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Andrew Vachss
“Cats are the lap-dancers of the animal world. Soon as you stop shelling out, they move on, find another lap. They're furry little sociopaths. Pretty and slick -- in love with themselves. When's the last time you saw a seeing-eye cat?”
Andrew Vachss, Safe House

Ogden Nash
“A family is a unit composed not only of children but of men, women, an occasional animal, and the common cold.”
Ogden Nash

Kyle Adams
“A pet rock is a serious commitment and too much responsibility for a ten year old to handle on his own”
Kyle Adams, Dirty Zero

Mark Rowlands
“Civilization is only possible for deeply unpleasant animals. It is only an ape that can be truly civilized.”
Mark Rowlands, The Philosopher and the Wolf: Lessons from the Wild on Love, Death, and Happiness

Kate McGahan
“Grief is an emotional rollercoaster.
You will have your ups and downs
and moments of terror
and brief moments of peace.
You can only go as fast
as the ride will take you.
Just remember:
It will end and you will be okay.”
Kate McGahan, Jack McAfghan: Return from Rainbow Bridge

Kate McGahan
“You seem to forget that the sun must set. You knew perfectly well that I would not be with you long enough. Still, you weep and cry and ask God ‘Why’ as if it were some kind of surprise. Why? Because love changes everything. Love’s the surprise.”
Kate McGahan, Jack McAfghan: Return from Rainbow Bridge: An Afterlife Story of Loss, Love and Renewal

Kate McGahan
“Animals are a lot like humans for when we are happy our immunity is strong and love and life force races through our veins. When we are depressed our immunity runs low and we can easily get sick. Many pet parents are very careful about feeding the right food, providing plenty of exercise and buying the right toys and treats. Not that those things aren’t important too, for they are, but the best thing you can do for us is to make yourself happy because when you are happy then we are happy too.”
Kate McGahan, Jack McAfghan: Return from Rainbow Bridge: An Afterlife Story of Loss, Love and Renewal

“A dog's love is only second to that of a mother's.”
Radhika Mundra

P.L. Travers
“And what's more, he'll go and live with his friend unless his friend is allowed to come in and live with him...His friend must have a silk cushion just like his and sleep in your room too. Otherwise he will go and sleep in the coal-cellar with his friend”
P.L. Travers, Mary Poppins

Christina Rossetti
“Who shall tell the lady's grief
When her Cat was past relief?
Who shall number the hot tears
Shed o'er her, beloved for years?
Who shall say the dark dismay
Which her dying caused that day?”
Christina Rossetti

Santosh Kalwar
“The deadline is set and they think I am their pet.”
Santosh Kalwar

Steven Magee
“You have to love a woman’s cats like you love the woman.”
Steven Magee

Suzanne Selfors
“Lizzie was leaving for Ever After High, and Shuffle was going with her, like it or not. Good-bye, family. Good-bye, hedgerow.
Good-bye, tea cakes, sugar hearts, and Cheshire chocolates!
Shuffle's dream about that fateful day faded away and was replaced by the image of a big bowl of Farmer-in-the-Dell brand granola. Granola was so boring! But ever since coming to Ever After High, Lizzie had insisted that Shuffle eat healthy snacks.”
Suzanne Selfors, Once Upon A Pet : A Collection of Little Pet Stories

Jazz Feylynn
“Maybe that’s why the Westmores never allowed any pets. Hard to keep them off the menu.”
Jazz Feylynn, Colorado State of Mind

Heather Hammonds
“More powerful than his own gas, able to leap park benches at a single bound - it's Cyber Hound!”
Heather Hammonds, Cyber Hound

Sonal Panse
“Salila!” said Maia, outraged. “Another DOG? ON TOP OF ALL THE OTHER ANIMALS?”
“SO WHAT....?” I began, and then got cut off as Polly attempted to land her shaggy grey bulk into my lap,
unmindful as ever of our respective sizes, long floppy ears flopping and entire behind wagging, whipping her long tail, and barking in ear-deafening bursts.”
Sonal Panse, The Sunshine Time: Season 1 Episode 4

Sonal Panse
“Another DOG!” came Maia’s amazed voice.”
Sonal Panse, The Sunshine Time: Season 1 Episode 4

Ljupka Cvetanova
“I sheep's idea of bravery : To become a wolf's pet.”
Ljupka Cvetanova, The New Land

“My Pet sitter Service”
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Marsha Hinds
“On Love - Love without trust is the love you give a dog. You may call that cute little mutt a member of the family but you don't let him in the kitchen when there's a roast on the table.”
Marsha Hinds

