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Larken Rose
“If you personally advocate that I be caged if I don't pay for whatever "government" things YOU want, please don't pretend to be tolerant, or non-violent, or enlightened, or compassionate. Don't pretend you believe in "live and let live," and don't pretend you want peace, freedom or harmony. It's a simple truism that the only people in the world who are willing to "live and let live" are voluntaryists. So you can either PRETEND to care about and respect your fellow man while continuing to advocate widespread authoritarian violence, or you can embrace the concepts of self-ownership and peaceful coexistence, and become an anarchist.”
Larken Rose

Dejan Stojanovic
“All dust is the same dust.
Temporarily separated
To go peacefully
And enjoy the eternal nap.”
Dejan Stojanovic, Circling: 1978-1987

“No one has the right to place one human being in a position of political power over another.”
Wendy McElroy

Hans-Hermann Hoppe
“There can be no socialism without a state, and as long as there is a state there is socialism. The state, then, is the very institution that puts socialism into action; and as socialism rests on aggressive violence directed against innocent victims, aggressive violence is the nature of any state.”
Hans-Hermann Hoppe, A Theory of Socialism and Capitalism: Economics, Politics, and Ethics

Murray N. Rothbard
“If the bulk of the public were really convinced of the illegitimacy of the State, if it were convinced that the State is nothing more nor less than a bandit gang writ large, then the State would soon collapse to take on no more status or breadth of existence than another Mafia gang.”
Murray N. Rothbard, The Ethics of Liberty

Stefan Molyneux
“It’s been easier to convince people to hand over half their income, their children to war, and their freedoms in perpetuity, than to engage them in seriously considering how roads might function in the absence of taxation.”
Stefan Molyneux

Auberon Herbert
“Liberty means refusing to allow some men to use the state to compel other men to serve their interests or opinion.”
Auberon Herbert

“Not only is democracy mystical nonsense, it is also immoral. If one man has no right to impose his wishes on another, then ten million men have no right to impose their wishes on the one, since the initiation of force is wrong (and the assent of even the most overwhelming majority can never make it morally permissible). Opinions—even majority opinions—neither create truth nor alter facts. A lynch mob is democracy in action. So much for mob rule.”
Morris Tannehill, The Market for Liberty

Murray N. Rothbard
“In particular, the State has arrogated to itself a compulsory monopoly over police and military services, the provision of law, judicial decision-making, the mint and the power to create money, unused land ("the public domain"), streets and highways, rivers and coastal waters, and the means of delivering mail...the State relies on control of the levers of propaganda to persuade its subjects to obey or even exalt their rulers.”
Murray N. Rothbard, The Ethics of Liberty

Frank Chodorov
“When people say 'let's do something about it', they mean 'let's get hold of the political machinery so that we can do something to somebody else.' And that somebody is invariably you.”
Frank Chodorov

Isaac Marion
“Every time I go to sleep, I know I may never wake up. How could anyone expect to? You drop your tiny, helpless mind into a bottomless well, crossing your fingers and hoping that when you pull it out on its flimsy fishing wire it hasn't been gnawed to bones by the beasts below. Hoping you pull up anything at all.”
Isaac Marion, Warm Bodies

George Reisman
“Monopoly is a market, or part of a market, reserved to the exclusive possession of one or more sellers by means of the initiation of physical force by the government, or with the sanction of the government. Monopoly exists insofar as the freedom of competition is violated, with the freedom of competition being understood as the absence of the initiation of physical force as the preventive of competition. Where there is no initiation of physical force to violate the freedom of competition, there is no monopoly. The freedom of competition is violated only insofar as individuals are excluded from markets or parts of markets by means of the initiation of physical force. Monopoly is thus a market or part of a market reserved to the exclusive possession of one or more sellers by means of the initiation of physical force. It is thus something imposed upon the market from without—by the government. (Private individuals—gangsters—can initiate force to reserve markets only if the government allows it and thereby sanctions it.)
Thus, monopoly is not something which emerges from the normal operation of the economic system, and which the government must control.”
George Reisman

Jeffrey Tucker
“Growing economies are built by billions of actors behaving according to their own interests, coordinated through institutions that no one in particular created.
Realizing this requires humility, a trait that is in short supply among would-be dictators, politicians, and bureaucrats, which is precisely why these groups are the proven enemies of prosperity in all times and places.”
Jeffrey Tucker

