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“Maybe the truth is, there's a little bit of loser in all of us. Being happy isn't having everything in your life be perfect. Maybe it's about stringing together all the little things.”
Ann Brashares, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Erin Morgenstern
“She turns her head, Bailey catches her eye, and she smiles at him. Not in the way that one smiles at a random member of the audience when one is in the middle of performing circus tricks with unusually talented kittens but in the way that one smiles when one recognizes someone they have not seen in some time.”
Erin Morgenstern, The Night Circus

Linda Howard
“What are you doing?” she cried in protest.

“Playing,” he said, the single word rough, almost guttural.”
Linda Howard, Up Close and Dangerous

Jennifer Echols
“I continued to move my fingers across his skin exactly as I had before, but I needed to make a decision. I had reached for him, but I could back out of it by trailing my fingers down his arm and settling my hand in his, like I wanted us to be friends.
I didn't want us to be friends.
Ever so slowly, I slid my hand up his sleeve, across his shoulder, and up his neck to cradle his jaw, prickly with stubble.”
Jennifer Echols, Dirty Little Secret

Erin Morgenstern
“I read for someone a week ago,” she says. “He was young, younger than I was when I met you. Tall in the way of someone who is not yet used to being tall.”
Erin Morgenstern, The Night Circus

Riley  Murphy
“The women I’m attracted to have to know their worth. That measurement can only be weighed from the inside, and when that’s taken into account and she truly appreciates it? Everything on the outside of her becomes an asset.”
Riley Murphy, Stare Her Down

R.G. Alexander
“He could write an epic poem about her ass. And all the ways he wanted to defile it.”
R.G. Alexander, Three Sinful Wishes
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“Life equates to being fairly simple at times. Although we have the tendency and unbelievable ability to complicate things. So I suggest we go to the basics. Do unto others as you would have others do unto your children. Yes, your children. Because they are the ones that will be left behind to live their lives in the world that we have created.”
Joe Bailey

Riley  Murphy
“A woman’s magnetism is not a body measurement.”
Riley Murphy, Stare Her Down

Riley  Murphy
“A woman’s sex appeal has more to do with what other people think she has than what she actually has. It’s the relationship and reputation she has with herself that I find desirable.”
Riley Murphy, Stare Her Down

Bijou Hunter
“How will I choose?” she finally muttered.
“Pick something that doesn’t make you look like a slut. That’ll narrow it down,” Bailey said, now frowning at a headless mannequin wearing a tiny wedding dress with a long train. “Oh, and stay away from too much lace. Don’t want to look like someone’s grandma.”
A wide-eyed Farah looked at me as I took her hand. “This is fun. We’re going to look at them all and pick our favorites. Then, you’ll try them on and narrow them down. With so many to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect dress.”
“I just don’t want to look like I’m trying too hard.”
“You’re an idiot,” Bailey snorted. “Trying too hard to what?”
“Look fancy.”
“You’re wearing a fucking wedding dress. You’re supposed to look fancy. It’s not like you’re ever getting married again. If things don’t work out with Coop, he’ll never let you go. Nope, you’ll be heading for a shallow grave.” While Farah rolled her eyes, I stared at Bailey who shrugged. “Too honest?
“Is that a real question?”
Bailey grinned. “What I meant to say was Farah and Cooper are so fucking perfect for each other that they’ll never get divorced, so she should wear the fanciest damn dress she can find. It’s what I would do if I was once dirt poor and now had money.”
“Great effort, but you lost a little bit of your fake niceness at the end.”
Bailey grinned. “Great effort is still something.”
“Yes, it is,” I said, taking Farah’s hand. “Let’s start narrowing things down. I’ll show you a dress and you decide if it’s too poofy or not poofy enough. We’ll eventually hit the right level of poofy.”
Farah laughed. “I want a good amount of poofy. It’s rare that a girl can be poofy without looking stupid.”
“Maddy will be poofy no matter what she wears,” Bailey said as Maddy entered with Jodi and Sawyer. “I don’t even know how she can get a bridesmaid dress if she’s going to swell up more before the wedding.” Everyone frowned at Bailey who glanced at me then back at Maddy and added, “You’re swelling with the gift of life.”
Maddy laughed. “Was that you being nice?”
“That was me trying, yes.”
Bijou Hunter, Damaged and the Knight

