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“Disappointment will come when your effort does not give you the expected return. If things don’t go as planned or if you face failure. Failure is extremely difficult to handle, but those that do come out stronger. What did this failure teach me? is the question you will need to ask. You will feel miserable. You will want to quit, like I wanted to when nine publishers rejected my first book. Some IITians kill themselves over low grades – how silly is that? But that is how much failure can hurt you. But it’s life. If challenges could always be overcome, they would cease to be a challenge. And remember – if you are failing at something, that means you are at your limit or potential. And that’s where you want to be.
Disappointment’ s cousin is Frustration, the second storm. Have you ever been frustrated? It happens when things are stuck. This is especially relevant in India. From traffic jams to getting that job you deserve, sometimes things take so long that you don’t know if you chose the right goal. After books, I set the goal of writing for Bollywood, as I thought they needed writers. I am called extremely lucky, but it took me five years to get close to a release. Frustration saps excitement, and turns your initial energy into something negative, making you a bitter person. How did I deal with it? A realistic assessment of the time involved – movies take a long time to make even though they are watched quickly, seeking a certain enjoyment in the process rather than the end result – at least I was learning how to write scripts, having a side plan – I had my third book to write and even something as simple as pleasurable distractions in your life – friends, food, travel can help you overcome it. Remember, nothing is to be taken seriously. Frustration is a sign somewhere, you took it too seriously.”
Chetan Bhagat

“You have to find what sparks a light in you so that you in your own way can illuminate the world.”
Oprah Winfrey

“Life is not to be taken seriously, as we are really temporary here. We are like a pre-paid card with limited validity. If we are lucky, we may last another 50 years. And 50 years is just 2,500 weekends. Do we really need to get so worked up? It’s ok, bunk a few classes, goof up a few interviews, fall in love. We are people, not programmed devices.”
Chetan Bhagat

“I’ve told you the four thunderstorms – disappointment, frustration, unfairness and isolation. You cannot avoid them, as like the monsoon they will come into your life at regular intervals. You just need to keep the raincoat handy to not let the spark die”
Chetan Bhagat
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Amit Ray
“Everyone has the fire, but the champions know when to ignite the spark.”
Amit Ray, Enlightenment Step by Step

“Finally, the last point that can kill your spark is Isolation. As you grow older you will realize you are unique. When you are little, all kids want Ice cream and Spiderman. As you grow older to college, you still are a lot like your friends. But ten years later and you realize you are unique. What you want, what you believe in, what makes you feel, may be different from even the people closest to you. This can create conflict as your goals may not match with others. And you may drop some of them. Basketball captains in college invariably stop playing basketball by the time they have their second child. They give up something that meant so much to them. They do it for their family. But in doing that, the spark dies. Never, ever make that compromise. Love yourself first, and then others.”
Chetan Bhagat

“In the silence of love
you will find the spark of life”
Rumi, The Love Poems of Rumi

Marie Curie
“Certein bodies... become luminous when heated. Their luminosity disappears after some time, but the capacity of becoming luminous afresh through heat is restored to them by the action of a spark, and also by the action of radium.”
Marie Curie

Charlotte Brontë
“I sought her eye, desirous to read there the intelligence which I could not discern in her face or hear in her conversation; it was merry, rather small; by turns I saw vivacity, vanity, coquetry, look out through its irid, but I watched in vain for a glimpse of soul. I am no Oriental; white necks, carmine lips and cheeks, clusters of bright curls, do not suffice for me without that Promethean spark which will live after the roses and lilies are faded, the burnished hair grown grey. In sunshine, in prosperity, the flowers are very well; but how many wet days are there in life--November seasons of disaster, when a man's hearth and home would be cold indeed, without the clear, cheering gleam of intellect.”
Charlotte Brontë, The Professor

Erik Pevernagie
“The 'genius' of the moment has the perk to spark a deflagration of ecstasy and a gust of inspiration and, in its aftermath, ease the turbulent underswell of conflicting hassles. ("Just for a moment" )”
Erik Pevernagie

“Unfairness – this is hardest to deal with, but unfortunately that is how our country works. People with connections, rich dads, beautiful faces, pedigree find it easier to make it – not just in Bollywood, but everywhere. And sometimes it is just plain luck. There are so few opportunities in India, so many stars need to be aligned for you to make it happen. Merit and hard work is not always linked to achievement in the short term, but the long term correlation is high, and ultimately things do work out. But realize, there will be some people luckier than you. In fact, to have an opportunity to go to college and understand this speech in English means you are pretty damm lucky by Indian standards. Let’s be grateful for what we have and get the strength to accept what we don’t. I have so much love from my readers that other writers cannot even imagine it. However, I don’t get literary praise. It’s ok. I don’t look like Aishwarya Rai, but I have two boys who I think are more beautiful than her. It’s ok. Don’t let unfairness kill your spark”
Chetan Bhagat

