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Jonathan Franzen
“The problem with making a virtual world of oneself is akin to the problem with projecting ourselves onto a cyberworld: there’s no end of virtual spaces in which to seek stimulation, but their very endlessness, the perpetual stimulation without satisfaction, becomes imprisoning.”
Jonathan Franzen, Farther Away

Daniel Glattauer
“Nadie me había mirado así jamás, Leo. Así, tan, tan, tan... Sí, tan así. Queria que lo supieras. Por cierto es un cumplido, un pequeño cumplido, amor. ¿Lo has notado?”
Daniel Glattauer, Alle sieben Wellen

Carl Henegan
“I consider myself a synthetic thinker in a virtual domain therefore if I’m way off there is no solid foundation or reference for authentic stupidity.”
Carl Henegan, Darkness Left Undone

Yael Zofi
“To master the virtual equation and make all the elements work together, you have to become the connector. In fact, your greatest role as a virtual manager is to link the various parts of his/her team to accomplish the goals that lead to its formation in the first place. You may need to shift gears, perform ream tune-ups, realign, and refuel your team's energy along the way.”
Yael Zofi, A Manager's Guide to Virtual Teams

“All we need to release our inner God is a pulpit and an audience, both of which the Internet supplies in great abundance. Too bad that the corollaly to being in God mode in cyberspace is an explosion of narcissism and self-centeredness.”
Elias Aboujaoude Md

Munia Khan
“Sitting in a corner, I live like a toad
Oh! How I love my room: my tiny abode!
Here I wake up; and I sleep in here
The world far away; yet virtually near
Not that I'm jailed in this place of grace
Just don't want to face another face”
Munia Khan

Susan Sontag
“If there can be a better way for the real world to include the one of images, it will require an ecology not only of real things but of images as well.”
Susan Sontag, On Photography

Will Advise
“If you have half a nothing - sell it for a double something, resell half at double-price, and buy another something and a half - how much nothing will you have two days from then? Like three. Because three is the short version of π, and π is involved in virtually anything, in some form, if you believe what the internet tells you.”
Will Advise, Nothing is here...

Ben Lerner
“Our contempt for any particular poem must be perfect, be total, because only a ruthless reading that allows us to measure the gap between the actual and the virtual will enable to to experience, if not a genuine poem—no such thing—a place for the genuine, whatever that might mean.”
Ben Lerner, The Hatred of Poetry

Marushia Dark
“Books are the original virtual reality.”
Marushia Dark, Thelema: Book 0 - The Fool