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Vera Nazarian
“Once upon a time, the Reindeer took a running leap and jumped over the Northern Lights.

But he jumped too low, and the long fur of his beautiful flowing tail got singed by the rainbow fires of the aurora.

To this day the reindeer has no tail to speak of. But he is too busy pulling the Important Sleigh to notice what is lost. And he certainly doesn’t complain.

What's your excuse?”
Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

Holly Black
“You’re terrible at this whole ‘tell me whatever I want to know’ thing.” My hand goes to the crossbow, but I don’t pick it up.

He sighs. “Just ask me something. Ask about my tail. Don’t you want to see it?” He raises his brows.”
Holly Black, The Cruel Prince

Karen Davison
“A dog can express more with his tail in minutes than an owner can express with his tongue in hours.”
Karen Davison

Jim Thompson
“I'd been chasing females all my life, not paying no mind to the fact that whatever's got tail at one end has teeth at the other, and now I was getting chomped.”
Jim Thompson, Pop. 1280

Ally Carter
“Once is a stranger; twice is a coincidence; three times is a tail.”
Ally Carter, Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy

“The sparrow is sorry for the peacock at the burden of its tail.”
Tagore, Amitendranath

Vera Nazarian
“Come, fly with me!" cried the goddess, as she sped ahead of them, her extremities flaming with a comet tail of sparks in the supernatural wind. Her bubbling voice again echoed, her laughter bounced in the crystalline void, and she flew onward, unto eternity....

"Stop!" cried Elasirr. "Come back with us to the true world, O Tilirreh!"

At which the orange one laughed, throwing her head back, saying, "Oh, but don’t you know this is the one true world? It is but yours that is a pale specter, that is the dying place of dwindling truth?"

"Then come back with us, lady," whispered Ranhé, "and restore the truth as it once was.”
Vera Nazarian, Lords of Rainbow

“The battle of good versus evil is the oldest and most re-occurring story tale in the book of life. It never ends because no matter how you cut off the tail of evil, it will always grow back again and again. This old story will always continue into infinity until we closely examine our past errors to prevent giving the snake a new head in the future. You can destroy a demon, but a new one will always come back later in time. You can bring down a corrupt leader, but another one will rise up again with time. As long as the ego overcomes the heart of a man, evil will always exist, and the enemies of God will continue to multiply and thrive. If a tree is bearing bad fruit, you do not destroy the tree by cutting off its branches or eliminating its fruit, but by destroying its roots. I want you to look at the world as this poisoned tree. Even if we eliminate our enemies today, we will create new ones tomorrow. The forumla to cut off the head of the snake once and fall is very simple, and this basic solution is written in all your holy books — 'LOVE IS THE ANSWER'. The strongest counterspell to destroy all forces of black magic is love. Pure unconditional love. However, to be able to emit the right frequency of love, one must first succeed in their own personal battle of good versus evil: heart (conscience) vs. mind (ego). Once you learn how to use your heart to embrace all living things as you do your own reflection, and use your heart to detect truths and dictate your actions, your heart will not be fully activated to love all of mankind the right way. Where there is love, there will be truth and light. Take away the love or truth, and we will forever remain in the dark. Truth, light and love must all co-exist in perfect harmony to overcome evil on earth. And they cannot just be secluded to one part of the world, but reign as divine royalty across the entire globe.”
Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

Richard Dawkins
“An itinerant selfish gene/ Said 'bodies a- plenty I've seen./ You think you're so clever/ But I'll live for ever./ You're just a survival machine.”
Richard Dawkins

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“You can pick up a cat by its tail because you assume that the part of the cat that can do you damage is on the other end. But it’s amazing how fast the other end can find its way to this end.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

“Nobody ever kicked a dog wagging its tail”
Chris Murray, The Extremely Successful Salesman's Club

Enock Maregesi
“Murphy alichanganyikiwa. Hakujua nini kilitokea na kwa nini. Ila, ghafla, alipotupa macho kushoto aliona kitu. Joka kubwa lilitambaa, ingawa kwa shida, kwa sababu ya sakafu, na kumfuata kummaliza. Murphy alijua joka hata angefanya vipi, hakuwa na uwezo wa kujikinga. Alipotaka kupiga kelele ili walinzi wa nje waje, Murphy alishindwa. Nyuma ya joka – katika mkia – kuna kitu kiling’aa, kikamshangaza! Muujiza ulimtokea Murphy lakini kitu kikamwambia aite walinzi wa nje ili waje wamuue yule nyoka. Lakini kabla hajapiga kelele, alisikia sauti; si ya mwanamume. Ya mwanamke!”
Enock Maregesi, Kolonia Santita

Steven Magee
“When I was researching the book Toxic Electricity, I would see biological reactions for up to a week afterwards. They are typically strong in the first day or two after the electromagnetic field (EMF) exposures and tail off as the week goes on. I would feel fine during the EMF exposures and start seeing weird health effects usually during sleep that night. Extended time around high voltage power lines & power poles were the worst for provoking reactions, followed by wifi and transmitting utility meters.”
Steven Magee, Toxic Electricity

“Focus on your relationship with God, make doing His wills your priority and together with Him you will be the head and not the tail”
Sunday Adelaja

Amit Abraham
“The tail is a vestigial organ in humans but still wagged.”
Amit Abraham

“For one thing his was one of those crazy-big, creepy-looking rats with a super long-tail but I‘m nearly sure that it was just an older version of mine ‒ both being what they call common, sewer, brown or Norway rats among other names. He told me it was nearly two feet long if you count the tail ‒ which seems only fair. Mine ‒ well Z’s anyway ‒ isn’t even a third of that. I mean our rat, not our tails.

For another, his stayed outside where rats are supposed to stay and his cat ‒ though it was actually an alley cat he'd never even seen before ‒ did just what cats are supposed to do in such situations. He caught it and chomped down on its neck until it stopped moving or breathing ‒ then growled real low-like to let anyone who might have any ideas about stealing it know they'd best stay away.

Then right after that, his cat ran off with his rat like it was an order of takeout.”
Monte Souder

Holly Black
“Cardan's clothes are disarranged from crawling under tables or being captured and tied, and his infamous tail is showing under the white lawn of his shirt. It it slim, nearly hairless, with a tuft of black fur at the tip. As I watch, the tail forms one wavering curve after another snaking back and forth, betraying his cool face, telling its own story of uncertainty and fear.

I can see why he hides that thing away.”
Holly Black, The Cruel Prince

Holly Black
“Cardan glances toward me, as though for help. When I am silent, he frowns, annoyed with both of us. 'Although I am wearing the cloak Mother Marrow made me, the one that will turn any blade, I still promise to run, tail between my legs. And since I have a tail, that should be amusing for everyone. Are you satisfied?”
Holly Black, The Queen of Nothing