammar is grinning and holding her there-
And her wrist are starting to bleed from where she's pulling-
I'm shouting into the Mayor's face-
With all my Noise-
And still holding her there-
But it's Davy-
Of all people-
It's Davy who stops it.”
Patrick Ness, The Ask and the Answer

Anthony Liccione
“Foolishness sleeps soundly, while knowledge turns with each thinking hour, longing for the dawn of answers.”
Anthony Liccione

Victoria Schwab
“He wondered about himself (whether he was broken, or special, or better, or worse) and about other people (whether they were really all as stupid as they seemed).”
Victoria Schwab, Vicious

Laurell K. Hamilton
“Pretend I asked, now answer the question...”
Laurell K. Hamilton

Karen Hackel
“You need to trust
To surrender
To ask for guidance
Go within for the answers
They're within you
You have the answers
All you need do is ask”
Karen Hackel, The Whisper Of Your Soul

Bo Sánchez
“Do not ask directions from the people around you. Ask directions from the person who called you.”
Bo Sanchez

Amit Ray
“If you want to ask one question, ask yourself, what are you giving to the universe and only that will be returned.”
Amit Ray

L.M. Montgomery
“I don't know which is worse - to have somebody you DON'T like ask you to marry him or NOT have some one you DO like. Both are rather unpleasant.”
L.M. Montgomery, Emily Climbs

“To ask why we fall in love is to ask why the leaves fall. And to ask how we stay in love is to ask how the trees stay.”

Patrick Ness
“He steps away from her, going to a little side table and removing a cloth that's lying on top. Underneath are severale shiny bits of metal. Mr. Hammar picks one up.
"And now for the second part of our interview", he says, approaching the woman.
Who starts to scream.

"That was," Davy says, pacing around as we wait outside but it's all he can get out. "That was." He turns to me. "Holy crap, Todd."
I don't say nothing, just take the apple I've been saving outta my pocket. "Apple," I whisper to Angharrad, my head close to hers.”
Patrick Ness, The Ask and the Answer

Richelle E. Goodrich
“Pray each morning and each night.
Talk to God and be polite.
Tell Him what you're grateful for.
Leave your troubles at His door.

Share your wishes, needs, and hopes.
Ask God how to bravely cope.
Tell Him all you learned today.
Say the things you need to say.

Beg forgiveness for your sins.
Pray to live with Him again.
Speak with earnest heart and soul.
He will listen. This I know.

For prayer is hope put to the test.
And hope is faith in what is best.
Faith is power to do great things.
Thus, prayer is faith's enabling wings.”
Richelle E. Goodrich, Making Wishes: Quotes, Thoughts, & a Little Poetry for Every Day of the Year

James Patterson
“Marty, my mother used to say "Never get greedy with God." I think what she meant was "Don't dare ask for more if you already have what you need." ”
James Patterson, The Christmas Wedding
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Toba Beta
“Jangan pernah percaya 100% dengan janji siapapun!
Tagih dan dapat 90% saja pun sudah lebih dari cukup.”
Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity

“There would be a time, when you will ask for nothing but life.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

Amanda Stephan
“Ian " she said quietly "I'd rather die than go back to you."
"Be careful what you ask for you may get what you want.”
Amanda Stephan, The Price of Trust

Holly Black
“What if,' he says, mischief in his eyes, 'in the interest of saving time, we pretend that we've played twice more and I won once, so you owe me a dance. But you won the second time, so if you have anything else to ask me, you may.'

They are teasing words, and I am suddenly in a teasing mood.”
Holly Black, The Stolen Heir

Richie Norton
“Why are you asking $1 questions with the same breath you could be asking $1 million questions?”
Richie Norton, Anti-Time Management: Reclaim Your Time and Revolutionize Your Results with the Power of Time Tipping

“God is more than able to do what you ask, so ask for what you wish.”
Lailah Gifty Akita
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“Why should the people seek help, where there is no help? Ask God, the Divine Helper to help you.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

“Ask God Almighty, Divine Helper to help you.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

Steven Magee
“If I met President Obama, I would ask him this question: Did you know the Desoto Solar Farm was dangerous and everything around you was switched off when you launched it to the world's media?”
Steven Magee

“Customers only ask the impossible because of their belief in your ability to do the impossible.”
Jeffrey G. Duarte

Steven Magee
“In most police departments, you are entitled to ask for the business cards of all police officers you have interacted with.”
Steven Magee

“Do not assume, ask.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

Steven Magee
“Whenever I see a news story, I ask the question “True or fake?”.”
Steven Magee

Steven Magee
“At school the kids changed my name from Magee to Mr Magoo, to Goo, to Gooey! Gooey stuck. Ask any kid I went to school with ‘Who was Gooey?’ and they will either say my brother or me. We had the same school nickname.”
Steven Magee

Richie Norton
“Your life is undeniably led by the questions you ask. Ask a better question. Get a better answer.”
Richie Norton, Anti-Time Management: Reclaim Your Time and Revolutionize Your Results with the Power of Time Tipping

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