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Vincent Lowry
It starts at the keyboard,
and it ends at the far corners of the universe. --Paako”
Vincent Lowry, Constellation Chronicles: The Lost Civilization of Aries

Ludwig Wittgenstein
“Uttering a word is like striking a note on the keyboard of the imagination.”
Ludwig Wittgenstein

Gustave Flaubert
“As for the piano, the faster her fingers flew over it, the more he marveled. She struck the keys with aplomb and ran from one end of the keyboard to the other without a stop.”
Gustave Flaubert, Madame Bovary

Israelmore Ayivor
“Before someone will get the guts to monitor your life, he must get the keyboard of humility. To be a humble person, is a priority in leadership!”
Israelmore Ayivor, The Great Hand Book of Quotes

Jazz Feylynn
“One two, one two,
Type a word or two.
Arrow left, arrow right,
Keep those fingers nice and tight.
Keys up, Keys down,
Move those digits all around.
One two, one two,
Type a word or two.”
Jazz Feylynn

Douglas Coupland
“In the spirit of Ethan's neurosis, we made a drywall list of keyboard buttons we would like to see: PLEASE, THANK YOU, FUCK OFF, DIE, OOPS...MY MISTAKE, DO SOMETHING COOL AND SURPRISE ME .”
Douglas Coupland, Microserfs

Steven Magee
“People with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) are known to put their computer equipment several feet away from them with a large monitor on a big font and they use a wired USB keyboard and mouse to control it.”
Steven Magee, Curing Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

Ana Claudia Antunes
“Rules for navigating the net,
Or people will roll their eye
Lest you can't roll the R rect:
Literally, don´t dink and dive!”
Ana Claudia Antunes, ACross Tic

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“To increase the chances of a writer trying to kill themselves, cut off their hands.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

“Is every writer's keyboard a spill magnet?”
A.D. Posey

Hopal Green
“The letters in "try" on a keyboard are much closer than the letters in "quit". Never quit, keep trying and you will achieve your goals.”
Hopal Green, 101 Motivational Quotes: 101 Quotes To Inspire You In Your Daily Life

Octavian Soviany
“Stau și acum
în fața calculatorului.
Dar nu mai trăiesc.
Bat doar în taste.
Iar ele sună a gol.”
Octavian Soviany, șaizecișișase

Anthony T. Hincks
“Notes give me keys of expression.”
Anthony T. Hincks

Steven Magee
“I had a history of using company laptop computers since 1999 and my right hand would rest in the area of the keyboard that was above a high pulsating electromagnetic field the laptop computer was emitting. I was not surprised my right hand had developed issues.”
Steven Magee, Magee’s Disease