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Richelle Mead
“I sent a quick text to Adrian: I have a hickey! You can’t ever kiss me again. I honestly hadn’t expected him to be awake this early, so I was surprised to get a response: Okay. I won’t kiss you on your neck again.

So typical of him. No! You can’t ever kiss me ANYWHERE. You said you were going to keep your distance.

I’m trying, he wrote back. But you won’t keep your distance from me.

I didn’t dignify that with a response.”
Richelle Mead, The Indigo Spell

Ellen DeGeneres
“What’s not so great is that all this technology is destroying our social skills. Not only have we given up on writing letters to each other, we barely even talk to each other. People have become so accustomed to texting that they’re actually startled when the phone rings. It’s like we suddenly all have Batphones. If it rings, there must be danger.

Now we answer, “What happened? Is someone tied up in the old sawmill?”

“No, it’s Becky. I just called to say hi.”

“Well you scared me half to death. You can’t just pick up the phone and try to talk to me like that. Don’t the tips of your fingers work?”
Ellen DeGeneres, Seriously... I'm Kidding

Tammara Webber
“Lucas: I wanted to talk to you after class, but you disappeared.

Me: I have another class right after. One of those profs who stops talking, stares at you and waits until you get to your seat if you're late.

Lucas: I would probably just walk to my seat even slower. ;)”
Tammara Webber, Easy

Cat Patrick
“The boy in the closet is your boyfriend. He loves you and will tell you all about last night.”
Cat Patrick, Forgotten

Jennifer L. Armentrout
“I texted back: Did you make it home?
A few minutes passed while I stared at my phone. Yeah. Fam showering me with affection. U cld learn frm them.
I think you get enough attention.
I'm needy.
Boy, don't I know that.

Jennifer L. Armentrout, Wait for You

Jennifer L. Armentrout
What r u doing now?
I'm beating my dad at poker.

Picturing him with his family, I smiled.
Getting ready for bed.
Wish I was there.

My eyes widened. What the what?
Wait r u naked?
I sent back. Perv.
Damn, At least I have my imagination.
That's all you will ever have.
We'll c.
No you won't.

Jennifer L. Armentrout, Wait for You

Holly Smale
“1. You left a multipack of Mars Bars on top of your wardrobe. Can I have one? Dad x

2. I had three. Hope that's OK. Dad x

3. I'm just going to have one more. Dad x

4. Harriet, your Dad's made himself sick on an entire multipack of Mars Bars again. Please don't leave sweets where we can find them. A x”
Holly Smale, Model Misfit

Robin Sloan
“I sit up straight and do the first thing a person is supposed to do in an emergency, which is send a text message.”
Robin Sloan, Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore

Mark A. Rayner
“People who have so much of their personality invested in the Internet can’t really survive as whole individuals without it.”
Mark A. Rayner, The Fridgularity

“Was that semi-colon some kind of flirty wink or just bad punctuation?”
Azadeh Aalai

Brian Christian
“The more helpful our phones get, the harder it is to be ourselves. For everyone out there fighting to write idiosyncratic, high-entropy, unpredictable, unruly text, swimming upstream of spell-check and predictive auto-completion: Don't let them banalize you. Keep fighting.”
Brian Christian, The Most Human Human: What Talking with Computers Teaches Us About What It Means to Be Alive

Arden Aoide
“...what do you want to know?
Usual stuff. Serious relationships, age, whether you eat babies. :-D

I’m 30. I think babies are tasty, but empty calories, and I’ve had one long-term serious relationship...”
Arden Aoide, Club Dishabille

Jason Reynolds
“We had been texting for exactly thirteen minutes, asking random questions, trying to figure out if we knew any of the same people, or if we liked the same kind of music--the usual interview process you go through when you're trying to get the job as boyfriend.”
Jason Reynolds, The Boy in the Black Suit

Harriet Evans
“WHY did she do this? She was a terrible drunk texter. All the things she wanted to say to people during the day came out at night, like a vampire.”
Harriet Evans, Happily Ever After

Maria Elena
“You are the illness I will never cure. You are the poem I will never write. You are the thought I will never finish. You are the text I will never read.”
Maria Elena, Eternal Youth

