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David Levithan
“Luckily, I always travel with a book, just in case I have to wait on line for Santa, or some such inconvenience.”
David Levithan, Dash & Lily's Book of Dares

Joss Whedon
“There’s a fine line between support and stalking and let’s all stay on the right side of that.”
Joss Whedon

Nina Malkin
“The best listeners listen between the lines.”
Nina Malkin, Swoon

“Some are condemned to remain mere “clock and smart phone watchers”, inasmuch as they are not able to read and interpret the lines of their life or don't even treasure the enchantment of daily captivating moments. If we are not prepared to give some personal time to social time, we walk like blind men through gloomy alleys of our existence. ( " Please. Just a bit of a chat " )”
Erik Pevernagie

Romina Russell
“Those who think only in straight lines cannot see around a curve.”
Romina Russell, Zodiac

René Crevel
“Straight lines go too quickly to appreciate the pleasures of the journey. They rush straight to their target and then die in the very moment of their triumph without having thought, loved, suffered or enjoyed themselves. Broken lines do not know what they want. With their caprices they cut time up, abuse routes, slash the joyous flowers and split the peaceful fruits with their corners. It is another story with curved lines. The song of the curved line is called happiness.”
René Crevel

Benedict Cumberbatch
“Lines are very difficult to learn.”
Benedict Cumberbatch

Hermann Hesse
“His way had therefore come full circle, or rather had taken the form of an ellipse or a spiral, following as ever no straight unbroken line, for the rectilinear belongs only to Geometry and not to Nature and Life.”
Hermann Hesse, The Glass Bead Game

Anjum Choudhary
“Don't focus on the words i write,
pay attention to the ones i don't.
These lines won't tell you much about me,
try to read in between these lines.”
Anjum Choudhary

Michael Bassey Johnson
“Your mind is a book; God is the pen.”
Michael Bassey Johnson, Master of Maxims

Will Advise
“Everything is like a wall.
Said a scholar to the troll.
Bang your head to go on through.
Then you'll see, there is no queue.”
Will Advise, Nothing is here...

Dan Groat
“There is a silent deference for one another, a distance that is kept, and lines that aren’t crossed, but in their sharing, they each try to pay tribute to the bond in their own way. As often as possible, they open up a little and give what they can.”
Dan Groat, An Enigmatic Escape: A Trilogy

Sanhita Baruah
“I've heard you say so many a time
That I know just the right words to say, just the right lines to rhyme...

Today it's been 7 years since we last met
I have learnt to say just the wrong words, just the lines you hate....”
Sanhita Baruah, The Farewell and other poems

Louise Penny
“It was a careworn face. But most of the lines, if followed back like a trail, would lead to happiness. To the faces a face made when laughing or smiling, or sitting quietly enjoying the day.

Though some of those lines led elsewhere. Into a wilderness, into the wild. Where terrible things had happened. Some of the lines of his face led to events inhuman and abominable. To horrific sights. To unspeakable acts.

Some of them his.

The lines of his face were the longitude and latitude of his life.”
Louise Penny, A Great Reckoning

Diana Gabaldon
“Still, he was pleased to know that he could recall so much of the play and passed the rest of the journey pleasantly in reciting lines to himself, being careful not to snort.”
Diana Gabaldon, The Scottish Prisoner

Steven Magee
“Communication land lines are going to be around for a long time, the internet runs on them, as do the wireless cell phone towers.”
Steven Magee

Ana Claudia Antunes
“A dessert to a deserter in the desert burst, "You trust your thirst. And you are too hot! You scream for ice cream. And believe it or not, I may not be your first. But I might be your lust! Give it a shot...”