Bijou Hunter
“Cooper grinned. “You should listen to me, man. After all, I’ve got a way with the ladies.”
When Judd said nothing, I realized he wasn’t even looking at Cooper. Everyone followed his gaze until we realized he was glaring at Mac.
Tucker laughed for the simple reason that he was hammered. Maddy rubbed his face and they started making out.
Bailey rolled her eyes. “What did Mac do? Should I kick his ass?”
Cooper patted his sister. “You could so take him too, midget.”
Nuzzling Judd, I ignored Cooper tugging my shirt as if to separate me from my man.
“I never liked him even a little bit.”
“You touched his arm.”
Bailey stepped closer and slapped Cooper’s hand off me. “Judd, the only way to make things right is to cut off Mac’s arm and feed it to our dogs.”
“Sounds about right,” Judd muttered, still glaring at Mac who moved around the large packed family room as if trying to dodge the eyes on him.
“Bailey,” I whispered, giving her the look.
“What I meant was that Tawny is all kinds of loyal and shit, so cutting off Mac’s arm, while fun, isn’t necessary. Trust your woman.”
“I do trust her,” Judd muttered. “I still want to stab Mac’s face.”
“Yeah, that takes me back,” Cooper said, grinning at Farah who frowned. Rolling his eyes, he sighed. “Trust your woman. You know, what the dipshit said.”
“Don’t call her a dipshit,” I told Cooper who glared down at me. “I’m not having a staring contest with you.”
“Cause you’d lose.”
“Farah,” I said and she wrapped her arms around Cooper who sighed.  
Seeing a way to fix my other problem, I hugged Judd to me. As he looked down and grinned, I murmured, “Pay attention to me.”
Exhaling hard, Judd caressed my face. “Sorry, but that guy had your fingers on him. I feel like I should make an example of him, but I won’t. That wouldn’t be respectable.”
Bailey leaned in and whispered, “Are you training him too?”
“I’m training everyone,” I whispered back.”
Bijou Hunter, Damaged and the Knight

