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Cory Doctorow
“Never underestimate the determination of a kid who is time-rich and cash-poor.”
Cory Doctorow, Little Brother

Paul    Graham
“There are few sources of energy so powerful as a procrastinating college student.”
Paul Graham, Hackers & Painters: Big Ideas from the Computer Age

Shannon L. Alder
“Narcissists will never tell you the truth. They live with the fear of abandonment and can't deal with facing their own shame. Therefore, they will twist the truth, downplay their behavior, blame others and say what ever it takes to remain the victim. They are master manipulators and conartists that don't believe you are smart enough to figure out the depth of their disloyalty. Their needs will always be more important than telling you any truth that isn't in their favor..”
Shannon L. Alder

“This is our world now... the world of the electron and the switch, the beauty of the baud. We make use of a service already existing without paying for what could be dirt-cheap if it wasn't run by profiteering gluttons, and you call us criminals. We explore... and you call us criminals. We seek after knowledge... and you call us criminals. We exist without skin color, without nationality, without religious bias... and you call us criminals. You build atomic bombs, you wage wars, you murder, cheat, and lie to us and try to make us believe it's for our own good, yet we're the criminals. Yes, I am a criminal. My crime is that of curiosity. My crime is that of judging people by what they say and think, not what they look like. My crime is that of outsmarting you, something that you will never forgive me for.”
The Mentor

“Dear 2600: I think my girlfriend has been cheating on me and I wanted to know if I could get her password to Hotmail and AOL. I am so desperate to find out. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

And this is yet another popular category of letter we get. You say any help would be appreciated? Let’s find out if thats true. Do you think someone who is cheating on you might also be capable of having a mailbox you don’t know about? Do you think that even if you could get into the mailbox she uses that she would be discussing her deception there, especially if we live in a world where Hotmail and AOL passwords are so easily obtained? Finally, would you feel better if you invaded her privacy and found out that she was being totally honest with you? Whatever problems are going on in this relationship are not going to be solved with subterfuge. If you can’t communicate openly, there’s not much there to salvage.”
Emmanuel Goldstein, Dear Hacker: Letters to the Editor of 2600

“Most hackers are young because young people tend to be adaptable. As long as you remain adaptable, you can always be a good hacker.”
Emmanuel Goldstein, Dear Hacker: Letters to the Editor of 2600

John Mariotti
“We worried for decades about WMDs – Weapons of Mass Destruction. Now it is time to worry about a new kind of WMDs – Weapons of Mass Disruption.”
John Mariotti

Sergei Lukyanenko
Наша работа во тьме -
Мы делаем, что умеем,
Мы отдаем, что имеем,
Наша работа - во тьме.
Сомнения стали страстью,
А страсть стала судьбой.
Все остальное - искусство
В безумии быть собой.

- Гимн хакеров, русский вариант.”
Sergei Lukyanenko, Лабиринт отражений

“What hackers do is figure out technology and experiment with it in ways many people never imagined. They also have a strong desire to share this information with others and to explain it to people whose only qualification may be the desire to learn.”
Emmanuel Goldstein, Dear Hacker: Letters to the Editor of 2600

“Dear 2600: Tell me how much one of your hackers would charge me to delete my criminal record from the Texas police database.

[NAME DELETED] Well, we would start with erasing your latest crime, that of soliciting a minor to commit another crime. (Your request was read by a small child here in the office.) After you’re all paid up on that, we will send out the bill for hiding your identity by not printing your real name, which you sent us like the meathead you apparently are. After that’s all sorted, we can assemble our team of hackers, who sit around the office waiting for such lucrative opportunities as this to come along, and figure out even more ways to shake you down. It’s what we do, after all. Just ask Fox News.”
Emmanuel Goldstein, Dear Hacker: Letters to the Editor of 2600

“Dear 2600: …So, in the interest of information gathering and because I am a subscriber, are you going to be checking me out?

