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“When time furtively slips like sand through the fingers and our memory becomes tired and lazy, we recognize we are at war. We are at war with forgetfulness. ("The past was her best friend" )”
Erik Pevernagie

John Mark Green
“The way our fingers intertwine feels so natural and right; as if our hands hold memories of meeting in a thousand other lifetimes.”
John Mark Green

Robert Schumann
“If, while at the piano, you attempt to form little melodies, that is very well; but if they come into your mind of themselves, when you are not practising, you may be still more pleased; for the internal organ of music is then roused in you. The fingers must do what the head desires; not the contrary.”
Robert Schumann

J.D. Stroube
“Her soft trailing fingers would continue to attempt a connection that I refused to allow; that I couldn’t allow if I wanted to survive.”
J.D. Stroube, Caged in Darkness

Philip Pullman
“He let her do it, then looked around for his fingers. There they were, curled like a bloody quotation mark on the lead. He laughed.”
Philip Pullman, The Subtle Knife

Kamand Kojouri
“I was mistaken
when I said you
live in my heart.
How absurd I was
when you live in my
fingertips so that everything
I touch is you. How foolish
I was when you live in my toes
so that everywhere I go there's you.
How senseless of me to say
you live in my heart
when you breathe in my lungs,
walk on my mind, and
drink in my mouth. I came to
pen another poem for you,
but even every unwritten poem
is you.”
Kamand Kojouri

Kamand Kojouri
“Believe me when I say:
'Out of all those around,
she’s the best locksmith in town.'
Her stethoscope ears
know when the dials of your heart
click into place.
She’s been cutting keys for years.
You don’t stand a chance
with that flimsy case.
Alas, no matter how
you lock your heart—
bolt, fixture, and
she’s got nimble fingers
that pick locks for
Padlocks and deadbolts
are all in vain.
Why do you even bother
with that chain?
She’s way too smart.
Along with ours, she’ll have
your heart.
And you will see
that the best locksmith in town
is she.”
Kamand Kojouri

Markus Zusak
“As we walk back, it feels like the city is engulfing us. Adrenalin still pours through our veins. Sparks flow through to our fingers. We've still been running in the mornings, but the city's different then. It's filled with hope and with bristles of winter sunshine. In the evening, it's like it dies, waiting to be born again the next morning.”
Markus Zusak, Fighting Ruben Wolfe

Kate Furnivall
“She always paid attention to fingers rather than faces because they told so much more. People remembered to guard their faces. They forgot their hands. Her own were small, though strong and supple from all the hours of piano playing, but what use was that now? For the first time she understood what real danger does to the human mind, as flat white fear froze the coils of her brain.”
Kate Furnivall, The Jewel of St. Petersburg

Sanhita Baruah
“And truths, these days, are spoken
The same way promises are made,
With gritted teeth and crossed fingers.”
Sanhita Baruah

Will Advise
“Quinns always come at half price, about half the time, and half-naked, even during the colder half of winter. A Quinn is like a queen, but draggier, and cheaper to buy and use for personal gain, unless you’re suspicious that you’re poor and illiterate like Jarod Kintz, in which case Quinns could be the spirits of your dead relatives, come to haunt you until you gather a massive fortune through selling books on the internet, to send some back in time through a portal you bought from the NSA, so they would have lived better lives without having to move a finger for their fortune. Oh, yah, and since they aren’t - they’re blue, like smurfs, yet they turn purple whenever tickled on the belly, which is something they seem to rather dislike, since they start biting and scratching when it happens, for no good reason, I might add.”
Will Advise, Nothing is here...

Александър Вутимски
“По твойте пръсти въздухът гори.
Подай пламтящи рамене...”
Александър Вутимски

Akshay Vasu
“He slept under the sky, holding her hand, filling the gaps between her fingers and losing himself inside the soul in the course of counting the stars, she was hiding inside her eyes.”
Akshay Vasu

Akshay Vasu
“Love is when you start denying all the definitions it was given before and you start finding your own. It is when the other person craves to see your bare soul more than your bare skin. It is something that happens between souls, where the touch of their fingers on your skin lits fire to your soul and destroys you in the most beautiful way possible and makes you end up craving to be destroyed even more.”
Akshay Vasu

Akshay Vasu
“Holding you in my arms always feels like holding a musical instrument that I love the most, moving my fingers on your skin feels like playing it. And my soul closes its eyes and starts singing along with the music I start creating.”
Akshay Vasu

Christina Engela
“It’s a general rule – a law of space, as it was a law of the sea in the old days, that ships had to respond to distress calls. Unless of course it places their own lives in danger. Bearing this thought in mind, as you can probably tell by my writing, my fingers are beginning to tremble slightly.”
Christina Engela, Space Vacation

A.P. Sweet
“I spread my fingers outward,
letting the knife tip of my
middle finger rip the sky as
it tares a rift in the moon.”
A.P. Sweet, dead, but dreaming

“I promise to uphold the constitution of ...."
"Excuse me, Sir, but your fingers are crossed," the security advisor said.
"Oh, where was I? Oh yeah! I promise to pardon....”
Anthony T. Hincks

Evangeline Denmark
“Dip your fingers n the spring stream or lift your face to the summer rains. Listen for me in the winter wind I'll come back for you.”
Evangeline Denmark, The Ice Child: A Winter Fairy Tale

George R.R. Martin
“A man can make do with seven fingers. Seven is a sacred number.”
George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons

“We will join our palms together, fingers intertwined in each other, and look at the stars in the night sky!”
Avijeet Das

Ray Palla
“My hands are way too big to text. I’d need short hand for my hands. -Foot to Pad”
Ray Palla, H: Infidels of Oil

Alex Nye
“All around him the branches of the trees had frozen solid, reaching out white fingers of glass that looked as if they would shatter in any breeze, or chime like musical bells. The world looked strangely magical.”
Alex Nye, Chill

“It's when you hold on to the past that you let the future slip through your fingers.”
Anthony T. Hincks

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“Sometimes we can’t quite put our finger on something important because we’ve got all of our fingers wrapped around a bunch of other things that are not important.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

“It's when you cross your fingers that your thumbs take revenge.”
Anthony T. Hincks

“Fingers with no dexterity and legs too weak to walk, the result of old age and tired old bones.”
Ghillie, Shoal: A Thanet Writers Anthology

“It's when I'm all thumbs that I really wish that I had ten fingers.”
Anthony T. Hincks

“It's when your hands do the talking that your eyes do the listening.”
Anthony T. Hincks

“I can never count on numbers, especially when I've got my fingers & toes.”
Anthony T. Hincks

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