“Never believe the lines on your hands that predict your future. Because people who don't have also have future.”
Moosa Rahat

Ana Claudia Antunes
“Great characters- They are pivotal for a great plot. THEN a solid plot: Why then? If you do not have great characters it is impossible to create a good plot, nonetheless a solid one. Once you have built great characters for the scenes, there you have it. It’s just like the movies, you cannot have a great film if the characters are frail and their lines are weak as well. I guess great world-building comes along with a good plot. If there is something that will work fine in a novel is how you will develop from the theme. You’ve got to establish a good timeline, and from there it comes a world. You see the technical matters don’t match or matter as much to me. Even a poorly written story, if there is a good plot and great characters on it will make a divine combination There are simply many cases of it over the mainstream and that even reached the big screen.”
Ana Claudia Antunes, How to Make a Book

Alice Sebold
“Jeżeli dadzą ci papier w linie, pisz w poprzek.”
Alice Sebold, The Lovely Bones

Steven Magee
“When I was researching the book Toxic Electricity, I would see biological reactions for up to a week afterwards. They are typically strong in the first day or two after the electromagnetic field (EMF) exposures and tail off as the week goes on. I would feel fine during the EMF exposures and start seeing weird health effects usually during sleep that night. Extended time around high voltage power lines & power poles were the worst for provoking reactions, followed by wifi and transmitting utility meters.”
Steven Magee, Toxic Electricity

Kamand Kojouri
“I used to be lost in us. Blurred were the lines that separated us. But now, I see our togetherness in our separateness. I see the you in me and the me in you. We are two independent beings who complement one another like photographs that are beautiful on their own but are enhanced when juxtaposed, creating an altogether new photograph.”
Kamand Kojouri

“Astrology is nothing but fault in our lines.”
Raubin Chaudhary

Christina Engela
“The alien was an ugly sight, all angles and corners. Like a pentagram might look if it fell into a mathematical blender. No ports, seam lines or anything. Smooth yellow hull. No markings. And it was too close!”
Christina Engela, Space Sucks!

Laura  Oliva
“Some lines you just don't cross. Not in my business."

"Your business?" Georgia rolled her eyes. "You mean the private detective business? I wasn't aware you guys had such ironclad rules about making out with clients." She ignored the choking sound he made. "Seriously, have you even seen The Maltese Falcon?"

Darius' face heated. "This isn't some movie, Ms. Clare. You're not Mary Astor, and I'm sure as hell no Humphrey Bogart. Here in the real world, there are rules.”
Laura Oliva, Season Of The Witch

Ana Claudia Antunes
“A book can be a great friend, an advisor, a means to an end. A book reveals so much more than a movie would ever do. For example, when I watched the movie “The Hours” I was fascinated by the story. Just a year later I decided to read the book. And what was my surprise that I was even more dazzled by its writings than I was by the images… The images in my head were more vivid than the film could ever transport me to that feminine universe that the author was trying (and so successfully granted me) to conceive…”
Ana Claudia Antunes

Christina Engela
“For the gaming fishermen there was the Whatoosie River and its native cocka-snoek, the main game fish of the resident Skegg’s Valley Dynamite Fishing Club. Cocka-snoek were wily and tough and rather too bright for mere fish. You wouldn’t catch much with a rod around here. Many inexperienced visitors would find the bait stolen from their hooks, which punctuated the discovery that their lines had somehow got snagged and tangled irretrievably around some underwater obstruction – sometimes tied together with neat little bows. Often, several direct hits with hand grenades were needed to stun the creatures long enough just to catch them, gut them and fry them, but these former military types had become experts at it. For a modest fee, tours could be arranged via the booking office, which included an overnight stay on the banks of the river where one could drop off to a great night’s sleep after a satisfying meal of cocka-snoek done on an open fire, and the sound the bits of shrapnel made rattling in your stomach.”
Christina Engela, Loderunner

Clarice Lispector
“They were fine and slender. At any given moment they stopped every bit as much lines, every bit much in the same state as at the beginning. Interrupted, always interrupted not because they terminated, but because no one could take them to the end. Circles were more perfect, less tragic and didn’t move her enough. Circles were the work of man, finished before death and not even God could finish them better. While straight, fine, freestanding lines – were like thoughts.”
Clarice Lispector, Near to the Wild Heart

F.K. Preston
“Life's a circle. There are no lines we can cross.”
F.K. Preston

“When you read between the lines, you must have bloody good eyesight because I can't see a bloody thing!”
Anthony T. Hincks

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