Bijou Hunter
“Lark wrapped an arm around me and started to speak until Bailey’s startled voice interrupted us. A huge football player had her pinned against the wall and she was yelling for him to back off. Instead, he crowded her more while playing with her blonde hair.
“Hey!” I yelled as Lark and I rushed over.
Six four and wide shouldered, the guy was wasted and angry at the interruption. “Fuck off, bitches,” he muttered.
Bailey clawed at his neck, but he had her pinned in a weird way, so she couldn’t get any leverage.
While I was ready to jump on him in a weak attempt to save my friend, someone shoved the football player off Bailey. I hadn’t even seen the guy appear, but he stood between Bailey and the pissed jerk.
“Fuck off, man,” the asshole said. “She’s mine.”
“Nick,” Bailey mumbled, looking ready to cry. “He humped my leg. Crush his skull, will ya?”
Nick frowned at Bailey who was leaning on him now.
The football player was an inch or two bigger than Nick and outweighed him by probably fifty pounds. Feeling the fight would be short, the asshole reached for Bailey’s arm and Nick nailed the guy in the face. To my shock, the giant asshole collapsed on the ground.
“My hero,” Bailey said, looking ready to puke. She caressed Nick’s biceps and asked, “Do you work out?”
Running his hands through his dark wavy hair, Nick laughed. “You’re so wasted.”
“And you’re like the Energizer Bunny,” she cooed. “My bro said you took a punch, yet kept on ticking.”
Nick started to speak then heard the asshole’s friends riled up.
I was too drunk to know if everything happened really quickly or if my brain just took awhile to catch up.
The guys rushed Nick who dodged most of them and hit another. The room emptied out except for Nick, the guys, and us. I grabbed a beer bottle and threw it at one of the guys shoving Nick.
When the bottle hit him in the back, the bastard glared at me. “You want to fight, bitch?”
“Leave her alone,” Nick said, kicking one guy into the jerk looking to hit me.
As impressive as Nick was against six guys, he was just one guy against six. A losing bet, he took a shot to the face then the gut. Lark grabbed a folding chair and went WWE on one guy. I was tossing beers in the roundabout direction of the other guys. Yet, Bailey was the one who ended the fight by pulling out a gun.
“Back the fuck off or I’ll burn this motherfucking house to the ground!” she screamed then fired at a lamp. Everyone stopped and stared at her. When she noticed me wide-eyed, Bailey frowned. “Too much?”
Grinning, I followed Lark to the door. Nick followed us while the assholes seemed ready to piss themselves. Well, except for an idiot who looked ready to go for Bailey’s gun.
"Dude,” Nick muttered, “that’s Bailey Fucking Johansson. Unless you want to end up in a shallow grave, back the fuck off.”
“What he said!” Bailey yelled, waving her gun around before I hurried her out of the door. The cold air sobered up Bailey enough for her to return the gun to her purse. She was still drunk enough to laugh hysterically as we reached the SUV.
“Did you see me kill that lamp?”
“You did good,” I said, groggy as my adrenaline shifted to nausea and the alcohol threatened to come back up on me.
Nick walked us to the SUV. “Next time, you might want to wave the gun around before you get drunk and dance.”
“Don’t tell me what to do,” Bailey growled, crawling into the backseat. Then, realizing he saved her, she crawled back to face him. “You were so brave. I should totally get you off as a thank you."
“Maybe another time,” he said, laughing as she batted her eyes at him. “Are you guys safe to drive?”
Lark nodded. “I’m sober enough to remember everything tomorrow. Trust me that there’ll be mocking.”
Bijou Hunter, Damaged and the Knight

Jenn Bennett
“But the thing he doesn’t know, the thing that shocks even me, is that I’m not the gentle guardian spirit; I’m the hungry shark. And I fear his arm won’t be enough. I want all of him.”
Jenn Bennett, Alex, Approximately

Riley  Murphy
“She knew it wasn’t right, but this was the second time in her life when hurting a man’s feelings trumped assuaging her own.”
Riley Murphy, Stare Her Down

Bijou Hunter
“Laughing, Bailey still put on a little frown. “I want a man to cuddle.”
Tucker stopped kissing Maddy long enough to look at Bailey. “Everyone needs love. Even the dipshit. I’ll find someone for you.” Tucker looked around. “How high are your standards?”
Bailey opened her mouth and I knew a tirade of profanity was coming.
Before she got started, I hugged her to me. “Tuck wants to help you. It’s his asshole way of showing his love. Tell him thank you and we’ll train him to be less of a jerk.”
Bailey took a deep breath and nodded. “Thank you, Tucker.”
A sober Tucker might have teased his sister, but the drunken version hugged her and told her that he would find someone great. Hot, big dick, money, good hair, the whole package.
Cooper frowned at both me and Farah. “You two are having an adverse influence on the family. Fucking Sawyer said thank you earlier today. What’s next? Will she say please?”
Grinning, Farah cuddled up to Cooper.”
Bijou Hunter, Damaged and the Knight

