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“The pianokeys are black and white
but they sound like a million colors in your mind”
Maria Cristina Mena, The Collected Stories of Maria Cristina Mena

Robert Schumann
“When you play, never mind who listens to you.”
Robert Schumann

Marie Rutkoski
“Arin. I've wanted to do this for a long time."
Her words silenced him, steadied him.
Antecipation lifted within her like the fragance of a garden under the rain. She sat at the piano, touching the keys. "Ready?"
He smiled. "Play.”
Marie Rutkoski, The Winner's Kiss

Thelonious Monk
“The piano ain't got no wrong notes.”
Thelonious Monk

E.M. Forster
“The kingdom of music is not the kingdom of this world; it will accept those whom breeding and intellect and culture have alike rejected. The commonplace person begins to play, and shoots into the empyrean without effort, whilst we look up, marvelling how he has escaped us, and thinking how we could worship him and love him, would he but translate his visions into human words, and his experiences into human actions. Perhaps he cannot; certainly he does not, or does so very seldom.”
E.M. Forster, A Room with a View

Artur Schnabel
“The notes I handle no better than many pianists. But the pauses between the notes - ah, that is where the art resides.”
Artur Schnabel

Robert Schumann
“Play always as if in the presence of a master.”
Robert Schumann

Robert Schumann
“If, while at the piano, you attempt to form little melodies, that is very well; but if they come into your mind of themselves, when you are not practising, you may be still more pleased; for the internal organ of music is then roused in you. The fingers must do what the head desires; not the contrary.”
Robert Schumann

Anna Goldsworthy
“I tell you a secret about Chopin, piano is his best friend. More. He tells piano all his secrets.” - piano teacher Eleanora Sivan.”
Anna Goldsworthy, Piano Lessons: A Memoir

Francesca Lia Block
“Pianos, unlike people, sing when you give them your every growl. They know how to dive into the pit of your stomach and harmonize with your roars when you’ve split yourself open. And when they see you, guts shining, brain pulsing, heart right there exposed in a rhythm that beats need need, need need, need need, pianos do not run. And so she plays.”
Francesca Lia Block, Love Magick

Tori Amos
“Everybody told me this 'girl on the piano' thing was never going to work.”
Tori Amos

Bob Hope
“When she started to play, Steinway came down personally and rubbed his name off the piano. ”
Bob Hope

Edith Sitwell
“I wish the government would put a tax on pianos for the incompetent.”
Edith Sitwell

Vladimir Nabokov
“I dreamt of you last night - as if I was playing the piano and you were turning the pages for me.”
Vladimir Nabokov

Beth Fantaskey
“On the stage Tristen bent over the piano, his fingers swift and sure, his blond hair gleaming under the spotlight. I glanced around at the audience, watching their faces, gratified that they were as captivated as I was by the dark, thunderous song that Tristen conjured.”
Beth Fantaskey, Jekel Loves Hyde

Victor Borge
“(Referring to the piano's natural shape) Isn't it a shame when those big fat opera singers lean against the pianos and bend them?”
Victor Borge

Gustave Flaubert
“As for the piano, the faster her fingers flew over it, the more he marveled. She struck the keys with aplomb and ran from one end of the keyboard to the other without a stop.”
Gustave Flaubert, Madame Bovary

Debra Anastasia
“Listening to him play was like discovering an eagle in the wild. It was tumblingly bewitching. She could feel and hear genius she knew it.”
Debra Anastasia, Poughkeepsie

Kate Furnivall
“She always paid attention to fingers rather than faces because they told so much more. People remembered to guard their faces. They forgot their hands. Her own were small, though strong and supple from all the hours of piano playing, but what use was that now? For the first time she understood what real danger does to the human mind, as flat white fear froze the coils of her brain.”
Kate Furnivall, The Jewel of St. Petersburg

Matt Haig
“I have long convinced myself that the piano is like a drug, seductive and strong, and it can mess you up, it can awaken dead emotions, it can drown you in your lost selves. It is a nervous breakdown waiting to happen.”
Matt Haig, How to Stop Time

Frederick Weisel
“Do you know what the essential problem of the piano is?” he asked. He held me so his head was a few inches from my own. His eyes darted back and forth. “It is impossible to play continuously on a piano string like a violin. The problem is to sustain a note.”
Frederick Weisel, Teller

