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Neal Shusterman
“Roland glares at Connor and Connor glares back. Then he says what he always says at moments like this.
"Nice socks."
Although Roland doesn't look down right away, it derails him just enough for him to back off. He doesn't check to see if his socks match until he thinks Connor isn't looking. And the moment he does, Connor snickers. Small victories are bet­ter than none.”
Neal Shusterman, Unwind

Kiersten White
“Some victories are merely defeat wearing the wrong clothing”
Kiersten White, And I Darken

Neal Shusterman
“Small victories are bet­ter than none.”
Neal Shusterman, Unwind

“Life is hard, but it isn't the difficulties that create it; its the victories!! Not the kind of victories where you are standing on top of a mountain yelling out a victory chant- No! Those small victories are what defines life! The victories where you sometimes have to sit back and let the Lord handle the problem!”
Mary Kate

Evinda Lepins
“Only God can take our failures and turn them into victories.”
Evinda Lepins

“A word of advice, my sweet Emmett - mourn the losses because they are many. But celebrate the victories because they are few.”
Debbie Novotny, QAF

Jeffrey Fry
“Do not let your past insecurities ruin your future victories.”
Jeffrey Fry

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“The challenge is never based on the size of the obstacle that stands before me. Rather, it is dictated by the degree of faith that rests within me.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

Mette Ivie Harrison
“George put his hand on top of Beatrice's and felt the warmth of both the woman and her hound pulsing through his fingers. "Just because your father does not see your victory does not mean that it is none," he said softly.”
Mette Ivie Harrison, The Princess and the Hound

Christina Engela
“Advanced weaponry, victories in battle and space travel do not an advanced species or civilization make.”
Christina Engela, Bugspray

Morgan Rhodes
“Some victories didn't taste as sweet as they should”
Morgan Rhodes, Falling Kingdoms

Nitya Prakash
“Celebrate your personal victories because no one else understands what it took to achieve them.”
Nitya Prakash

Sara Teasdale
“Now at last I have come to see what life is,
Nothing is ever ended, everything only begun,
And the brave victories that seem so splendid
Are never really won.

Even love that I built my spirit's house for,
Comes like a brooding and a baffled guest,
And music and men's praise and even laughter
Are not so good as rest.”
Sara Teasdale, The Collected Poems

Gift Gugu Mona
“I may not have avoided certain wounds in my life, but I do appreciate these scars because they are a constant reminder of my victories.”
Gift Gugu Mona

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“With God, the setbacks of today are the precise ingredients that He needs to craft the victories of tomorrow.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

Chandrapal Khasiya
“Some defeats are more satisfying than victories.”
Chandrapal Khasiya

“Maintaining your awareness of little victories keeps you going on the way to your big dreams.”
Andrea Goeglein

Jessica Khoury
“This is Roshana, the last queen of the Amulen Empire, back when my people ruled all the lands from the east to the west. She is something of a legend among us. Every queen aspires to learn from her mistakes.”
“Her mistakes? Surely you mean her victories.”
I frown at her. “Roshana was one of the greatest queens in the world. She ended the Mountain Wars, she routed Sanhezriyah the Mad, she—”
“For a foreign serving girl, you are strangely well versed in Amulen history.”
“I spent a lot of time in libraries as a girl.”
“Were you there to dust the scrolls or read them?”
“Surely Roshana’s victories outweigh her errors.”
“The higher you rise, the farther you fall. For all her wisdom, Roshana was fooled by the jinni, believing it was her friend, and then it destroyed her. Ever since that day, my people have hunted the jinn. There is no creature more vicious and untrustworthy.”
“This is not the story I heard,” I say softly. “My people tell it differently. That the jinni truly was a friend to Roshana but was forced to turn against her. That she had no choice.”
“Surely I know how my own ancestress died,” returns the princess, a bit hotly. “Anyway, it was a long time ago, but we Amulens do not forget.”
Jessica Khoury, The Forbidden Wish

Rebecca Solnit
“We are winning,” said the graffiti in Seattle, not “We have won.” It’s a way of telling in which you can feel successful without feeling smug, in which you can feel challenged without feeling defeated.”
Rebecca Solnit, Hope in the Dark

Ana Claudia Antunes
“I respond to insults,
And to rivalries,
With a silence occult
In all my victories.”
Ana Claudia Antunes, A-Z of Happiness: Tips for Living and Breaking Through the Chain that Separates You from Getting That Dream Job

“The case which I reported on September 26, 1901, was really the last which occurred in Havana. Of course we did not know it at the time, but this case marked the first conquest of yellow fever in an endemic center; the first application of the mosquito theory to practical sanitary work in any disease.”
William Crawford Gorgas, Sanitation in Panama

Craig Groeschel
“Young people today are deeply passionate and crave authentic life based on truth. They're hungry to make a difference. They're willing to take a stand for whatever they believe, even to die for a cause. When they sell out to Jesus, they'll pursue a standard of righteousness that is greater than anything you and I ever saw growing up. Don't water it down. Don't lower the standard. And don't just settle for raising it-raise it higher. Believe in your children. Talk with them. Speak well of them. Encourage them. Pray for them. Celebrate the victories with them. Affirm their growth. We can raise a generation that, although they'll make mistakes, will sell out completely when Jesus grips them. They'll give Him everything. They'll make you proud by being even weirder than you are.”
Craig Groeschel, Weird: Because Normal Isn't Working

“Jesus Christ shed His blood so we could have a life filled with victories”
Sunday Adelaja

Dejan Stojanovic
“Sometimes it is more victorious to lose than to win.”
Dejan Stojanovic, Serbian Satire and Aphorisms

Dejan Stojanovic
“Most often, adorned winners haven’t worked for posterity but for the laurel wreaths and real winners don’t care about adorned victories.”
Dejan Stojanovic, Serbian Satire and Aphorisms

“The light of the Kingdom of God remains the strongest weapon for you to fight with in order to have a continuous victory over the enemies.”
Sunday Adelaja, The Mountain of Ignorance

“A way to appreciate the daily grind of work is to reframe our job as a daily opportunity to define and express ourselves; to grow in failure and success, and to learn to celebrate equally the small and great victories.”
F. A. Barillas

Gift Gugu Mona
“Victories are for God’s glory. If you know, you never won the battle on your own; do not forget to give God the glory.”
Gift Gugu Mona, Daily Quotes About God: 365 Days of Heavenly Inspiration

Gift Gugu Mona
“If you want to be a victor on the battlefield, go on your knees. Call upon the God of all victories.”
Gift Gugu Mona, Daily Quotes About God: 365 Days of Heavenly Inspiration

Gift Gugu Mona
“Victories are galore where faith is in place.”
Gift Gugu Mona, The Essence of Faith: Daily Inspirational Quotes

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