Bijou Hunter
“Ignoring all the whispering couples around him, Vaughn taught me to bowl while I faked like I cared. We were both on the outs and I suspected he wanted to find a new buddy now that Judd was attached to his angel. Every time Tawny laughed, Vaughn’s frown darkened.
“You should be happy for them,” I said as he guided me towards the alley.
“I am. Fucking overwhelmed with happiness. Now, pay attention.” When I flinched at his tone, Vaughn sighed. “It gets boring when your best friend is busy mating like a rabbit.”
“My best friend ditched me too, so I found new friends. Maybe you should too.”
“Crap no. Sounds like too much effort.”
I grinned. “You could play with Bailey. Here, she comes.”
Vaughn didn’t even glance at the arriving blonde who threw her hands in the air. “I got dumped again! Men suck! I hate them all!” she cried, enjoying a hug from Tawny. “Who wants to set me up now?”
“I thought you hated men,” Tucker mumbled with his mouth full of a hot dog.
“I do, but one of them has got to work, right? Everyone in the world gets someone good, but I get shit. It’s not fair. I’m nicer than anyone ever.”
This comment elicited laughter from the crew including Vaughn who took my bowling ball and rolled it for me.
“Look,” he said,” you got a strike. I’m an excellent teacher.”
“Best ever.”
Bijou Hunter, Damaged and the Cobra

Bijou Hunter
“Men suck,” Bailey said, nodding supportively then frowning at Vaughn. “Why do you suck so much? Too much ball toxins?”
“Sounds about right,” he muttered, rolling another strike. “Girls get PMS. Guys get ball toxins. Common knowledge.”
Bijou Hunter, Damaged and the Cobra

Bijou Hunter
“What are we talking about?” Tawny asked as Judd rolled a ball, knocked over a few pins, then frowned like he might knock the others over with his angry glare.
“Aaron’s going to fix her tat,” Bailey explained while Cooper and Farah wandered off.
“He’s an artist,” Tawny cooed. “He made this angel on Judd.”
After Tawny showed me Judd’s arm, she put her hand back to where she had a gorgeous tattoo of a fallen angel. “He’s very talented,” she added.
“I’m excited to get my butterfly finished.”
“He’ll do a great job,” Bailey reassured, taking a ball from Vaughn and rolling it into the wrong alley. “Oops.”
“Be nice or I won’t be nice,” Bailey warned, glaring up at him.
“I love feisty women,” he said, smirking down at her.
“Not interested. Blond men are usually stupid. Just look at my brothers. Anyway, I don’t want a dumbass loser. I want a smartass winner.”
“You deserve nothing less,” I said and Bailey smiled at me like I was amazing.”
Bijou Hunter, Damaged and the Cobra

Bijou Hunter
“In a booth, Bailey sat next to Vaughn while frowning at her drink. “I need a man!” she declared when she saw me.
Vaughn glanced at her and sighed. “I’ll do you, but no names.”
Bailey didn’t get it, but I laughed while Cooper acted irritated.
Aaron kissed the top of my head then walked over to get us drinks.
“Why can’t I trap a man into a relationship like you bitches?” she asked with complete seriousness.
“Your subtly turns men off,” Vaughn answered when I just smiled. “Bailey, maybe you could try being more obvious in your need to trap a man. Like wear a shirt with lots of exclamation marks.”
“Shut up, fuckhead. You don’t have anyone either.”
“I have plenty of anyones.”
“Whores aren’t attractive.”
Vaughn grinned. “You make it too easy sometimes, B.”
Cooper frowned. “Don’t even think of saying what you’re thinking.”
“What we’re all thinking.”
Bailey frowned at me. “What the fuck are they talking about?”
“It’s one of those things that only makes sense when you have ball toxins.”
Bailey smiled and nodded. “That happens a lot around me. Want to dance?”
“Not really.”
“Because you might puke?”
“Why would she puke?” Vaughn asked, shoving a pretzel in Bailey’s mouth.
Cooper rolled his eyes. “Aaron can’t use a condom properly.”
Returning just in time for his friend’s comment, Aaron sighed dramatically. “I just have powerful sperm.”
“I was on the pill too,” I said, sticking my tongue at Cooper who grinned. “His mighty sperm didn’t care though.”
“You idiots don’t get how the pill works,” Vaughn said before realizing he sounded like a chick about to discuss her period. “Well, congrats, Aaron. You are now officially whipped like a bitch. How does it feel?”
Aaron answered by kissing me like we might fuck right there.”
Bijou Hunter, Damaged and the Cobra

