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David Levithan
“The thing about champagne,you say, unfoiling the cork, unwinding the wire restraint, is that is the ultimate associative object. Every time you open a bottle of champagne, it's a celebration, so there's no better way of starting a celebration than opening a bottle of champagne. Every time you sip it, you're sipping from all those other celebrations. The joy accumulates over time.”
David Levithan, The Lover's Dictionary

Kailin Gow
“Holidays are necessary celebrations of human collectiveness. It reminds us we’re a part of society. - STRONG: Powerful Philosophy for Timeless Thoughts by Kailin Gow”
Kailin Gow

E.A. Bucchianeri
“You staying home all alone on New Year's Eve? Unthinkable. Take my advice ... the countdown should be shared with someone, or it's just another set of numbers passing you by.”
E.A. Bucchianeri, Brushstrokes of a Gadfly,

“America has developed a pie tradition unequivocally and unapologetically at the sweet end of the scale, and at no time is this better demonstrated than at Thanksgiving.”
Janet Clarkson, Pie: A Global History

Enock Maregesi
“Kitu cha kwanza kufanyika mwanadamu anapozaliwa ni kuvuta pumzi ya kwanza katika mapafu ya mwili wake. Cha mwisho kufanyika kabla ya kufa ni kutoa pumzi ya mwisho katika mapafu ya mwili wake. Pumzi iliyoingia kwanza baada ya kuzaliwa, itakuwa ya mwisho kutoka kabla ya kufa. Pumzi ni bora kuliko muda halafu pumzi ni uhai. Bila uhai watu hawataweza kusherehekea mwaka mpya au kufanya chochote. Likumbuke jina la Mwenyezi Mungu katika kila pumzi unayoingiza na kutoa.”
Enock Maregesi

“This gentleman here, Michael Hussey, is just an absolute freak.”
Michael Clarke

Enock Maregesi
“Mwaka mpya ukifika watu husherehekea kwa vifijo na nderemo! Pumzi ikifika hawasherehekei. Kwa nini?”
Enock Maregesi

Enock Maregesi
“Adam Kuambiana umerudi nyumbani ulikotoka, ukiongozwa na imani na mwanga wa wale uliowapenda na kuwapoteza. Hatuwezi kukumbuka kwamba umetutoka bila kukumbuka kwamba uliishi, na kwamba maisha yako yalitupa kumbukumbu nzuri tusizoweza kuzisahau haraka. Jumanne, siku ya kuuaga mwili uliokuwa ukitumiwa na wewe, wengine watasema Kwa heri lakini mimi nitasema Asante! Asante kwa sababu ya kipaji chako. Asante kwa sababu ya kujitahidi kwa kadiri ya uwezo wako wote, kutoa sauti kwa wale wote waliokuwa hawawezi kusikika. Asante kwa sababu ya kuacha dunia katika hali nzuri kuliko ulivyoikuta wakati ukiingia, na Asante kwa sababu ya maisha yako. Tukiendelea kuomboleza kifo cha Adam Kuambiana hapa duniani, wengine wanasherehekea kukutana naye huko mbinguni. Mchungaji wa uhai wa wote Mungu wa mbinguni ailaze roho yake mahali pema peponi: Yeye ni mwandishi wa hadithi ya maisha yetu na ndiye aliyeandika ukurasa wa mwisho wa hadithi ya Adam.”
Enock Maregesi

Matt Goulding
“Like any great and good country, Japan has a culture of gathering- weddings, holidays, seasonal celebrations- with food at the core. In the fall, harvest celebrations mark the changing of the guard with roasted chestnuts, sweet potatoes, and skewers of grilled gingko nuts. As the cherry blossoms bloom, festive picnics called hanami usher in the spring with elaborate spreads of miso salmon, mountain vegetables, colorful bento, and fresh mochi turned pink with sakura petals.”
Matt Goulding, Rice, Noodle, Fish: Deep Travels Through Japan's Food Culture

“People those enjoy life never thought about death and those thought about death never enjoy life.”
Sammy Toora

Ava Dellaira
“Christmas and the others can end up making you sad, because you know you should be happy.”
Ava Dellaira, Love Letters to the Dead

“We're not going to get carried away. Well, we are going to for the next couple of days!”
Paul Collingwood

Israelmore Ayivor
“Have the courage that you will trample over your I'll struggles of the past till all is settled for your celebrations. You will be victorious in the face of difficulties if only give are courageous!”
Israelmore Ayivor, Dream Big!: See Your Bigger Picture!

“Tell me where the party is-I want to miss it.”
Marty Rubin

Kate Forsyth
“Autumn into winter was called Shadowfest, and was the night to predict the future and communicate with the dead. Winter into spring was called the Feast of the Wolf, and was a time to celebrate and make love. Spring into summer was called Lady's Day, and was a time to be handfasted and to dance about the maypole. Summer into autumn was called Cornucopia, when we celebrated the harvest and and enjoyed the fruits of the earth.”
Kate Forsyth, Bitter Greens

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“Overhead there lies an uninterrupted ocean of delicate blue whose expanses are freely coursed by majestic white behemoths quietly sailing to distant horizons. And under our feet there are listless expanses of emerald-green brilliantly splashed by the golden pigment of a thousand dandelions. And to stand in unbridled awe of both is to miss neither, for to miss such things is to miss life itself.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

“Every human is unique every spirit is engaging.”
Tim Mann artist

“Hugs heighten celebrations and lessen sorrows.”
Carol 'CC' Miller

Kristina Kuzmic
“When my firstborn turned six months old, I decided that this milestone was definitely worth celebrating. And what started as a one-off event quickly became a family tradition: For my kids' half birthdays I make half a cake (it looks like someone just cut a cake down the middle and made the other half disappear), and we sing every other syllable of the "Happy Birthday" song (I'm really good at complicating things, and singing only the first half of the song seemed unfair to the second half). We don't do gifts or a big bash, and we don't blow out candles and make wishes, because wishes should be made only full throttle. We just end the day with a little celebration after dinner, something kind of silly and fun. And cake. Because everything in life should end with sugar.”
Kristina Kuzmic, Hold On, But Don't Hold Still

Steven Magee
“The British know USA Independence Day on July 4th as ‘Treason Day’.”
Steven Magee

Vinod Varghese Antony
“When darkness sucks you in,
The silence will have a short stay.
Because the illuminating soul will glow again,
To celebrate the life that never ends.”
Vinod Varghese Antony, Songs of the Rooks

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“It is not summer surrendering. Rather it is summer coming to the grand culmination that it has spent months vigorously preparing for. For fall is the glory of summer in splendid display. Such are the celebrations that God creates, for the intense majesty of His irrepressible character can create nothing less.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

Anthony T. Hincks
“Promises are just dressing for the year to come.”
Anthony T. Hincks

Thylias Moss
“every day
is an anniversary; every minute, a commemoration
so there is no reason to ever be sober”
Thylias Moss