Lisa Kleypas
“You play with great skill," he said.
"Thank you."
"Is that your favorite piece?"
"It's my most difficult," Helen said, "but not my favorite."
"What do you play when there's no one to hear?"
The gentle question, spoken in that accent with vowels as broad as his shoulders, caused Helen's stomach to tighten pleasurably. Perturbed by the sensation, she was slow to reply. "I don't remember the name of it. A piano tutor taught it to me long ago. For years I've tried to find out what it is, but no one has ever recognized the melody."
"Play it for me."
Calling it up from memory, she played the sweetly haunting chords, her hands gentle on the keys. The mournful chords never failed to stir her, making her heart ache for things she couldn't name. At the conclusion, Helen looked up from the keys and found Winterborne staring at her as if transfixed. He masked his expression, but not before she saw a mixture of puzzlement, fascination, and a hint of something hot and unsettling.
"It's Welsh," he said.
Helen shook her head with a laugh of wondering disbelief. "You know it?"
"'A Ei Di'r Deryn Do.' Every Welshman is born knowing it."
"What is it about?"
"A lover who asks a blackbird to carry a message to his sweetheart."
"Why can't he go to her himself?" Helen realized they were both speaking in hushed tones, as if they were exchanging secrets.
"He can't find her. He's too deep in love- it keeps him from seeing clearly."
"Does the blackbird find her?"
"The song doesn't say," he said with a shrug.
"But I must know the ending to the story," Helen protested.
Winterborne laughed. It was an irresistible sound, rough-soft and sly. When he replied, his accent had thickened. "That's what comes o' reading novels, it is. The story needs no ending. That's not what matters."
"What matters, then?" she dared to ask.
His dark gaze held hers. "That he loves. That he's searching. Like the rest of us poor devils, he has no way of knowing if he'll ever have his heart's desire.”
Lisa Kleypas, Cold-Hearted Rake

Marcel Proust
“There is an inanimate object which has a capacity to exasperate which no human being will ever attain: a piano.”
Marcel Proust

Lucinda Riley
“The sun is on its descent as I watch it, its lustrous red-gold colors making the blue water beneath it look as if it is on fire. The sound of Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No. 3 drifts across the terrace, reaching a zenith as the sun plunges gracefully into the sea.
This is my favorite moment of the day here, when nature itself seems to be still, watching the spectacle of the King of the Day, the force it relies upon to grow and flourish, make its journey into sleep.
We are able to be here together far less than I'd like, so the moment is even more precious. The sun has gone now, so I can close my eyes and listen to Xavier playing. I have performed this concerto a hundred times, and I'm struck by the subtle differences, the nuances that make his rendition his own. Its stronger, more masculine, which is, of course, how it should be.”
Lucinda Riley, The Orchid House

Mitch Albom
“There are songs that you play that you have to restart, and songs that you play that you never get right. But when a song is complete, there is no more you can do.”
Mitch Albom, The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto

John Ciardi
“Translator's Note: When the violin repeats what the piano has just played, it cannot make the same sounds and it can only approximate the same chords. It can, however, make recognizably the same "music", the same air. But it can do so only when it is as faithful to the self-logic of the violin as it is to the self-logic of the piano.”
John Ciardi, Inferno

Lisa Halliday
“Jeg har altid misundt min brors affære med klaveret. Man kan mærke, når nogen ikke plages af tiden.”
Lisa Halliday, Asymmetry

Stephanie Laurens
“Delicate, hauntingly uncertain music floated out of the house. Vane heard it as he walked up from the stables. The lilting strains reached him, then wrapped about him, about his mind, sinking into his senses. They were a siren's song- and he knew precisely who was singing.
Halting on the graveled drive before the stable arch, he listened to the moody air. It drew him- he could feel the tug as if it was physical. The music spoke- of need, of restless frustration, of underlying rebellion.”
Stephanie Laurens, A Rake's Vow

André Aciman
“Oliver came up to me and asked me to play something on the piano.

'What would you like?' I asked.


This would be my thanks for the most beautiful evening of my life. I took a sip from my second martini, feeling as decadent as one of those jazz piano players who smoke a lot and drink a lot and are found dead in a gutter at the end of every film.”
André Aciman, Call Me by Your Name

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