This would be unnecessary since we checked you out before you subscribed. That’s why we made sure you heard about us and followed the plan by subscribing. Writing this letter, however, was not part of the plan and we will be taking corrective action.”
Emmanuel Goldstein, Dear Hacker: Letters to the Editor of 2600

“Quantum Encryption is essential to protect our digital assets and infrastructure from attackers.”
Kevin Coleman

“Be very careful. We suggest getting a book on HTML to avoid becoming a real legend in the hacker world. Putting up a web page before you know how to put up a web page is generally a very bad idea. The .gov sites are an exception.”
Emmanuel Goldstein, Dear Hacker: Letters to the Editor of 2600

“Homo Sapiens are Exploitable. Large Corporations Base the Mass with Least Recognition. It does NOT have to be the Employee Himself that would Deteriorate the Corporations Intranet but Surely since his Least Recognized, He is Most Definitely Vulnerable, Its a Starting Point to Open a Door for a Lovely Challenging Maze filled with Seed of Corruption that in Stages the Artists Shall Paint their Mark.”
Emmanuel Abou-chabke

“Dear 2600: Please help me to learn how to become an elite one day.

The first thing to learn is never to use the word elite as a noun. In fact, don’t even use it as an adjective. It’s radically lame.”
Emmanuel Goldstein, Dear Hacker: Letters to the Editor of 2600

“Dear 2600: I need someone with the abilities to get into my school server and change a few things. I have saved up $3500 over the past year for this and am willing to pay it in cash, as I am from the Winnipeg area.

Desperate doesnt begin to cover it. Whatever your problems, and we certainly wont try to minimize them, they are nothing compared to the world of hurt you’ll enter if you do stupid things like offer complete strangers money to help you do illegal things…..There should be something in your genetic code that alerts you to the fact that you're doing something extremely stupid and wrong. So we’re clear, the offer was in Canadian dollars and not American, right?”
Emmanuel Goldstein, Dear Hacker: Letters to the Editor of 2600

“Dear 2600: OK I have some real serious stuff to tell but I need to be reassured that I can trust your company that you don’t do this sorta thing just so you can turn people in then I will tell my very serious and true story for you but I must be reassured first please reply. ANONYMOUS

How can we lie to you? We published 2600 for 16 years just so you would finally walk into our little trap. Welcome.”
Emmanuel Goldstein, Dear Hacker: Letters to the Editor of 2600

“Corporate secrets bouncing around a computer system thats open to the world? Hey, that’s fair game and they deserve the embarrassment of its discovery. But using this knowledge to line your pockets or, worse, using insider knowledge to get the information and then calling that hacking is an affront to any of us who hack for the sake of learning.”
Emmanuel Goldstein, Dear Hacker: Letters to the Editor of 2600

Tamara Kučan
“Kompjutersko doba i internet omogućili su ti da brzo i lako dođeš do informacija, ne i do znanja. Nisu sve informacije istine, ali svaka istina treba da postane informacija. Internet ti pomaže da glasno izgovoriš istinu, ali i da izmisliš laži u koje želiš da veruješ. Internet je dobra škola za radoznalog đaka. Internet je ludnica sa neograničenim brojem mesta za dijagnoze za koje nisi ni slutio da postoje. Na internetu možeš biti bilo ko, bilo kada i bilo gde. Na internetu se ostavruju snovi. Internet... Pomoći će ti da prespavaš život, verujući da si budan.
Nisi. Nažalost, nisi.”
Tamara Kučan, Profajler

“Never still believe that your browser has the best security quality
Even the earth’s best browser is lately affected with CVE 2019-5786”
Arulselvar Thomas - Briskinfosec

“Artificial Intelligence trend is fuzzing up in Cybersecurity

If weaponized for Cyber-attacks, it becomes as evil-infinity”.”
Arulselvar Thomas - Briskinfosec

“For professional hackers, copyrights shall be reserved and for ethical hackers, the rights to copy shall be served”
P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar

William Gibson
“The room was empty, aside from the wide pink bedslab and two nylon bags, new and identical, that lay beside it. Blank walls, no windows, a single white-painted steel firedoor. The walls were coated with countless layers of white latex paint. Factory space. He knew this kind of room, this kind of building; the tenants would operate in the interzone where art wasn't quite crime, crime not quite art.”
William Gibson, Neuromancer

Jim   Lowe
“There were times when Heather tried to connect with Sean, but any ten-year-old would have struggled with a Mother explaining that, maybe, she had, ‘existentialist tendencies in my outlook on the technological world.”
Jim Lowe, New Reform

“While they are busy with reconnaissance, focus on exploitation.
PS : reconnaissance is an ESSENTIAL phase.”
Amine Essiraj

Stewart Stafford
“America only stops being great when its people cease cooperating and start blaming each other. These divisions have been ruthlessly created and exploited in recent years by outside forces.”
Stewart Stafford

Jean Baudrillard
“In the cybernetic universe where everything is calculable, can't Evil in the sense of disorder and chaos slip into and penetrate the integral reality of the network? Isn't that what hackers do for example?