Parul Wadhwa
“Abstract conversations are my favourite, for they unviel true convictions.”
Parul Wadhwa, The Masquerade

Amit Kalantri
“Texting is not talking and a phone is not a friend.”
Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

“She texted me 'I love you.'
I texted back 'I love you too.'
She then texted me 'I love you more.'
And I smiled reading her message and texted in reply 'No, I love you more.'
Then she texted me 'I love you infinity power infinity power infinity into infinity.'
I had no words to reply and smiled looking at her text!”
Avijeet Das

Paul Carlson
“Mek sat in the cab, doing some self-maintenance work. Instead of a verbal reply, I got a text message: SYLVATRONICS INDUSTRIAL UNIT A023 PROCESSING AN REINTEGRATION WILL BE COMPLETE IN 57 SECONDS. VERBAL COMMUNICATIONS WILL BE POSSIBLE IN ABOUT 65 SECONDS.

Oh well, I've caught rookie driving partners in the middle of all sorts of things. At least with robots you don't have to guess.”
Paul Carlson, Analog Science Fiction and Fact, June 2012

Stanley Victor Paskavich
“Hello, I'm Stan and I'm a textaholic I am powerless over my thumbs”
Stanley Victor Paskavich

Aziz Ansari
“The interesting thing about text is that, as a medium, it separates you from the person you are speaking with, so you can act differently from how you would in person or even on the phone.”
Aziz Ansari, Modern Romance

Chris Fabry
“I pulled out my phone as I hurried along and texted Abby, U OK? I had to stop while I texted because I am not a teenager.”
Chris Fabry, Not in the Heart

Aziz Ansari
“If I ever was texting frequently with someone and wanted to make an alias, I think I'd go with "Scottie Pippin." Then my friends who were peeking at my screen could be left wondering why I was texting with the former Chicago Bull star on the reg.”
Aziz Ansari, Modern Romance

“I hardly have a typo when I am drunk and texting! But, I will have enough typos when I am emotionally charged with love, lust, poetry and hope, and texting!”
Lukhman Pambra

Ray Palla
“My hands are way too big to text. I’d need short hand for my hands. -Foot to Pad”
Ray Palla, H: Infidels of Oil

C.D. Reiss
“My phone buzzed in the center console again.
"What's happening with this thing?" Dad grabbed it.
"Dad, really?" I didn't want him to see the texts between Dash and me. Awkward.
"He says he knew it."
The traffic opened up, and I went right on Sunset. "Please don't scroll."
"Knew what?"
"I have no idea, and I'm driving. So forget it for now."
"I'll ask him."
—Knew what?—
"Dad, really?" I snapped the phone away.
Ding ding.
I couldn't look. I was going thirty on Sunset and the lights were synchronized for a westward trip, so there would be no stopping at a red.
"Let me see," Dad said, hand out.
All I needed was for my father to see something about Dash's tongue on my pussy or the way I sounded when I came. So I pulled over.”
C.D. Reiss, HardBall

Teagan Hunter
“Me: Cake, brownies, ice cream? GO!
Zach: Yes.
Me: NO! Pick one! HURRY
Me: I’m at the store getting ready to check out and I NEED TO KNOW. I can’t decide. Help a cute, hangry girl out, would ya.
Zach: How about…a brownie cake with ice cream.
Me: I think I just came.
Zach: I am known for my skills.”
Teagan Hunter, Let's Get Textual

Lawrence Millman
“A few years later, in Inukjuak, I learned that SFU is the Inuit texting acronym for "snowmobile fucked up," and that POOS is the acronym for "passed out on snowmobile.”
Lawrence Millman, At the End of the World: A True Story of Murder in the Arctic

“Wow." Josh stopped and ran a hand over his shaved head. "I mean, yeah, there's no beating that. That's the Usain Bolt of embarrassing texts. That's made me feel a lot better, actually."
"Oh, good. Great. Glad my shit-show of a life could be of service.”
Tom Ellen & Lucy Ivison, Freshers

“And who would have ever thought we'd see a time when the period – the building block of our very language, punctuation-wise – would be able to transform an innocent one-line message into a seemingly threatening or aggressive imperative? An era when proper punctuation was, potentially, terrifying?”
Emmy Favilla

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