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I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control
“I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.”
Marilyn Monroe

Sarah Kay
“I have seen the best of you, and the worst of you, and I choose both.”
Sarah Kay

Sherrilyn Kenyon
“The worst wounds, the deadliest of them, aren't the ones people see on the outside. They're the ones that make us bleed internally.”
Sherrilyn Kenyon, Infamous

Joyce Carol Oates
“Keep a light, hopeful heart. But ­expect the worst.”
Joyce Carol Oates

William Shakespeare
“And worse I may be yet: the worst is not
So long as we can say 'This is the worst.”
William Shakespeare, King Lear

Michael Bassey Johnson
“There are better people in the world, do not let the worst do the worst to you, you deserve the best in life.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Stefan Zweig
“For the first time in my life I began to realize that it is not evil and brutality, but nearly always weakness, that is to blame for the worst things that happen in this world.”
Stefan Zweig

Tomas Schuman
“[T]he useful idiots, the leftists who are idealistically believing in the beauty of the Soviet socialist or Communist or whatever system, when they get disillusioned, they become the worst enemies. That’s why my KGB instructors specifically made the point: never bother with leftists. Forget about these political prostitutes. Aim higher. [...] They serve a purpose only at the stage of destabilization of a nation. For example, your leftists in the United States: all these professors and all these beautiful civil rights defenders. They are instrumental in the process of the subversion only to destabilize a nation. When their job is completed, they are not needed any more. They know too much. Some of them, when they get disillusioned, when they see that Marxist-Leninists come to power—obviously they get offended—they think that they will come to power. That will never happen, of course. They will be lined up against the wall and shot.”
Yuri Bezmenov

Sarah Dessen
“But you don’t have to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.”
“You don’t have to assume the worst about everyone, either. The world isn’t always out to get you.”
Sarah Dessen, Lock and Key

Toba Beta
“When two evil guys fight in a duel,
the worst of both will be the winner.”
Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

Olaf Stapledon
“My dear, it is a great strength to have faced the worst and to have *felt* it a feature of beauty. Nothing ever after can shake one.”
Olaf Stapledon, Odd John

Dean Koontz
“the worst happens when you least expect it”
Dean Koontz, Watchers

Stephen King
“In nightmares we can think the worst. That's what they're for, I guess.”
Stephen King, It

“We all need something:
The blood needs the red
The sky needs the blue
The grass needs the green
The good need the best
The last needs the first
The bye needs the same
The air needs the light
The light needs the sun
The moon needs the stars
The night needs the awake
The you need the all But then you lose’em all
The lies need the truth
The love needs the care
The mom needs the son
The son needs the dad
The parents need the both In the end they disappear
The self needs the ego
The body needs the soul
The death needs the breath
The grave needs you there.”
Aya Sabrine Soussi

“It’s just that you came right after he left.It’s just that your words were warm and comforting.And it felt like the safest hideout,holding up the door behind my pain.It’s just that your jokes sounded alike.So much that I could hear his laughter when you cracked them.It’s just that you loved iced coffee and rain.It’s just that you parted your hair to the right and preferred window seats.
It’s just that it’s always been him.It’s just that he is still crying inside me.Wanting to be remembered.For a really long time.It’s just that I don’t love you,but his impressions that you carry.
|| I’m so sorry that I am not ready to love you.”
Athira Krishnakumar

Michael L. Williams Jr.
“We all have made many mistakes in our lives. Some bigger, some smaller, but it’s not about how many or how big of the mistakes we have made. It is about how you look at your life and your future without them.”
Michael L. Williams, Jr.

Laurence Overmire
“Are we as a species evolving toward the best in ourselves or the worst? Let's not lose sight of who we are and who we wish to be.”
Laurence Overmire, The One Idea That Saves The World: A Message of Hope in a Time of Crisis

“Know thyself,
Live thyself,
Be thyself,
Love thyself

Mix Pages , The wind that found ink: A journey of thoughts”
T.Lee-Poet, Mix Pages: The Wind That Found Ink: a Journey of Thoughts Volume 1

Lailah Gifty Akita
“If you seek the strength within to work, you will win, though you face the worst.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

Joseph Conrad
“Principles won't do. Acquisitions, clothes, pretty rags-rags that wouldfly off at the first good shake.”
Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness

Steven Magee
“A career in the Space industry was one of the worst choices I ever made.”
Steven Magee

Steven Magee
“COVID-19 can be your best friend by giving you immunity, or your worst enemy by destroying your health and possibly killing you.”
Steven Magee

“Blessed with a spirit

I see people but i don’t feel anybody around ,I breath air but it feels like suffocating, in and out my mind is about to drown already that broken silence cutted me deep in the dark ....little light on the side of crying mirror i see a reflection.(}WHAT-WAS-THAT!¿)} ....... breaaaaaaaaaaath ”
Aya Sabrine Soussi

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“It's realizing that the best of life often arises out of the worst of circumstances.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“For, if we’re really going to give ourselves the best of ourselves, we have to be honest with the worst of ourselves.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough, The Eighth Page: A Christmas Journey

Lailah Gifty Akita
“Whoever endures the worst, can withstand anything.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

Vikrmn: CA Vikram Verma
“Corporate irony; you will see the best of machines and worst of people ever.”
Vikrmn: CA Vikram Verma, Corpkshetra

“The worst people are still people; their humanity is impossible to disregard, but it does not absolve them. If anything, it makes their choices more abhorrent, surrounded, as they are, by the banality of a life indistinguishable from other lives.”
Talia Lavin, Culture Warlords: My Journey Into the Dark Web of White Supremacy

“The situation where we are prepared for best or worst is called risk.”
Sonal Takalkar

Sarvesh Jain
“The worst thing someone can do to each other is pretend that they care.”
Sarvesh Jain
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