Bijou Hunter
“Farah looked freaked out until Tawny hugged her and the tension faded from her face. A minute later, the table cloth lifted and Bailey appeared with beer bottles in her hands. “I figured you’d need booze to deal with the boredom of hiding.”
“I can’t drink,” Farah said. “I’m off the pill and trying to get knocked up.”
“I am knocked up. I also don’t like that brand of beer.”
Handing the beers to Tawny, Bailey nodded. “Be back in a sec.” A minute later, Bailey returned with two cans of Coke for Farah and me.
“So what are we talking about?” Bailey asked.
“Men needing to protect their women,” I explained.
“Lame. Talk about something I can join in on. What’s your sister like? Is she hotter than me?”
“I hate her and you should tell her to watch out. If I see her, that pretty face is dead meat.”
Grinning, I cuddled up with her as the table shook from fighting bodies knocking against it.
“You’re having a baby?” she asked, wrapping her arms around me. “Everyone is getting married or having babies.”
“Raven isn’t,” I said as Farah peeked out from under the table cloth to check on Cooper. She smiled and returned to her spot. “Judd and Aaron have stripped Mac down and are shoving him out the door.”
Tawny laughed. “Judd finally got to punish Mac for letting me touch his arm months ago. Good for him.”
Laughing, I leaned my head against Bailey. “Raven has bad taste in men. Going out with her will be great for you. If Raven likes someone, you’ll know he’s a loser. So she’ll distract all the shitty guys from you.”
“Huh. And she’s hot, so she’ll draw guys to us. I think she might be my new best friend,” Bailey said, taking a swig. ‘Don’t be jealous. I just need a man because all of the kissing and fucking and marrying and baby making you guys keep doing. I can’t be the only one alone and Vaughn doesn’t count because he’ll be dead in a few months and shouldn’t be dating anyway.”
We all frowned at Bailey who shrugged. “Those Devils fuck are going to kill him or he’ll try to kill them and get killed. Why do you think they call him Dead Man Walking?”
“You’re bumming me out,” I told her while finishing my soda. “I wish Aaron was here.”
“As you wish,” Aaron said, leaning down. “Look at you pretty girls hiding under here.”
“We’re not hiding,” I said, crawling out. “We’re planning our attack. You know, just in case you couldn’t handle things.”
When Aaron grinned, I noticed blood on his lip. “You’re hurt.”
“You should see the other guys.”
Glancing around, I noticed Mac’s friend was propped up on the pool table and the other guys were throwing pretzels and peanuts at him. In the corner, Kirk and Jodi sat as if on their porch drinking lemonade and admiring the sunset.
“My hero,” I said, caressing the cobra.
“Are you talking to me or the tattoo?”
“Both, baby. Always both.”
Bijou Hunter, Damaged and the Cobra

Bijou Hunter
“Aaron lifted me up onto his hips and I knew we weren’t staying.
“We just got here,” I murmured against his cheek.
“Don’t you think Judd and Coop will take their women home to celebrate?”
Glancing around, I noticed Tawny high fiving Judd who looked pretty proud about his revenge on Mac. Nearby, Farah was squeezing Cooper’s flexed muscles. None of them were planning to stay at the bar.
“Are you okay, Bailey?” I asked as Aaron started for the door.
“Sure, I’ll just hang out and pretend Vaughn is charming. It’ll be good practice for the next loser I date.”
A grinning Vaughn patted the spot next to him in a booth. As the blonds got comfy, Aaron carried me to the Harley and sat me on the seat.
“You saved me from mean words,” I teased as he felt me up in the spot Mac thought I needed help.
“No one messes with my girl.”
“Mighty sperm and powerful fists. Plus, you can cook and paint and write poems and a million other qualities. I’ve hit pay dirt.”
“I need to get you home,” he said and I sensed the ride would be uncomfortable for him. As I wrapped my arms around his waist, he started the Harley.
“Raven bought headphones, so we can fuck really loud and she won’t be bothered.”
“The best houseguest ever,” Aaron said over his shoulder.
As we sped away, I noticed Judd chasing a laughing Tawny to the parking lot. Cooper strutted out with Farah clinging to him. Everyone was happy except for a naked Mac tied to a tree in what I assumed was the club’s version of a time out.”
Bijou Hunter, Damaged and the Cobra

