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Terry Pratchett
“Real stupidity beats artificial intelligence every time.”
Terry Pratchett, Hogfather

Douglas Adams
“First we thought the PC was a calculator. Then we found out how to turn numbers into letters with ASCII — and we thought it was a typewriter. Then we discovered graphics, and we thought it was a television. With the World Wide Web, we've realized it's a brochure.”
Douglas Adams

J.D. Robb
“Today," she told it, "death comes to all your circuits. Will it be slow and systematic or fast and brutal?" Considering, she circled it, "Tough decision. I've waited so long for this moment. Dreamed of it."

Showing her teeth, she began to roll up her sleeves.

"What," Roarke asked from the doorway that connected their work areas, "is that?"

"The former bane of my existence. The Antichrist of technology. Do we have a hammer?"

Studying the pile on the floor, he walked in. "Several, I imagine, of various types."

"I want all of them. Tiny little hammers, big, wallbangers, and everything in between."

"Might one ask why?"

"I'm going to beat this thing apart, byte by byte, until there's nothing left but dust from the last trembling chip."

"Hmmm." Roarke crouched down, examined the pitifully out-of-date system. "When did you haul this mess in here?"

"Just now. I had it in the car. Maybe I should use acid, just stand here and watch it hiss and dissolve. That could be good."

Saying nothing, Roarke took a small case out of his pocket, opened it, and chose a slim tool. With a few deft moves, he had the housing open.

"Hey! Hey! What're you doing?"

"I haven't seen anything like this in a decade. Fascinating. Look at this corrosion. Christ, this is a SOC chip system. And it's cross-wired."

When he began to fiddle, she rushed over and slapped at his hands. "Mine. I get to kill it."

"Get a grip on yourself," he said absently and delved deeper into the guts. "I'll take this into research."

"No. Uh-uh. I have to bust it apart. What if it breeds?”
J.D. Robb, Witness in Death

Donald Ervin Knuth
“Science is what we understand well enough to explain to a computer; art is everything else.”
Donald E. Knuth, Things a Computer Scientist Rarely Talks About

E.A. Bucchianeri
“No one messes around with a nerd’s computer and escapes unscathed.”
E.A. Bucchianeri, Brushstrokes of a Gadfly,

Steve Wozniak
“Never trust a computer you can't throw out a window”
Steve Wozniak

Steve Jobs
“What a computer is to me is the most remarkable tool that we have ever come up with. It's the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds.”
Steve Jobs

Stephen King
“I had been hobbled, perhaps even crippled by a pervasive internet society I had come to depend on and take for granted... hit enter and let Google, that twenty-first century Big Brother, take care of the rest.

In the Derry of 1958, the most up-to-date computers were the size of small housing developments, and the local paper was no help. What did that leave? I remembered a sociology prof I’d had in college - a sarcastic old bastard - who used to say, When all else fails, give up and go to the library.”
Stephen King, 11/22/63

Joseph Campbell
“Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths.

We must be willing to get rid of the life we planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.

I have bought this wonderful machine — a computer ... it seems to me to be an Old Testament god, with a lot of rules and no mercy.”
Joseph Campbell

Jaron Lanier
“The most important thing about a technology is how it changes people.”
Jaron Lanier

Jaron Lanier
“Something like missionary reductionism has happened to the internet with the rise of web 2.0. The strangeness is being leached away by the mush-making process. Individual web pages as they first appeared in the early 1990S had the flavor of personhood. MySpace preserved some of that flavor, though a process of regularized formatting had begun. Facebook went further, organizing people into multiple-choice identities, while Wikipedia seeks to erase point of view entirely.

If a church or government were doing these things, it would feel authoritarian, but when technologists are the culprits, we seem hip, fresh, and inventive. People will accept ideas presented in technological form that would be abhorrent in any other form. It is utterly strange to hear my many old friends in the world of digital culture claim to be the true sons of the Renaissance without realizing that using computers to reduce individual expression is a primitive, retrograde activity, no matter how sophisticated your tools are.”
Jaron Lanier, You Are Not a Gadget

Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha
“Some people today are wandering generalities instead of meaningful specifics because they have failed to discover and mine the wealth of potentials in them.”
Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

“You see, unlike most writers today, I do not use a computer. I write the old-fashioned way: on the walls of caves.”
Cuthbert Soup, Another Whole Nother Story

Benjamin R.  Smith
“When I was a kid, they had a saying, 'to err is human but to really fuck it up takes a computer.’ ”
Benjamin R. Smith, Atlas

“Writing is a lot like making soup. My subconscious cooks the idea, but I have to sit down at the computer to pour it out.”
Robin Wells

Jazz Feylynn
“One two, one two,
Type a word or two.
Arrow left, arrow right,
Keep those fingers nice and tight.
Keys up, Keys down,
Move those digits all around.
One two, one two,
Type a word or two.”
Jazz Feylynn

Isaac Asimov
“Δεν φοβάμαι τους ηλεκτρονικούς υπολογιστές. Φοβάμαι την έλλειψή τους.”

