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Ranata Suzuki
“It’s painful, loving someone from afar.
Watching them – from the outside.
The once familiar elements of their life reduced to nothing more than occasional mentions in conversations and faces changing in photographs…..
They exist to you now as nothing more than living proof that something can still hurt you … with no contact at all.”
Ranata Suzuki

Juansen Dizon
“Every poem that I've created was yours. I thought they were mine, but they were yours. And I wish I could've kept them. And I wish I could've kept you.”
Juansen Dizon, Confessions of a Wallflower

“Oh man! You have no idea what you just did. You have made her stronger, incassable and unstoppable.”
Twinkle Sharma

Matshona Dhliwayo
“The saddest sound in the universe is made when the heart breaks.”
Matshona Dhliwayo

Sara Craven
“She clung to him, her hands raking at the smooth skin of her shoulders, the harsh hurry of her breathing matching his, her body poised on the edge of ecstasy, and realized with a kind of anguish that this was the last time she would ever fall through the stars to earth with him, and this agony of pleasure was their farewell to each other.”
Sara Craven, Alien Vengeance

“If you've been betrayed by someone. For your own sanity, associate the problem with the individual and not with the gender.”
Nicky Verd

“She: Why do I feel this deep pain in my heart?
He: It is natural for a human being to feel the pain of a broken heart!
She: Will I ever come out of this pain?
He Absolutely yes!
She: Are you sure?
He: Yes! Be patient! One fine day time will mend your broken heart!”
Avijeet Das

“When your heart is broken, acknowledge the heartbreak, but don't stay heartbroken.”
Gift Gugu Mona

Nicola Mar
“Opening your heart may mean breaking it for a short while, but that's the sacrifice we all make when we dare to dream of love.”
Nicola Mar, Roses by Moonlight

Neena H. Brar
“Was he not supposed to be suffering for what he did to my heart? I couldn’t bear the thought of him living his life somewhere as if nothing had happened. I wanted to find him, confront him, ask the reason for breaking my heart. But then, I realized it was pointless. He wouldn’t have any answers I wanted to hear. There was nothing out of character in his treachery.”
Neena H. Brar, Tied to Deceit

“The start of healing is when you acknowledge the pain.”
Conee Berdera

Trisha North

On our bed there is a blanket
It has been greeted by strangers
Become a desert to missiles
Filled with hurtful words and jealousy
A pitched hillside
Where hunched backs lay unmoving
I’ve crawled into its darkness
Night after night
Dove into the wreckage
With my lantern
Hoping for some light
At the end of this silent tunnel
I’ve spooned with the grief
Sifted through the ashes of our love
Been reduced to the seasons
Where people watch our bones
As they lie down exposed
Through our transparent cover
Still warm among the cold winds
But heavy with self-deception
On our bed there is a blanket
It has been greeted by strangers
Become a desert to missiles
Filled with hurtful words and jealousy
A pitched hillside
Where hunched backs lay unmoving”
Trisha North, Safe: The Places I Go in My Head to Feel Acceptance & Peace


You made me laugh,
And I forgot all the tears.
You helped me up,
And I forgot the times
You let me down.
You were hatred,
Just as surely as
You were love.
You were everything right
And everything wrong—
Humility and
And kindness,
Approval and
You were everything
And nothing.
I had to let you go,
And it freed me.
Still, I’m sad,
For I know
Who you might have been.
I know you so well…
But you do not know me.”
Kyrian Lyndon, Remnants of Severed Chains

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