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Dr. Seuss
“How did it get so late so soon?”
Dr. Seuss

Wilkie Collins
“My hour for tea is half-past five, and my buttered toast waits for nobody.”
Wilkie Collins, The Woman in White

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
“If you come at four in the afternoon, I'll begin to be happy by three.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Charlotte Eriksson
“I am clumsy, drop glasses and get drunk on Monday afternoons. I read Seneca and can recite Shakespeare by heart, but I mess up the laundry, don’t answer my phone and blame the world when something goes wrong. I think I have a dream, but most of the days I’m still sleeping. The grass is cut. It smells like strawberries. Today I finished four books and cleaned my drawers.
Do you believe in a God? Can I tell you about Icarus? How he flew too close to the sun?

I want to make coming home your favourite part of the day. I want to leave tiny little words lingering in your mind, on nights when you’re far away and can’t sleep. I want to make everything around us beautiful; make small things mean a little more. Make you feel a little more. A little better, a little lighter. The coffee is warm, this cup is yours. I want to be someone you can’t live without.

I want to be someone you can’t live without.”
Charlotte Eriksson, He loved me some days. I'm sure he did: 99 essays on growth through loss

Lisa Kleypas
“When Christopher finished, there was a moment of silence.
Leo looked at Cam expectantly. “Well?”
“Well what?”
“Now is the time when you dredge up one of your blasted Romany sayings. Something about roosters laying eggs, or pigs dancing in the orchard. It’s what you always do. Let’s have it.”
Cam gave him a sardonic glance. “I can’t think of one right now.”
“By God, I’ve had to listen to hundreds of them. And Phelan doesn’t have to hear even one?”
Lisa Kleypas, Love in the Afternoon

Sanober  Khan
“Fall in love
with the energy
of the mornings

trace your fingers
along the lull
of the afternoons

take the spirit
of the evenings
in your arms
kiss it deeply

and then
make love
to the tranquility
of the nights.”
Sanober Khan

Jorge Luis Borges
“There is an hour of the afternoon when the plain is on the verge of saying something. It never says, or perhaps it says it infinitely, or perhaps we do not understand it, or we understand it and it is untranslatable as music.”
Jorge Luis Borges

Sanober  Khan
“leave me a smile
just warm enough...
to spend a million
golden afternoons in.”
Sanober Khan, Turquoise Silence

Sanhita Baruah
“Sometimes it's your fragrance that comes to me, out of the blue, on a crowded road in a Sunday afternoon.
But more often, it's memories of us that cross my mind almost every lone evening.
All I want is to lessen the pain I feel every night.

But every morning I wake up is another day, hopeless and miserable, with nothing but a deafening silence, a wave of tears, memories and your absence.”
Sanhita Baruah

Jill Eisenstadt
“Her legs swing complete afternoons away.”
Jill Eisenstadt, From Rockaway

Markus Zusak
“All told, she owned fourteen books, but she saw her story as being made up predominantly of ten of them. Of those ten, six were stolen, one showed up at the kitchen table, two were made for her by a hidden Jew, and one was delivered by a soft, yellow-dressed afternoon.”
Markus Zusak, The Book Thief

Ellen Glasgow
“The afternoon slipped away while we talked -- she talked brightly when any subject came up that interested her -- and it was the last hour of day -- that grave, still hour when the movement of life seems to droop and falter for a few precious minutes -- that brought us the thing I had dreaded silently since my first night in the house.”
Ellen Glasgow, The Shadowy Third

Jonathan Grimwood
The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected.
Jonathan Grimwood, The Last Banquet

Dodie Smith
“It is the still, yellow kind of afternoon when one is apt to get stuck in a dream if one sits very quiet”
Dodie Smith

André Aciman
“Who can resist sleep at two or three in the afternoon in these sunlit parts of the Mediterranean?”
André Aciman, Call Me by Your Name

“It was normal for it to rain, but in October- who could forget the rains of October?- now this disturbingly silent rain was falling. That was so nebulous that it was pretty; that, if it had not been wet, no one would have believed it was raining; that was so slow that it was possible to follow its fall with one's eyes. That which villagers called 'the rains of October' was the accumulation of the serenity of such a life. Eyes almost broke into tears on looking at the sun subdividing itself, at the end of the afternoon, in each drop of that snail's-pace precipitation, as if the great star had dissolved each day an infinitesimal bit more.”
Ondjaki, The Whistler