Murray N. Rothbard
“The movement that I’m in favor of is a movement of libertarians who do not substitute whim for reason. Now some of them do, obviously, and I’m against that. I’m in favor of reason over whim. As far as I’m concerned, and I think the rest of the movement, too, we are anarcho-capitalists. In other words, we believe that capitalism is the fullest expression of anarchism, and anarchism is the fullest expression of capitalism. Not only are they compatible, but you can’t really have one without the other. True anarchism will be capitalism, and true capitalism will be anarchism.”
Murray N. Rothbard

Jeffrey Tucker
“There is only a certain amount of wealth in the world, this thinking goes. Economics is a matter of acquiring and allocating, not creating. This was the view of the world’s smartest people, all top philosophers and not stupid people, for many thousands of years before the age of the enlightenment. It still is.”
Jeffrey Tucker

Robert Higgs
“The government enforces a monopoly over the production and distribution of its alleged 'services' and brings violence to bear against would-be competitors. In so doing, it reveals the fraud at the heart of its impudent claims and gives sufficient proof that it is not a genuine protector, but a mere protection racket.”
Robert Higgs

Jeffrey Tucker
“The instant that any government obtains a monetary printing press, it becomes a deeply dishonest government, empowered to rob people by stealth. A government with the power to print money knows no limits.”
Jeffrey Tucker

Jeffrey Tucker
“Ultimately, all arguments against markets are arguments against anarchy. Marx understood this much, at least.”
Jeffrey Tucker

Katherine McIntyre
“Feeling a little calmer?” she asked, leaning against the desk again.

Dax snorted. “Mellow as anything. I’m ready to curl up and take a nap now. Don’t mind if I purr.”
Katherine McIntyre, Forged Alliances

Jon Acuff
“A dream you don’t have to fight for isn’t a dream—it’s a nap. One changes your afternoon. The other changes your world. Keep fighting.”
Jon Acuff

Ludwig von Mises
“The valuations which result in determination of definite prices are different. Each party attaches a higher value to the good he receives than to that he gives away. The exchange ratio, the price, is not the product of equality of valuation, but on the contrary, the product of a discrepancy in valuation.”
Ludwig von Mises

Thomm Quackenbush
“Naps are not a sign of physical slovenliness. They are a sign that I am listening to my body. It will reward me with stable emotions, hormones that stay in check, social finesse, continued cleverness, and the ability to write prose that does not make me gag.”
Thomm Quackenbush, A Creature Was Stirring

Gabriel García Márquez
“With a languid hand he brushed away the cobwebs of his siesta…”
Gabriel García Márquez, Of Love and Other Demons
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Bijou Hunter
“Sitting at his normal table, Judd wasn’t the guy who awaited me when I woke up. Gaze hard and a tight set to his jaw, the man across from me now was an enforcer. Yet, he gave me a grin.
“After my meeting, let’s go nap again.”
“It’s not healthy to nap all the time.”
“I heard napping is good for your skin.”
“We’re not really talking about napping, are we?” I asked, grinning.
“No, angel, we’re not.”
Bijou Hunter, Damaged and the Knight

Seanan McGuire
“After months - after years - of chaos and life-threatening situations and people stabbing me for no good reason, we'd somehow managed to find a moment to breathe. That didn't just deserve to be enjoyed. It deserved to be celebrated, held up as proof that the world was a good place and didn't actually need to be destroyed in order for me to have a nap.”
Seanan McGuire, Once Broken Faith

Sherman Alexie
“Like the coffin was settling down for a long, long nap, for a forever nap.”
Sherman Alexie, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

“Rest is essential, but during our periods of rest, we must think to ourselves that in resting we are renewing our energy to fulfill our commitment.”
Wu Wei, I Ching Wisdom: More Guidance from the Book of Answers

Daniel Polansky
“A chubby vole sat as guardian between the two sections, making sure the hoi polloi didn't get any ideas above their station. His name was Harold, and the most important thing he had learned in his life, as far as he was concerned, was that it was entirely possible to sleep with one's eyes open, or at least open enough to deceive passersby, if one was willing to put in a bit of practice. True, it wasn't as good as a full-on nap, but any degree of slumber was better than waking. As far as Harold was concerned, the biter part of existence lay in those little moments of oblivion that preceded the last.”
Daniel Polansky, The Builders

André Aciman
“Who can resist sleep at two or three in the afternoon in these sunlit parts of the Mediterranean?”
André Aciman, Call Me by Your Name

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