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Jonathan Franzen
“The problem with making a virtual world of oneself is akin to the problem with projecting ourselves onto a cyberworld: there’s no end of virtual spaces in which to seek stimulation, but their very endlessness, the perpetual stimulation without satisfaction, becomes imprisoning.”
Jonathan Franzen, Farther Away

Amaka Imani Nkosazana
“Cyber bullying occurs online daily. Most don't consider their actions or words to be bullying. Here's a few clues that you're a cyber bully.
(1) You post information about someone in order to ruin their character.
(2) You post threats to someone.
(3) You tag someone in vulgar degrading posts.
(4) You post any information intended to harm or shame another individual seeking to gain attention.
Then, you are a cyber bully and need to get some help.”
Amaka Imani Nkosazana, Sweet Destiny

“Zoe did what civilized people do when they freak out: she drank tea. She had walked from her little bungalow to Coffee & Tea. It was always filled with the well-educated, the complicated, the people who read books with captivating titles. A perfect place to ignore and be ignored. She found the anonymity delicious.”
Michael Benzehabe

“Pleading for forgiveness was always on the tip of her tongue. She had tried doing a good thing, but because of one thoughtless act, his two beautiful daughters were brutally raped, and running to the other side of the world hadn’t helped. Because of her, two innocent ADP employees were dead. She was older but not a shekel wiser, still opening the wrong doors.”
Michael Benzehabe

Matthew Mather
“The separation between the cyber and the physical worlds was disappearing. Cyberbullying was just bullying, and cyberwar was just war - the true age of cyber began when we started removing it as a descriptor.”
Matthew Mather, CyberStorm
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“Some people want you to call them rabbi; some people want you to call them American; some people want you to admire their tats. We’ve all got our facades. At least the dean’s self-qualifier is based on merit. Can you say the same about your tattoos? Come on, he’s a sad man. Leave him alone.”
Michael Benzehabe

“Mario’s high spirits soon took a somber turn. He rolled himself closer to Frank. “I need this job, but you were right. More than a job, I need a way out.”
Frank had him. He was about to detour the rest of Mario’s life. Build a team, deploy them, scoop up the data, get the hell out of town. Frank had left an unhappy trail of ruined technicians. Spies do that kind of shit, were his usual parting words.”
Michael Benzehabe

Munia Khan
“Sitting in a corner, I live like a toad
Oh! How I love my room: my tiny abode!
Here I wake up; and I sleep in here
The world far away; yet virtually near
Not that I'm jailed in this place of grace
Just don't want to face another face”
Munia Khan

Justin Sirois
“It was the freedom to experiment that made this experiment called Freedom possible.”
Justin Sirois, So Say the Waiters book 1

Munia Khan
“Cyber void is so full of amazing emptiness that makes us feel fulfilled.”
Munia Khan

“CYBERPOWER is now a fundamental fact of global life. In political, economic, and military affairs, information and information technology provide and support crucial elements of operational activities. U.S. national security efforts have begun to incorporate cyber into strategic calculations. Those efforts, however, are only a beginning. The critical that the United States must create an effective national and international strategic framework for the development and use of cyber as part of an overall national security strategy.

Such a strategic framework will have both structural and geopolitical elements. Structural activities will focus on those parts of cyber that enhance capabilities for use in general. Those categories include heightened security, expanded development of research and human capital, improved governance, and more effective organization. Geopolitical activities will focus on more traditional national security and defense efforts. Included in this group are sophisticated development of network-centric operations; appropriate integrated planning of computer network attack capabilities; establishment of deterrence doctrine that incorporates cyber; expansion of effective cyber influence capabilities; carefully planned incorporation of cyber into military planning (particularly stability operations); establishment of appropriate doctrine, education, and training regarding cyber by the Services and nonmilitary elements so that cyber can be used effectively in a joint and/or multinational context; and generation of all those efforts at an international level, since cyber is inherently international and cannot be most effectively accomplished without international partners.”
Franklin D. Kramer, Cyberpower and National Security

Heather Hammonds
“More powerful than his own gas, able to leap park benches at a single bound - it's Cyber Hound!”
Heather Hammonds, Cyber Hound

Aysha Taryam
“I have come to realise that the most critical of the social media accounts are the least verbal in real life and I can assure you that most social media trolls have no physical troll land to dwell.”
Aysha Taryam

Sha Li
“Don't be tricked by the verisimilitude into forgetting this is fiction!”
Sha Li

Aysha Taryam
“In this world where I sit at my desk writing these words, people die, they pass on, people are mortal. In the cyber world we inhabit they do not.”
Aysha Taryam

David Chiles
“Show your netiquette, to become cyber friends with those you have met, on the internet.”
David Chiles

David Chiles
“Netiquette Positive Word of The Day: Beautiful - Highly appealing to the senses and mind.”
David Chiles, The Principles Of Netiquette

“If we wish to have any hope of beating the bad guys at the cyber game, the good guys must learn to share more effectively and efficiently than them”
Alex Webling

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