Rachel Caine
“Afternoons are hard. Mornings are pure evil from the pits of hell, which is why I don't do them anymore.”
Rachel Caine, Bite Club

“Happiness is a hot bath on a Sunday afternoon.”
A.D. Posey

Julian Barnes
“Afternoon sex was the best sex of all, Ann thought. Morning sex she'd had enough of in her time: usually it meant, 'Sorry about last night but here it is anyway'; and sometimes it meant, 'This'll make sure you don't forget me today'; but neither attitude charmed her. Evening sex was, well, your basic sex, wasn't it? It was the sex which could vary from enveloping happiness via sleepily given consent to an edgy, 'Look, this is what we came to bed early for, so why don't we just get on with it.' Evening sex was as good or as indifferent, and certainly as unpredictable, as sex could be. But afternoon sex - that was never just a courteous way to round things off; it was keen, intended sex. And sometimes it whispered to you, in a curious way (and even though you were married), 'This is what we're doing now, and I still want to spend the evening with you afterwards.' Afternoon sex gave you unexpected comforts like that.”
Julian Barnes, Before She Met Me

“It is the end of a fine bronze-tinted afternoon with purple shadows and febrile scraps of cloud.”
Daniel Arsand

Hermann Hesse
“The morning was a wretched time of day for him. He feared it and it never brought him any good. On no morning of his life had he ever been in good spirits nor done any good before midday, nor ever had a happy idea, nor devised any pleasure for himself or others. By degrees during the afternoon he warmed and became alive, and only towards evening, on his good days, was he productive active and sometimes, aglow with joy.”
Hermann Hesse, Steppenwolf

Catie Rosemurgy
“I’m… having one of those honeyed afternoons when I don’t know who I am.”
Catie Rosemurgy, The Stranger Manual

Paulo Coelho
“No one can possess a sunset like the one we saw that evening. Just as no one can possess an afternoon of rain beating against the window, or serenity of a sleeping child, or the magical moment when the waves break on the rocks. No one can possess the beautiful things in this Earth, but we can know them and love them.”
Paulo Coelho

Amit Chaudhuri
“the most dreamless and introspective time of day, a sort of midnight of the daytime”
Amit Chaudhuri, Calcutta: Two Years in the City

S.A. Tawks
“By three in the afternoon, after one Bintang too many, I was absolutely smashed and feared that trying to stand may end badly.”
S.A. Tawks, Mule

Christina Engela
“Now he sat alone; on a disabled starship about fifty years from anywhere on conversion drive – assuming he still had that. Insurance was a good thing – a very good thing - but it wasn’t going to help him much out here. The highlight of his afternoon was going to be staring at the blinking bridge instrumentation – which just happened to be running on the emergency batteries and actually blinking, like for real. Moreover, since his mutinous crew had made off with the Short Shit, the ships only shuttle, he was facing quite a problem”
Christina Engela, Blachart

Bhuwan Thapaliya
“A bright afternoon, blue sky, and hot coffee. I take a sip from my second cup, look up at the sky, and smile. Nobody’s here now. It’s very quiet. I can hear myself much better now.”
Bhuwan Thapaliya

Kristen Henderson
“Once, I took the penny whistle
you gave me and discovered a spot
by the roaring falls where I could play
as loud as I wanted.
I lay in the bifurcated trunk
of a low-slung birch tree. The sun peeked
through applauding leaves, high overhead.”
Kristen Henderson, Of My Maiden Smoking

Anthony Powell
“Major Fosdick was cleaning his guns in the drawing-room because it was the most comfortable room in the house. While he did this he brooded. He enjoyed cleaning his guns and he enjoyed brooding so that the afternoon was passing pleasantly enough and its charm was disturbed only by the presence of his wife, who sat opposite him, mending a flannel undergarment and making disjointed conversation about subjects in which he was not interested.”
Anthony Powell, From a View to a Death

Steven Magee
“I only turn on my air conditioning when I start to sweat, which is typically sometime in the afternoon.”
Steven Magee

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