Anthony Doerr
“The very life of any creature is a quick-fading spark in fathomless darkness.”
Anthony Doerr, All the Light We Cannot See

Kamand Kojouri
“We seek the fire of the spark that is already within us.”
Kamand Kojouri

“You may kill a fire. And everything you know falls to dust and ash. Yet the remarkable treasure in this seemingly hopeless pile, is hidden deep within. The burning embers incarnate the perpetual desire to go from spark to flame.”
Akilnathan Logeswaran

Charles Bukowski
“I knew that I was dying.
Something in me said,
Go ahead, die, sleep, become as them, accept.
Then something else in me said, no,
save the tiniest bit.
It needn't be much, just a spark.
A spark can set a whole forest on fire.
Just a spark.
Save it.”
Charles Bukowski, The Last Night of the Earth Poems

“Nature designed with a random set of genes and circumstances in which we were born. To be happy, we have to accept it and make the most of nature’s design. Are you? Goals will help you do that. I must add, don’t just have career or academic goals. Set goals to give you a balanced, successful life. I use the word balanced before successful. Balanced means ensuring your health, relationships, mental peace are all in good order.”
Chetan Bhagat
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Vera Nazarian
“Come, fly with me!" cried the goddess, as she sped ahead of them, her extremities flaming with a comet tail of sparks in the supernatural wind. Her bubbling voice again echoed, her laughter bounced in the crystalline void, and she flew onward, unto eternity....

"Stop!" cried Elasirr. "Come back with us to the true world, O Tilirreh!"

At which the orange one laughed, throwing her head back, saying, "Oh, but don’t you know this is the one true world? It is but yours that is a pale specter, that is the dying place of dwindling truth?"

"Then come back with us, lady," whispered Ranhé, "and restore the truth as it once was.”
Vera Nazarian, Lords of Rainbow

“The smallest spark can become the greatest light.”
George E. Miller

Lidia Longorio
“Some kids were afraid of the dark
I was too, but eventually I hid in it like a spark
I lit myself but soon disappeared
Because being seen is what I mostly feared”
Lidia Longorio, Hey Humanity

Amber M. Kestner
“A kiss from her is a spark that reignited a whole new feeling of love. As she felt herself become more in tune for the senses of her that made her body shiver. Just one kiss is all it took to shine the light on a new beginning.”
Amber M. Kestner, A Secret Love Affair

Tomasz Jedrowski
“Little sparks cause fires too.”
Tomasz Jedrowski, Swimming in the Dark

Michael Bassey Johnson
“Inspiration is that little spark that comes at night to set our souls ablaze.”
Michael Bassey Johnson, Song of a Nature Lover

Ali Anthony Bell
“Sometimes someone just needs that little spark of inspiration which makes everything come together. All of us are unknowingly and constantly sparking ideas, some become ‘great’ meaning they made a success, others go unnoticed. It seems to me that destiny is at play once again.
(Article "New Ideas" 2015)”
Ali Anthony Bell

Juliet Marillier
“Not all of us manage to find that spark. Not all of us keep it alive.”
Juliet Marillier, The Caller
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Aspen Matis
“On our first afternoon on the trail, the branches bare, two fireflies appeared in the same instant. The lightning bugs twirled sparks and squiggles of pure yellow gold, sometimes taking turns and sometimes harmonizing, their air-flecking fine as precious metal—blinking close, and then diverging, as if they were gently dotting the path of a conversation. They danced in reality; we followed the movement of one spark.

I felt connected to the luminescent creatures, my mind airborne with them. Trails enabled me to better see the world, to notice fine aspects invisible from an airplane, the most basic things we miss. Seeing life at a pace at which you can actually observe nuance, the speed of stepping, the beautiful inspiring texture of “plain” reality becomes visible—God smiling in the detail.”
Aspen Matis, Your Blue Is Not My Blue: A Missing Person Memoir

“Passion is the spark that put you on fire for combustion and propel the wheels of productivity that brings your ultimate success.”
Lord Robin

Author Jyoti Patel
“Every night
there's the absence of light
but, no matter how dark it gets
one cannot end
the spark of the sun
on the next morning
- she is filled with faith”

Gena Showalter
“You are meant to start a wildfire with a single spark”
Gena Showalter, Lifeblood

Iain S. Thomas
“I hope you experience a moment of truth and beauty that inspires you for years and sets your eyes on fire, and that everyone who looks at you after that moment knows that you have been changed.”
Iain S. Thomas, 300 Things I Hope

“Spark back. Fire up. Ignite the world. You are made for breathtaking illumination.”
Hiral Nagda

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