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Gary L. Francione
“We should never present flesh as somehow morally distinguishable from dairy. To the extent it is morally wrong to eat flesh, it is as morally wrong — and possibly more morally wrong — to consume dairy”
Gary L. Francione

Lev Grossman
“You don’t live in a castle full of spiral stairs without getting calves of adamantium.”
Lev Grossman, The Magician's Land

Joshua Edward Smith
“Sir always had a thing for calves. They were soft and smooth, like all skin on a woman. But the calf flesh was backed by muscle, so there was a firmness you wouldn't find at the hips, say, or in the small of the back. But it wasn't boney like the front of the leg. No, the calf was pretty much the closest thing to the perfection of breast tissue you could touch on a woman without getting your hand slapped away.”
Joshua Edward Smith, Duality

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