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Dorothy Parker
“I like to have a martini,
Two at the very most.
After three I'm under the table,
after four I'm under my host.”
Dorothy Parker, The Collected Dorothy Parker

Jack Kerouac
“I believe in order, tenderness, and piety.”
Jack Kerouac

Elizabeth Gaskell
“Oh dear! A drunken infidel weaver! said Mr. Hale to himself.”
Elizabeth Gaskell, North and South

Maureen Johnson
“One of them hung a pink bra from our lighting fixture. I left it there. It was a nice bra”
Maureen Johnson, The Name of the Star

Leslie Jamison
“I loved the full heat of being drunk, like I was made of melting chocolate and spreading in all directions.”
Leslie Jamison, The Gin Closet

J.D. Robb
“It all jibed, and the books would close on Jasper as death by misadventure. Unofficially, Eve labeled it death by stupidity, but there wasn't a place on the sheet for that particular observation. - Lt. Eve Dallas on a drunk fall off the roof”
J.D. Robb, Visions in Death

Sarah Dunn
“I am consciously surrendering conciousness.”
Sarah Dunn, The Big Love

Kim Dong Hwa
“What they lack in stature, they make up for with their mouths.”
Kim Dong Hwa, The Color of Earth

Tara Sivec
“I'm sorry, but why does Claire know how to take a punch? I'm not sure I like where this is going," Carter said nervously.

"Well, last year Jim made us watch Fight Club for like, the ten- thousandth time. And while I’m all for a little shirtless Brad Pitt action, Claire and I decided to take a shot every time Edward Norton talked in third person. By about twenty minutes in, we were trashed. I don't know whose idea it was, but Claire and I started our own fight club in the living room," Liz explained.

"It was your idea, Liz. You stood up in front of me, lifted your shirt and said "Punch me in the stomach as hard as you can, fucker.”
Tara Sivec, Seduction and Snacks

Harriet Evans
“WHY did she do this? She was a terrible drunk texter. All the things she wanted to say to people during the day came out at night, like a vampire.”
Harriet Evans, Happily Ever After

Charles Bukowski
“She says Thomas drank himself to death because he felt his talent was waning. Bullshit. Thomas drank himself to death for the same reason that I do: he loved his drink, it lifted him where he belonged, where we all belong, where we all should be if the stream of people weren’t such asses and didn’t believe in homes and new cars and all that junk.”
Charles Bukowski

Peter Ackroyd
“I asked him what he said, for there was such a mish-mash of Conversation around us that I could scarcely understand him - the frequenters of Taverns have Hearts of Curd and Souls of Milk Sop, but they have Mouths like Cannons which stink of Tobacco and their own foul Breath as they cry What News? What's a Clock? Methinks it's Cold to Day! Thus is it a Hospital For Fools”
Peter Ackroyd, Hawksmoor

R.S. Burnett
“I only just met you, I can’t lick you when I don’t even know you”
R.S. Burnett, Wanna Bet?

R.S. Burnett
“I don’t reply. Surely Tucker wouldn’t bring someone back to a room knowing that I’ll be in the bed too, first shot. He wouldn’t do anything with her after last night, this morning and this afternoon, second shot. Although he is all over her and has been since we got here, third shot. Maybe I didn’t drop my knickers quick enough, fourth shot. He’s probably laughing at me for everything I told him about the dream and stuff I wince and slam the now empty jager bomb glass down.”
R.S. Burnett, Wanna Bet?

Jill Barnett
“Merrick swilled down the rest of his ale. A strange heat traveled from his belly to loins to his head. ’Twas like his blood came alive.…

…Since Clio was the bride, they toasted her lips, and her hips. They drank to her eyes, and her thighs. Her luscious meal fare and her glorious hair. Her small nose and her bare toes.

But even Merrick was surprised when he himself stood and bellowed, “Here’s to Lady Clio with her mouth full of sass.” … He grinned, then raised his cup high. “And her small, tight ass.”
Jill Barnett, Wonderful

Paula Hawkins
“Yesterday – sensible, clear-headed, right-thinking – I decided I must accept that my part in this story was over. But my better angels lost again, defeated by drink, by the person I am when I drink. Drunk Rachel sees no consequences, she is either excessively expansive and optimistic or wrapped up in hate.”
Paula Hawkins, The Girl on the Train

Michael  Grant
“He reached over and took Taylor’s hand. She did not pull her hand away.
He moved his hand up her arm. She stiffened a little and glanced around, making sure they weren’t seen. Or, maybe, hoping they were.
His hand reached her neck. He leaned toward her and pulled her to him.
He kissed her.
She kissed him back.
He kissed her harder. And she slid her hand under his shirt, fingers stroking his bare flesh.
Then he pulled away, fast.
“Sorry, I . . .” He hesitated, his wallowing brain arguing against a body that was suddenly aflame.
Sam stood up very suddenly and walked away.
Taylor laughed gaily at his back. “Come see me when you get tired of mooning over the ice princess, Sam.”
Michael Grant, Plague

“I hardly have a typo when I am drunk and texting! But, I will have enough typos when I am emotionally charged with love, lust, poetry and hope, and texting!”
Lukhman Pambra

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