Bijou Hunter
“Bailey sat on the edge of the couch and fed Maddy grapes. The very swollen mommy-to-be initially complained about being fed like a pet. Eventually, she gave in and enjoyed the attention. Not to be outdone, Sawyer turned a fan towards Maddy and was painting her nails. I watched them baby her and wondered about when I would be that big and uncomfortable.
“I’m in no hurry to have a baby,” Tawny said, maybe for the tenth time since arriving. “Not in any hurry at all.”
Farah grinned from where she was cutting carrots into little perfect sticks for dipping. “Coop is obsessed with getting me pregnant. First, his little brother is about to have a baby then his best friend. I swear whenever we’re alone, he’s inside me,” she said then her smile grew. “It’s awesome.”
“Huh,” Tawny muttered. “Judd is in me all the time too and not because he’s trying to plant his flag or lay his seed or whatever.”
“Jealous?” Farah asked and Tawny fake glared at her.
“Sometimes, my sister irritates me too,” I said and they both laughed.
“I’m going to brush the baby’s hair,” Bailey announced to no one in particular. “When she’s old enough, I’m going to put those little barrettes in her hair and make her wear headbands and turn her into a doll. Then when she cries, I’m giving her back to Maddy.”
“Yeah for me,” Maddy whispered with her eyes closed.
“Are you suffering?” Bailey asked. “Like should I do more for you to ease away the horror of how huge you’ve become?”
Opening her eyes a crack, Maddy muttered, “Stop charming me.”
Bailey grinned. “Seriously, you look pretty miserable today.”
“I’ve been having those Braxton Hicks contractions since yesterday.”
“Is that bad?” Sawyer asked, looking up from her meticulous work on Maddy’s toes. “Is it like hemorrhoids?”
When we laughed, Sawyer beamed, even though she likely had no idea what was funny.
“They’re like practice contractions,” Maddy explained. “They don’t hurt much, but they’re uncomfortable.”
Bailey frowned. “How do you know all this stuff?”
“I read a book.”
“Yeah, I did that once. Not a fan.”
“You guys don’t have to hang out here,” Maddy said. “The guys are out having fun and you’re pampering me. You could go to the movies if you want.”
“No,” Bailey said quickly. “I need to be super nice because I had a dream that being nice will lead to a handsome awesome guy who is the fucker. I want that guy. He belongs to me and I’m sick of waiting, so shut up and let me be nice to you.”
“Sure,” Maddy said, sighing. “This is nice, but I’m going to have to pee soon.”
“Do you need me to carry you?” Bailey asked.
“Maybe. Ask me in a few minutes.”
Bijou Hunter, Damaged and the Cobra

Bijou Hunter
“I like the carrot cake,” Maddy announced and Tucker nodded.
“Fucking hillbillies,” I muttered. “We really do love our carrot cake.”
Bijou Hunter, Damaged and the Dragon