Arno Allan Penzias
“Tα κομπιούτερ περιέχουν τόσο νοημοσύνη, όσο τα στερεοφωνικά συγκροτήματα περιέχουν μουσικά όργανα.”
Penzias arno

“That doesn't upset too many people, but the fact that accessibility restrictions don't enter into the picture has caused more than one otherwise pacifistic soul to contemplate distinctly unpacifistic actions.”
Scott Meyers, Effective C++: 55 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs

Tamara Kučan
“Ratovi ovog vremena ne zahtevaju izlazak na bojno polje. Ratovati se može bilo gde. Bilo kada. Sa bilo kim. Dovoljan je samo jedan link. Poljane pune leševa zamenile su platoforme na kojima se, umesto krvi, prolivaju tajne i ideje – duša čoveka i novac – krvotok mnogih ljudi. Domeni su postali nove teritorije. Plan rata je zamenjen precizno napisanim kodom. Obuka koju ratnici prolaze ne zahteva fizičku izdržljivost, već fokusiranost ratnika na tren koji može obrnuti planetu. Pobede, umesto jačima, pripadaju pametnijima. Iako bi neko pomislio da su ovakvi ratovi smešni jer ratnici ne gube živote niti krvare, ta pomisao jedna je od najvećih zabluda današnjice. Nož, sablja, top ili tenk... Nikada nisu razmišljali. Ratniku su pružali nadgradnju fizičke snage. Današnje oružje misli na identičan način kao ljudski mozak, ali se razvija znatno brže. Računar pamti čak i ono što čovek uspe da zaboravi. Ipak, ma kada bili i ma koliko različičiti bili... Rat je rat! Nikada nož nije ubijao. Ubijao je onaj koji drži nož. Ni kompjuter ne ubija. Ubija onaj koji sedi ispred njega.”
Tamara Kučan, PROFAJLER

Robert S. McNamara
“A computer does not substitute for judgment any more than a pencil substitutes for literacy. But writing ability without a pencil is
no particular advantage.”
Robert S. McNamara

Seymour Papert
“In many schools today, the phrase "computer-aided instruction" means making the computer teach the child. One might say the computer is being used to program the child. In my vision, the child programs the computer and, in doing so, both acquires a sense of mastery over a piece of the most modern and powerful technology and establishes an intimate contact with some of the deepest ideas from science, from mathematics, and from the art of intellectual model building.”
Seymour Papert, Mindstorms: Children, Computers, And Powerful Ideas

Brandon Villasenor
“Oversimplifying the cosmos just for a transaction of currency and holy spit, those heartless fucks with time to spare, with conceptual frameworks within the word becoming flesh once again upon remote islands our soul could never escape. So my question lies with my Spanish tongue, exploring the pitch black labyrinth where you listen to the deepest drums; hung on a single string wrapping up my skin in dead languages. Oversimplifying the 21st century with a single search, the awakening hatred boiling the oceans and cities; diving below the surface, witnessing underwater queens and goddesses drenched in my lovers scent and deadly sex untouched
by any depth.”
Brandon Villasenor, Prima Materia

Steven Magee
“Anyone can claim to be an expert in the world of the internet comments section.”
Steven Magee

Steven Magee
“If your face is being illuminated by your television or computer screen, then you should increase the illumination in your environment by moving closer to the window or by using filament light bulbs.”
Steven Magee

Steven Magee
“Using Twitter has been the root cause of the downfall of many people.”
Steven Magee

Inio Asano
“If you ever touch my computer again I will seriously kill you.”
Inio Asano, A Girl on the Shore

“Good software remain soft for End-users.”
Pacifique Bananeza

“Lavorava al computer portatile da ore ma non era riuscito a trovare nessun luogo che accendesse la fantasia. Sebbene vi fossero molti paradisi sommersi, ogni destinazione gli sembrava scontata.
Non era questione del dove, ad attirarlo era l'inesplorato. Non desiderava semplicemente cambiare residenza o abitudini: voleva dare un significato diverso alla sua esistenza.”
Emilio Alessandro Manzotti, Freccia

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