Steven  Rowley
“A Complete List of Lily's Nicknames
Bunny Rebbit
Tiny Mouse
Silly Goose
Sweet Pea
Walnut Brian
Copper Bottom
Old Lady
Cranky Pants
Squeaky Frome
Mushy Face
Steven Rowley, Lily and the Octopus

Suzanne Selfors
“Thank you. That was the most fun I've had in a very long time." The horse felt the same way. His life thus far had been such a rocky journey, short on joy and long on sorrow. But as Darling led him toward the shiny Ever After High stables, he knew in his heart that his story had changed.
"I hope you don't mind if, on occasion, I ask you to use your camouflage skills." She giggled. "Just so we can have a fun adventure now and then." He nodded. She stopped walking and looked into his eyes. "And, because you're the horse of a princess, I think you should have the perfect knightly name. I shall hereby call you Sir Gallopad." She kissed both his cheeks, then bowed.
He smiled and bowed in return.
And his story began.”
Suzanne Selfors, Once Upon A Pet : A Collection of Little Pet Stories

Suzanne Selfors
“Sir Gallopad, a pure-white horse with a glossy white mane, had been chosen for Darling specifically for his size and demeanor. He was small, shy, and quiet. He'd never thrown anyone from the saddle, had never bucked or kicked. Riding him could be a chore because he liked to stop and nibble on shrubbery. The Charming Committee on Appropriate Pets had been delighted with Sir Gallopad, confident that the princess would be safe with such a timid creature. And they were thrilled to learn that he possessed the magical ability to change colors, which allowed him to camouflage himself if danger should appear. But what the committee didn't know was that, like Darling, Sir Gallopad also had a secret.
He loved to gallop!”
Suzanne Selfors, A Semi-Charming Kind of Life

Ana Claudia Antunes
“My Pet's MyTherapist When I'm feeling down she says, "Rough, rough!" She's such a good supporter and makes such great critique at the same time!. That's what I call a "pet talk". She's FURbulous and I absolutely love her !!”
Ana Claudia Antunes, 70 Inspirational Quotes in Spiritual Notes: Simple Ideas, Lasting Ideals, Light and Love in Spiritual Languages

Christina Engela
“Same time as every day, Fyl..." she fussed, the rest of the bridge crew seeming to hold their breaths. "TWELVE THIRTY!" came the chorus. The next hour dragged by, in about the same way as the hour before that. At twelve twenty-five, Commander Ortez found himself stepping out of an elevator into an equally mundane grey steel corridor on his way to the mess hall. Turning a corner, he met with a stream of crewmen milling around between shifts. Some off-duty personnel were lounging around in civvies, which consisted mostly of re-revamped 60's hippy fashions. Of all the places on the ship, the mess was the most spacious, (i.e.: it was a big mess.) The command officer’s balcony overhung the rest of the crew dining area. Ortez sat at his usual place, wincing as he remembered to get someone to fix the springs in his chair. An ensign, 3rd class dressed in chef’s white, served him with a plate of what either ended up feeding the chefs latest pet - or strangling it. Marnetti, Barnum and the sciences officer Commander Jaris Skotchdopole filed in, not necessarily in that order, and found seats. After a few bites, Marnetti -- who was the first officer and navigator, put up a hand and signalled a waiter. The lad approached fearfully, appreciating the highlight of his day.”
Christina Engela, Space Sucks!

Ljupka Cvetanova
“I keep a dog to walk me around.”
Ljupka Cvetanova, The New Land

“Why had this penguin come to mean so much? That, at least, is easy to explain. Anybody who suddenly moves far from family and friends and the pets they love, feels a .. vulnerable emptiness. It is inevitable; even despite the sensational compensation. Nature upholds a vacuum and it was into this space that Juan Salvador rushed. At first, he occupied it, and then he filled and dominated it. It was not big enough for him, and so he stretched it; expanded it beyond the measure. I didn't think about it, it just happened; and then, he was gone. Of course, time moves on and new family and friends and pets jostle for position in our heart, but the vacancy left by previous occupants never fills. We keep our loved ones alive throughout our memory, our conversations and our stories, but we don't necessarily choose to reveal how much they really meant. We don't have to. Anybody who lost a pet knows.”
Tom Michell, The Penguin Lessons

“Every child (regardless of age, or condition), should have three things: nature as a playground, a dog, and a mother willing to let her child enjoy them all.”
Efrat Cybulkiewicz

“Người yêu có thể không có nhưng chó nhất định phải có 1 con”
Siêu Pet
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“Chó là người bạn trung thành nhất của con người”
Khuyết danh
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