Bijou Hunter
“I’m planning to go redneck chic with the wedding,” Maddy announced, looking through the racks of dresses.
“What the hell is that?”
“Redneck chic is a nice way of saying I have bad taste, but I’m embracing it.”
Sizing up Maddy’s blonde girl next door beauty, I found her dressed normal. “Bad taste how? Is this about Tucker because, yeah, I see it?”
Maddy rolled her blue eyes then walked to the next rack. “Tucker is gorgeous. He’s the classiest part of my life.”
Nearby, Raven burst into laughter to the point of nearly pissing herself. I didn’t blame her since we’d all seen Tucker fall off chairs and struggle with push/ pull doors. Classy, he was not.
Bijou Hunter, Damaged and the Dragon

Bijou Hunter
“Can I come?” Sawyer asked, appearing from the yard.
“We don’t know where we’re going.”
“I don’t care. Tuck is bringing the baby over. It’ll cry and everyone will pay attention to it and ignore me.”
“I know the feeling of being replaced,” Bailey said, smirking at her sister. “Little kids suck.”
Sawyer rolled her eyes and looked at me. “Can I come?”
“What do you want to do?”
“We could barhop and scope out hot guys.”
I frowned at Bailey who shrugged. “I didn’t teach her that.”
Bijou Hunter, Damaged and the Outlaw

Bijou Hunter
“Figuring I might entertain myself with heckling, I walked to the bar. I never made it through the door. Instead, I leaned against the doorway, crossed my arms, and enjoyed the spectacle of Raven, Bailey, and Sawyer singing horribly along with Steve Perry.
The three blondes sang their talentless hearts out with Sawyer on a stool in the middle. Bailey wasn’t singing as much as yelling to the music. Sawyer was talking the song. Raven though was really trying to sound good. Unfortunately, her sexy voice didn’t translate well into song.
The few people in the bar clapped when the song ended. Mainly because Bailey and Raven were hot.
Sawyer ran to the bar and ordered a beer. The bartender nodded and gave her a big glass of root beer. She winked at him and told Bailey to pay the man. The kid was going to rule the world one day.”
Bijou Hunter, Damaged and the Outlaw

Bijou Hunter
“I remained with Lark in the hospital room until Aaron arrived out of breath from running.
“My muse,” he said, taking her hand.
Leaving them alone to prepare for the surgery, I walked into the waiting room. Cooper patted the chair next to him and I joined him.
“She’ll be okay,” he said, sounding convincing.
I didn’t feel like talking, so I texted Dylan, Harlow, Mom, and Dad to let them know what was happening. Cooper spoke quietly on the phone with Farah who was on her way with Tawny.
First, Dick and Maryann arrived then Raven not long afterwards with Bailey.
“We were shopping when you called,” Bailey announced as Raven hurried to Lark’s room.
Joining her brother, Bailey tapped her foot and stared at the door. “How long will it take?”
“Patience,” Cooper muttered then returned to talking with Farah.
Bailey changed seats, so she was next to me. “Don’t be scared. Pixies are powerful creatures.”
Smiling softly, I took Bailey’s hand and waited.”
Bijou Hunter, Damaged and the Bulldog

Tracie Daily
“With Angela's help I'd become much more confidant in my abilities yet I still didn't know who I was, what music I liked or felt stable enough to set my home up as a home and why was I training? It made me feel better but it wasn't leading to a fight so what was the point? I let the art therapy or self work as I'd started calling it slack and I'd stopped meditating. Before I knew it I was taking the late night parties home with me. Just a small bottle of baileys of a night and then within weeks I was getting up hungover, going for a run and picking up more on the way home. I'd just survived, I'd won at everything and who cared? What did it change? One night I fell off a P.C chair and cracked a rib because I'd drank tequila too fast,”
Tracie Daily, CHECKMATE: Care Abuse Love Murder

“Help our baby girls grow in power! Teach them from Day 1 that young girls are NEVER too young to have a voice, make a difference, inspire, and empower. I want to see young women walk tall, walk proud, head up, shoulders back, full of knowledge, informed, educated (not always the same thing by the way), confident, aware, fearless, and unabashedly goal-oriented!”
Liz Faublas, You Have a Superpower: Mindi PI Meets Bailey

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