Accidents are involved, certainly. Paul Virilio speaks of this much better than I can. But what I am saying is of another order: it is unpredictable. It is power turning against itself. It is not necessarily the apocalypse but it is a disaster in the sense of a form made irrepressible regardless of the will of the actors and their negative actions or sabotage. Certainly, many negative things can happen to the system, but it will always be an objective or objectal negativity related to the technology itself, not a symbolic irruption. I am afraid that this game remains internal to integral reality. Perhaps there are some who can penetrate the cracks in this cybernetic universe? I must say that I do not know the internal rules of the game for this world, and I do not have the means to play it. This is not a philosophical or moral disavowal or prejudice on my part. It is just that I am situated somewhere else and I cannot do otherwise. From the outside, I can see that everything works and that the machine allows everything to function. Let us allow that system to proceed normally - or abnormally- until it runs its course; let us leave to the machine what belongs to the machine without trying to humanize it or make it an anthropoid object. For me, I will always have an empty, perfectly nonfunctional and therefore free space where I can express my thoughts. Once the machine has exhausted all of its functions, I slip into what is left, without trying to judge or condemn it. Judgment is foreign to the radicality of thought. This thinking has nothing scientific, analytic or even critical about it, since those aspects are now all regulated by machines. And maybe a new spacetime domain for thought is now opening?”
Jean Baudrillard, The Agony of Power

Jean Baudrillard
“And is there really any possibility of discovering something in cyberspace? The Internet merely simulates a free mental space, a space of freedom and discovery. In fact, it merely offers a multiple but conventional space, in which the operator interacts with known elements, pre-existent sites, established codes. Nothing exists beyond its search parameters. Every question has an anticipated response assigned to it. You are the questioner and, at the same time, the automatic answering device of the machine. Both coder and decoder - you are, in fact, your own terminal.
That is the ecstasy of communication.
There is no 'Other' out there and no final destination.
It's any old destination - and any old interactor will do. And so the system goes on, without end and without finality, and its only possibility is that of infinite involution. Hence the comfortable vertige of this electronic, computer interaction, which acts like a drug. You can spend your whole life at this, without a break. Drugs themselves are only ever the perfect example of a crazed, closed-circuit interactivity.”
Jean Baudrillard, The Intelligence of Evil or the Lucidity Pact

Jean Baudrillard
“People tell you the computer is just a handier, more complex kind of typewriter. But that isn't true. The typewriter is an entirely external object. The page floats free, and so do I. I have a physical relation to writing. I touch the blank or written page with my eyes - something I cannot do with the screen.
The computer is a prosthesis. I have a tactile, intersensory relation to it. I become, myself, an ectoplasm of the screen.
And this, no doubt, explains, in this incubation of the virtual image and the brain, the malfunctions which afflict computers, and which are like the failings of one's own body.
On the other hand, the fact that priority belongs to the network and not to individuals implies the possibility of hiding, of disappearing into the intangible space of the Virtual, so that you cannot be pinned down anywhere, which resolves all problems of identity, not to mention those of alterity.
So, the attraction of all these virtual machines no doubt derives not so much from the thirst for information and knowledge as from the desire to disappear, and the possibility of dissolving oneself into a phantom conviviality.
A kind of 'high' that takes the place of happiness. But virtuality comes close to happiness only because it surreptitiously removes all reference from it. It gives you everything, but it subtly deprives you of everything at the same time. The subject is, in a sense, realized to perfection, but when realized to perfection, it automatically becomes object, and panic sets in.”
Jean Baudrillard, The Intelligence of Evil or the Lucidity Pact

“Your present is responsible for each and every minute of your past and future”
Ameer Moavia

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